News, Advice and Brainfarts…Take Your Pick!

Nursing a sore throat, watery eyes, runny nose and lots of aches and pains at the moment so not up to my usual brilliant level of communication. I do however have a few “who gives a rat’s ass” comments to pass along.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…..

Here Goes!

Calm down, relax, at ease, light ’em up if you got ’em…..take it from someone who knows. Do yourself a favor and wait on that latest, hottest new detector on the market.  Give it 90 days and then see if you still want it. I don’t care if 20 or 30 detectorists field tested it it’s only when they ship out hundreds will you know for sure if it really does all they say it will do.


How many of you are running out of places to detect? Be honest….


Was thinking of selling T-shirts with my “Dallas Dick” logo emblazoned on them but I can’t afford to buy them and can’t get a company to sponsor me. Why?

Ron, what am I doing wrong?


If the internet and YouTube were around in the 70’s and 80’s my videos would probably have been rated “R”…..


To those of you with more than two detectors…….why?


If you’ve gone through the trouble and expense buying a camera and video editing software save the fancy introductions for something good. Just watched a fabulous introduction followed by nothing. Absolutely nothing!!


Apparently common date Mercury dimes have now become the equivalent of “hard to find”. Someone posted photos on FB with them encapsulated?


Thanks to Randy Bradford for the following effort and to Paul Tainter for making me aware of it. Will be placing my order this weekend…..


It’s now all about photos, videos and posing….little hearts when you respond don’t hurt either. ♥♥♥♥


Sure wish the manufacturers would simply say “this detector is the best we can manufacture and we won’t come out with another until we can noticeably improve on it”  


Here all this while we’ve been looking in all the wrong places….

Thanks Frank Pizzo….this cracked me up.


Stay tuned…. I’m getting my hair (what little I have) dyed purple.



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12 responses to “News, Advice and Brainfarts…Take Your Pick!

  1. John Devereux

    HI Dick
    Better not say how many I’ve got though I am selling all but 2 off. I’ve come to really like my Nokta Fors CoRe as it is basically beep and dig. It seems to pull stuff out of the ground and the batteries last ages. No screen to try to decipher just audio. Well there is a little screen that gives a VDI & depth but the main screen is not viewable while using the detector and it turns out that makes life less complicated. Who knew? I don’t do video. Where do people find the time? Surely it just eats up detecting time. It’s not just me, or you is it?? All the best from a very windy Eastbourne UK.
    Regards, John

    • Hi John,

      I think the most I’ve ever owned at one time was five but three were sentimental favorites and not up to par with the newer machines (though I sometimes wonder). I still have my sentimental Garrett Groundhog and my 6000diS2. If I could add a another sentimental favorite it would be the Fisher 1266 though I have no reason to consider it now.

      And I hate to say it but it just might be you and I, lol. Have a great weekend.

  2. Ricardo:
    ‘Dallas Dick’ sounds like an infection one might catch in ‘Downtown Dallas’ for $20!!! Re-think it pal.

    “this detector is the best we can manufacture and we won’t come out with another until we can noticeably improve on it” Ha, ha! There’s mugs out there who’ll believe anything so long as it carries a huge price tag. Good luck to the manufacturers if they can pull it off. Never give a sucker an even break!

  3. I’ve been watching a lot of friends leap onto the new-detector bandwagon without even sparing a glance back at the almost-new machine they already own, and in at least one case, never even learned to use properly in the first place. I own several machines, but only because after I’ve used em’ for 10 to 15 years, they are no longer sell-able, and I could not bear to throw em’ out. A friend shared a bit of news the other day. He loves camping, and has a RV fitted out for it. The other day he stopped off at an unnamed campground, pulled in next to another parked RV. As he was cranking up his “awning,” some guy comes out of the RV he is parked next too, carrying a new Garrett AT-Max. Guy says he also has a brand new Minelab CTX 3030 back in the RV, Dunno if he had a load of camera gear, or was going to produce video’s but, probably. Everyone seemed to think this was very cool, but I was thinking the hobby is overcrowded, and places to practice it are falling by the wayside as a result of the masses improperly digging and trespassing. One guy who shall remain nameless, I happen to know, probably in his mid-30’s to early-40’s (you know, a working-aged guy) was bragging on one of his copious metal detecting video’s that his wife made so much money, it left him free to pursue his passion of metal detecting. And his five kids.

    Apparently this admission did not sit well with a lot of his viewers who DID have to work, so his viewership declined quite a bit. We are talking about thousands of people (many unemployed) spend 8 to 12 hours daily scrabbling every beach and park, boat-ramp and school. In certain places, even on the beach, you cannot even find pop-tabs or trash anymore and view twelve to thirty detectorists on the beach at any one time…and they are all as unfriendly as it gets. In Orange City, here in central, Florida, the city council forbids metal detecting in the city, and have enforced it with wild abandoned. It was recently discovered one person DOES metal detect Orange City unmolested, and that would be a member of the city council, the one that forbids it, who was also an avid detectorist. Do tell? What used to be a calm, relaxing hobby has now turned into a game of greed, competition and sour grapes.

    • “What used to be a calm, relaxing hobby has now turned into a game of greed, competition and sour grapes….” You nailed it exactly.

      Sadly the internet and social media makes the pastime what it is today and it’s only going to get worse. From what I hear it’s called progress. I understand too that I’m looking at it as a senior citizen and someone who started detecting in the mid-70’s so any criticism I offer is thrown into the “over-the-hill, angry old man” bucket. I get it and it’s okay. I remember thinking I knew it all too when I was young.

      It’s a new era, a new generation and everyone is on the fast track to fame and fortune or at least that’s what they say.

  4. fastfrank

    Hey Dick, I have only 2 detectors,The mothballed Whites DFX and my 2 year old XP Deus. I have never made a video because I cherish every moment swinging the coil, plus I have more of a “radio” face.

    I also feel very lucky to live in forested Connecticut,as opposed to highly developed Northern New Jersey.The closest forest I could find was in Pennsylvania. I learned in N.J. you can’t detect in state parks and you can’t dig with a shovel. Sadly I must return this week to work in Bridgewater. There will be no video forthcoming.

    • Frank sorry to hear about your bad luck in Jersey. I can tell you there are forested areas in NJ….just not that many in the northern part. I grew up and lived 45 years in central NJ and it was wooded as well as open (fields). I think every state has it’s developed areas.

      As for the state parks situation and the no shovels it’s a sign of the times and will only get worse because it’s impossible to police everyone with a metal detector. We have way too many out here now whose only goal is find something cool to show off or to get rich. At least that’s my opinion.

  5. Coin25

    Ah yes, too much stuff and things…..I did sell a few items last month and will be selling a water machine soon….downsizing is the mode of the day.

    I too wanted to listen to hype on the new detectors that are out or coming out very soon but thanks to you and common sense I can wait and see and then decide if spending that kinda cash is worth the thrill of going over the same old ground!

    I have been reading plenty these past few weeks and can’t decide on an area or topic to research. They all seem good but I think maybe I will consider the safety of the place and the travel time to and from before I venture out this fall/winter.

    • Tony don’t mean to talk anyone out of buying…just suggesting they wait. I was on the manufacturing end of things at one time and experienced the “guess we should have waited” thing twice. My boss at the time demanded we have a machine out in the spring and they came back in great numbers. The fix was a simple one but the damage had already been done and those particular models never regained that pre-release excitement (or sales).

      “I think maybe I will consider the safety of the place and the travel time to and from before I venture out this fall/winter” – Great choice.

  6. Coin25

    Dick, I understand and getting older means that we all need to become better informed of our choices – for buying or venturing out detecting. Don’t worry I won’t be moving to Europe to see if there really is gold in the water and it’s funny how they said long ago that the US had streets lined with gold……..

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