Saved by Social Media?

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Writer’s Block or Brain Dead?

Writing this blog has become somewhat therapeutic in that it gives me a place to vent (bet you didn’t know that) but I’ve somehow gotten to the point where I start feeling guilty if too many days go by without posting and that is something I need to deal with and get over. For five years I’ve pretty much shared all I know about metal detecting and despite claims to the contrary it’s not rocket science.

I will say however I found myself feeling less guilty this morning as I perused the various social media sites. You see no one else had anything earth shattering or useful to offer either. Just the usual sharing of one’s day to day routine. Then again I guess this is why it’s called “social” media. It’s the neighborly chat over the fence isn’t it? Jeez did I just sound a little British with that?

I read about someone’s plans to go detecting. Sort of a “I will be heading out” and then I saw a few photos of finds, all pretty much the same ole, same ole. There was another one of those seemingly trending videos of a tekkie running (picture bobbing up and down) to his detecting partner ten miles away (took up 75% of the video), who apparently had just found the Hope Diamond, but alas after the heart pounding dash it was just a button. The best button ever found though, despite it being run over by a tractor.

There were a few Cecile B. videos on FB that had music and titles and even a chance to win something if you liked the effort and wanted to be a groupie. These vids always get my attention because I am an avid movie nut and love a good production. Today’s offerings though were a little disappointing. I was also reminded that I ‘needed’ to listen to a metal detecting podcast that was coming up this week. Apparently it’s important to hear the detectorist who was just on five other podcasts saying the same things all over again. Marked it on my calendar!

Finally there were the usual questions about which detector to buy followed by fifty expert responses from every Tom, Dick and Harry whose detectors could find a penny at twenty inches, were waterproof, came with a 19 inch piffwanger coil and went deeper if you were wearing camo. Love too how that detector that hasn’t come on the market yet is by far the best thing since white bread.

Now all this over the fence stuff is fine and I know it’s of interest to a great many of you. I just don’t get it. It does however make me feel less guilty about not routinely posting here because it’s a reminder that no one else has anything really important to say either….


STOUTSTANDARDS.COM NO MORE is now forever linked to this blog.  I hated to do it but it was antiquated, not user-friendly and costing me.  Over time I hope to go through all the material, cherry pick those items that are informative, useful, still relevant today and add them here.


At age 20, we worry what others think of us…

At age 40, we don’t care what they think of us….

At age 60, we discover they have haven’t been thinking of us at all…

Ann Landers




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20 responses to “Saved by Social Media?

  1. Dick, does the Piffwanger coil come with a coil-cover and is it waterproof? Ans does the Piffwanger come in bright orange? I need it to show up well on-camera 🙂

    • Yes, yes and yes. Send me $20 and it’s yours!

    • Dominique

      You can use the coupon code “piffwang10” for an additional 10% off and free shipping! Just make sure you “like” me on facebook, subscribe to my YouTube, favor my instagram and follow me on Twitter 😉

      • Dominique, If I enter “Piffwanger20” can I get an additional 20% off?? It’s sooooo close to Christmas and I can just see that beautiful Piffwanger under the tree…if the dog doesn’t see it first, that is.

  2. Dominique

    You’re pushing it, Dick. Those pfiffwangers don’t grow on trees, ya know. #gottamakealiving

  3. Dick:
    If you think Tekkies make poor videos, take a look at the one on Heritage Journal. Pretentious and utterly without merit. This effort is ‘produced’ or other committed, by one of the fraternity who constantly mock and insult metal detecting.

    Take heart!

    • Watched it. I think too there was some sort of subliminal message there but I won’t go into it. Will leave for his like minded friends friend.

      Will save this though for when I have trouble getting to sleep.

  4. Joe Patrick

    Dick, Just so you know, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on my big event… I’m going out detecting today! All by myself using my trusty 25 year-old detector. I bet that I find some silver… maybe even a few pieces. They’ll be no video, no social media post and no hoopla at all. Just me enjoying the great outdoors and the day and the excitement of the finds. I can’t fault those who are into all of the social media. Heck, I do enjoy a lot of it, but I’d rather just concentrate on detecting and not show and tell production. That’s just me. I’ve always been kind of an introverted, quiet and a non-social person. It is amazing that I have even authored as many articles and such as I have as I absolutely hated English class in high school. To each his own! I must say though, I have totally enjoyed watching the Detectorists program from the UK!

    • Joe I know you are busting my chops but it’s fine. I am old school to the hilt.

      You said “just me enjoying the great outdoors and the day and the excitement of the finds”.….isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about? Today detectorists worry about which camera to buy, how to attach it to their noggin, which video editing software to buy and how to attract more viewers. It’s become nothing but a numbers game. How many videos you can put out there, how many likes, shares, friends (strangers), and how many freebies you might garner as a result. What the hell happened to metal detecting?

      Maybe I’ve missed something and maybe I’m just too old.

  5. Joe Patrick

    Dick, No, I am not busting your chops at all my friend, just more or less (mostly more) agreeing with your point of view and being a little sarcastic at the same time. I think it truly is a generational thing. We are older and experienced detecting in a different time and place… and it was good! Very good! I still prefer basic simplicity in my life and metal detectors and detecting. I still like analog-metered target ID! But time and progress marches on and for many, the new social media it is understandably desired, accepted and where it’s all at. I do like a lot of it but there is also a downside to it. I say there is room for both sides. After all the common bond is that we all love the thrill of metal detecting and that is what matters most.

  6. And while we’re talking about detecting today…..I just found this.

    What the hell is it with you guys and shovels? This is a park for crissakes….

    • DougF

      My local permit authority doesn’t allow full-size shovels to be used. Also, there needs to be enforcement to go along with the permit system. I have had my permit checked twice in the last eight years. And last, it is possible that animals (skunks, squirrels) are redigging the holes, maybe even dogs. Maybe one of clubs in the area should stake out the park and get some video of what’s happening.

      • Agree Doug. What bothers me though is the defensive attitude that we always throw out there. We don’t want to accept the fact that there are detectorists out there who do leave holes, who don’t remove the trash and who frankly just don’t give a damn. It’s a hard pill to swallow but we all know it’s true.

        Think the code of ethics needs to be rewritten and the where and when to use shovels needs to be added. This CBS news clip was pretty damning.

  7. We all know what’s wrong with these guys! If they had twice the brains they wouldn’t make half-wits. They are the Cross we all have to bear. Prosecute these thickos.

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