I received an email from a SS reader who requested that I share a few tips, a few videos and talk more about detecting and less about everything else so let me try to address this “again”….

Many times when I sit down and write I write about whatever comes to mind or what is bothering me at the time, and honestly I have no idea where it will lead. There are times when my words work, as in visitors, views and comments and there are times when I look at the end result and say WTF?  So understand not every update is going to meet your needs or tickle your fancy. Hell sometimes I can’t even read my stuff.  It’s just the way it is here…..

As for videos….

While John and I have some old age cleavage neither of us own a video camera nor would we be so vain as to strap one on our noggins if we did, so if you are looking for that sort of thing this blog is probably not going to meet your expectations.

Having said all this I do think there’s a lot of decent, useful information on Stout Standards. Maybe not how to use the latest, very expensive Minelab or Deus but practical information that applies to your in-the-field endeavors. Likewise many Q&A personalities have shared their stories and offered advice here.

What you see is what you get…

For those of you who don’t like hearing about my aches, pains and intense love of wine and camouflage, I went back and rounded up a few older blog posts that you might find informative. Be forewarned though that they require you read…..


Is It The Detector Or Is It You
It’s Really Not That Complicated
And You Won’t Get Warts Or Go Blind
Knock, Knock Who’s There
No Need To Knock Yourself Out
Detectors – My Take
How Intimate Are You?
Why Are You Using That Detector?
So Are You Having Fun
John Winter Talks US Dog Tags
Three More Takes on the MXT-Pro
Metal Detectors, Which One to Buy


How the Brits Do It
Howland Talks Sensitivity
Practicalities & Fieldcraft in the UK
Tips from the Tipsy
It’s Bubba Time
This & That & Bubba
Bubba’s Turn


Jim Fielding
Jocelyn Elizabeth
Ron Guinazzo
Butch Holcombe
Bob Sickler
D. J. Yost
Dave Wise
Dominique Da Silva Ivy
Todd Hiltz
Bob Buttafuso
Allyson Cohen


Bob Sickler
Joe Patrick
Michael Bernzweig



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16 responses to “WYSIWYG…

  1. Bigtony

    Dick, plenty of good reading there – it will keep me busy for awhile because it is always good to re-read stuff. Probably with me I should read them a few times so they sink in to my thick skull!

  2. Lee Moore

    I just don’t know about the warts and the blind part. Got to think about it. L.O.L… Lee

  3. There you go being honest again Dick 🙂

  4. Bigtony

    Word to the wise, wear good gloves and stay away from the three little leaves – poison ivy……
    Took me two times to learn my lesson – oh yeah and buy an aluminum tick puller.

    Dick I hope you don’t get much rain from the storm that’s coming.

  5. BigTony

    Good to hear because they say Harvey might even stall in place and keep the faucet running a few days, and give off some crazy winds

  6. I can totally relate Dick. You never know where writing is going to take you. I’ve got some very interesting (to me) articles/posts hanging around that have nothing to do with metal detecting, so I was thinking of putting an “Everything else”, or “Stuff you never wanted to know” page on my site. What do you think?

    • I think it’s a great idea. I probably should have done that way back when but not sure I want to add it now. My small band of readers or followers will just have to put up with my BS or move on.

  7. With Hurricane Harvey about to hit Corpus Christi one can only imagine what treasures will be washed up on South Padre island HOWEVER remember it’s designated a National Seashore and is off limits. They will confiscate your detector and may prosecute as well. Long history and story there….

  8. BigTony

    Yeah but hotel rates are cheap during this weather and you won’t have to fill in your holes. Mother Nature will do it for you

  9. Packrat

    The one comment I would like to make is…Thanks for making people read your blog not watch it. Reading is becoming a dead art. Young people would rather watch YouTube than pick up a book or magazine. More important info out there for us TH’ers by reading not on any video. Thoughts from an old-timer…..

    • Larry it’s another era and we need to be thankful we started when we did and that comes from another old-timer. Hope all is well with you and your family in the great Northwest…..

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