Telling It Like It Is…

A cold weather something to ponder. I ponder a lot any more. I ponder whether I should eat a little more pasta and whether or not I should have that sixth glass of wine. Okay just kidding. I never ponder the wine.

Anyway here’s what my aged and fried brain has been working on….

How Do You Tell It?

Joe Patrick ended his recent Q&A with a statement that I’ve heard more than a few times and it made me sit back and ponder. He said….

“Your web site is one of my favorites and you are certainly one of a kind who tells it like it is or at least, how you see it. For that I say thank you!”….

I guess what baffles me is why aren’t more people telling it like it is?  I mean what’s so hard about that? Isn’t it just being honest? Am I am the one out of step? I mean it’s certainly possible. My wife has been telling me for years I don’t know my left foot from my right (or something similar) and as of late I’m beginning to think she’s right.

And Allyson Cohen, the Detecting Diva also said a while back….

“I think Dick’s site is one of the most informative out there. Dick is passionate about the hobby and never afraid to be controversial, which I love. He’s also got an awesome sense of humor.”….

Hmm, does never being afraid to be controversial mean that I’m brutally honest while others merely go with the flow and keep their thoughts to themselves? And if I am “brutally” honest is there something in-between like “a little honest”? “Sometimes honest”?

Now I know that speaking your mind today can get you into lot of trouble, especially on social media.  Your boss, your co-workers and your enemies, whoever they maybe be, can and will pounce on your words and use them as a weapon. So just where do you go to be brutally honest or even just “honest”? Thanks to progress technology I have no clue!

45 years of experience is not a catch-all reason to pretend I’m always right or that I know everything there is to know about metal detecting and in fact far from it. At the age of 76 I’m merely an interested observer who knows just enough to get himself in trouble and who often finds social media postings/dialogue interesting, funny, weird and unfortunately sometimes dishonest.

You can take my opinions (just like my autograph) to Starbucks and with $10.00 you can get a Caffè Latte! On the other hand if you tell them Dick Stout sent you they might show you to the door!

Curious… How does Diggin Brit see the readout on her AT-Pro? 






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18 responses to “Telling It Like It Is…

  1. Brian Obitz

    Always said that Garrett should have put a larger screen on that machine or a bigger bra for Brit. Good to see that guys over 39 are still coherent and opinionated. Happy New Year Dick. Still finding old coins here in Hunterdon county. Brian.

    • Hey Brian, good to hear from you.

      I’ve decided that Brit digs based on the audio responses or something like that anyway… For the record I’m just a tad over 39, not always coherent but certainly opinionated AND I have no doubts that you are finding old coins in Hunterdon County. I still miss the area and wish I could do a redo but after 30 years it’s not going to happen.

      Happy New Year to you and Angie….

  2. Brian Obitz

    By the way the Mid-Jersey detecting club says hi and thanks for your founding. Angie and I joined within the last year and heard from Amy that the club was founded by you. Many thanks for preserving the hobby and this great blog. Brian.

    • The club has kept me in the loop all these years and I really appreciate it. For the record Rom Womer and I started the club many moons ago. He and I would meet on the grounds of East Amwell school to fine tune our plan and the first official meeting was at my house in Kingwood Township wit about six members (including Ron and I). Love the Mid-Jersey club.

  3. Bob K

    You had me worried about pondering on the wine. Like
    your opinions keep them coming.

  4. Is a little bit honest like being a little bit pregnant ? Just tell it how you see it Dick


    Hi Dick, Ha Ha!!! I like it. In a world gone mad with political correctness and full of super sensitive snowflakes it’s refreshing to hear it told like it is. Best from a still very wet Eastbourne. Regards, John

    • John I just think that those who tout themselves as the next Indiana Jones be honest and say I’m doing this because manufacturer X,Y or Z pays me to or I’ve made all these YouTube videos because I’m looking to make a few bucks. We all pretty much know it anyway.

      Groucho Marx once said “The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

  6. Torie Little

    Shame on you for that last comment: “Curious… How does Diggin Brit see the readout on her AT-Pro?” In this day and age, with all the discussions on treatment of women, that was not at all appropriate. I’m disappointed in you. It must have been the wine talking.

  7. With all due respect to Torie, this female detectorist who has only been at it 14 years laughed her ass off at Dick’s remark about “Digger” Britt, who’s about as much of a legit digger as I am a brain surgeon. If you’re gonna put them up in everyone’s grille, you can’t be mad if someone makes remarks about them. She is the worst thing to ever happen to true metal detectorists and to the hobby, and I cannot for any reason take her seriously.

    Truth is, it’s pretty clear *she* doesn’t even take herself seriously. She knows why she makes those vids, and it ain’t to glorify our hobby. I’m pretty sure she knows we all know, too. So at least in that, she’s on the mark. But as far as being inappropriate, I’ve always believed turnabout is fair play. There is nothing at all appropriate about her presence on the detecting scene and how she makes it known, and so if Dick or anyone else makes inappropriate comments about her “assets,” I see that as two things cancelling each other out.

    Just my two cents. I’m a feminist to the core, but I also know fake BS when I see it, and I’m not offended by someone, male or female, calling a spade a spade.

  8. Torie Little

    Mary Shafer, thanks for your two cents. It was sarcasm. Sorry to have set off your last nerve.

    • Torie, thanks for your forbearance. It is “Digger” Britt who has set off my last nerve, honestly. Didn’t mean to bite your head off. Guess this was one of those cases where, since I don’t know you and text only doesn’t adequately convey tone, I read you literally. My bad.

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