2017…Looking Back

This past year had its ups and downs and I think I want to see it gone. I say that though with some trepidation because all things considered I’m alive and kicking and that’s something to celebrate. Really!

Stout Standards has had its ups and downs in 2017 and as in the past I’ve had those moments when I just wanted to chuck it all.  I continued getting the “if you don’t like it don’t….” emails, making me realize just how easy it is to be anything you want to be in cyberspace. You can even be a British archaeologist living in Poland and pretend to know everything there is to know about detecting when in fact you are just a narcissistic asshole.  I mean there’s no limit….

The following is a snapshot of Stout Standards 2017 and a quick way (if you are interested) for you to read a post or two you might have missed. A special thanks to all of you who took the time to participate in my Q&A blurbs.

Ron Guinazzo


…started off with a warning about potential future problems and wound up with Chicago Ron sharing details about his twice a year trips to the UK and what you might expect if you joined him. In between were a few brainfarts and an often visited post “Detectors…My Take”.


Finally figured out why so many detectorists also love to fish. Tall tales and bullshit…



Paul & Joan Tainter

In February I shared an article from Paul Tainter’s Treasure Hunter Express “Treasure Hunting with Symbols” that garnered a lot of reads. Next John Howland shared his expertise talking about “Sensitivity”. 

February was a sad month for me personally. My 20-year-old VW Pug Bug was put out to pasture and today I regret doing it tenfold. I should have dug deep, got it fixed and kept driving it. The car I have now is newer but it has no personalty and I think it was built with leftover parts..


Who remembers “Hot Head” coils? Were made by the manufacturers (hush, hush) for big mail order guy….



March was a good month in that I started the Q & A sessions with Dominique Da Silva Ivy being the first. While not as pleasant to look at Dave Wise was kind enough to be the second on the 25th of the month.

Dominique Da Silva Ivy & Dave Wise

In between these two Q&A’s I shared a way to get permissions without knocking on doors.  It’s titled “No Need to Knock Yourself Out”.


Sure wish tekkies could read



April was without a doubt the most popular month in 2017 when it comes to visits, views and reads. Reason? It boasted four Q&A sessions starting with Bob Buttafuso and followed by Todd Hiltz, Allyson Cohen and Butch Holcombe. In between was “Howland Talks History” and the most popular SS post ever titled “Is it the Detector or is it You?” 


Top l to r: Todd Hiltz & Allyson Cohen. Bottom Butch Holcombe and Bob Buttafuso.


Don’t care what it is you do for a living it’s only a matter of time before technology takes over your job…count on it.



May featured two more Q&A’s….Bob Sickler and D.J. Yost.  John Howland also shared his take on the new AT Max International.

Bob Sickler & DJ Yost


Is it true detector shops are now selling selfie sticks?



Ron Guinazzo, a.k.a. Chicago Ron

In June I got heated about an over reaching state government….see “Because It’s Important”. It was followed up by a Q&A with Chicago Ron. I ended the month with “The Social Media Saga” which became somewhat controversial after a few feuding parties (yup gals) picked up on it and decided to use to defend their positions.


Is it true there’s a Facebook page called AT-Pro for left-handed people with glasses and a lisp?



Jocelyn Elizabeth and Jim Fielding

Started off with me sharing “Everything I Know-About Metal Detecting”, followed by a Question and Answer Session with Jocelyn Elizabeth, and a post titled “I Must be Crazy”, another attempt to get my views across with it comes to social media .  Rounding out July was one more Q&A with my good friend Jim Fielding.


Idea for detector manufacturers…..instead of names or numbers why not slot machine readouts like bars, cherries, etc.? Just a thought….



Just had to start the month off with a Barrel of Brainfarts. They were accumulating at an alarming rate. After that Bubba offered a saloon post about Buzzy Siegel and the Treasure of Lima. He also introduced us ll to his new digging partner Chesney.

Bubba’s pal Chesney

Next I offered a what if type of blurb titled “If I Had Known” and I wonder how many of you have ever thought about where you’d be without this pastime? I finally finished the month with a WYSIWYG post to hopefully satisfy tekkies who want me to serve up the silver bullet, tell them how to become millionaires and retire young. SMH…


I fear that treasure hunting today is not defined by what you dig up but how cool you look doing it.



…started with yours truly sharing his take on “How to be a Successful Detectorist” , followed by “The Day We Stopped Listening” a blurb about how we’ve become dependent on technology and not always to our advantage.  September wound up on a more pleasant note when John Schmidt took the Q&A plunge and shared his background, ideas and tips.

John Schmidt, “Mr. Tek”


You call them swear words. I call them “sentence enhancers”



…started with “Tuesday Twaddle”, a post about an age-old topic depth, and what happened to it. After a few brainfarts  came two successive Q&A’s, the first with Hammy Sammy and the next with Greg Toney.

Hammy Sammy & Greg Toney


“On my way back to the car” is the equivalent of “it was a dark and stormy night”….



Well the month of November started off with the lady tekkies beating the hell out of me for expressing my views on my blog. Apparently I hit a few raw nerves with “Gawd We’re Gaudy”.


I think I may have escaped further damage by then posting up a Q&A from old friend Nigel Ingram.  The month ended with “Too Busy Getting Noticed to Notice” a NYC story that didn’t help our image.

Nigel Ingram


On a metal detecting forum” “Just for fun lets show a picture of our pouch, There’s not much to mine, Show what you have as tools etc..”



Because of the response to the Prospect Park post I decided to keep the topic going with “The Excavator” followed by a brainfart attack called “Midweek Moans & Groans”.

Very important this month? John Howland launching his very own blog titled “Detecting & Collecting”. Have a hunch it will quite interesting. He will still continue to tend bar at the Malamute Saloon.

Finally…I’ve lost 22 lbs, feeling “somewhat” better physically and hoping that in a month or two I just might be able to do a little beeping. At least that’s my goal. Wish me luck!


Be sure to stay tuned, comment and keep checking back because I’m not giving a damn thing away!


From our house to yours…

Have a Safe, Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!!



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17 responses to “2017…Looking Back

  1. Randy Dee

    Keep at it Dick your blog always makes good reading.
    On this side of the pond some of us still carry on with an old tradition called “First Footing” whereby a oldish male family member or male guest preferably with black hair would go out the back door at a couple of minutes before midnight on the 31st December and taking with him all of the bad negative things of that year and then go to the front door armed with a lump of coal and waiting for the midnight chimes of “Big Ben” on the last gong of 12 then start knocking on the front door and mindful that it was now 1st January and would wish the lady of the house and all guests present “A Happy New Year” and then throw the lump of coal on the open fire and wish all “The Best Of Health, Wealth & Warmth” during this New Year then knock hell out of the Scotch Whisky.

    Wishing You and Yours A Happy, Prosperous & Healthy New Year.
    Randy Dee
    Durham. UK.

  2. Paul Southerland

    Have a Happy New Year Dick. Thanks for a year of great posts on your website. I enjoy reading them. Now if I can just score a few nuggets this year. My mining partner gave me a Minelab SDC 2300 for Christmas.

  3. Ricardo:
    How dare you! Describing that “British archaeologist living in Poland…” as a “narcissistic asshole.” Are you after my job? Have you no shame?

    And as for including the brilliant Chicago Ron in the same post as the aforementioned “narcissistic asshole” is a step too far!

    BTW, I’m teaching Chesney to dig by numbers: 77 = £1.00 coin. Then it’ll be roman and Celtic coins.

    Have a great 2018 mate.

  4. David

    22 pounds, impressive

  5. Maybe not for others…for me? Yes.

  6. Tony

    Dick, are you sure your not a school teacher? They keep making you read it until you get it right! LOL…..thanks for the Stout year in review, good read every month.
    Glad to hear you are moving in the right direction; good advice for all of us.
    Happy New Year to you and your family and a healthy prosperous one as well! Cheers!

    • Tony, just something I try to do each year.

      I am indeed trying to eat better and believe it or not the two glasses of red I had tonight was the first in seven days. Doing whatever I can to help with the neuropathy. A week ago I had an epidural injection in my spine to hopefully alleviate the pain. Still no change.

      Happy New Year!!

  7. Tony

    All kidding aside, I enjoy your post and love the year in review, please don’t stop.
    I am glad to hear your positive attitude, especially at this time of the year when we all are looking for New Year’s resolutions to make. I think we all need to do as you are doing and get ourselves moving in the right direction.
    All the best, keep it up!


    Here’s to you Dick. Entertaining as ever. Us old ‘uns can stir it up as much as we like. Tee hee. Have a great New Year. John, Eastbourne

  9. I have enjoyed your blog, your ruminations and your friendship very much Dick. Have a good 2018…I intend to myself. Keep up the good work!

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