I Must Be Crazy…


Hmm, not sure where to start or where to go with this, but I have a feeling it won’t matter anyway when it comes to the treasure hunting audience and regulars on Facebook and Twitter…..

On June 29th (well before an apparent ‘spat’ started on social media) I shared “The Social Media Saga” . It was my take, my opinion on how our hobby was being portrayed and promoted on social media, and by now you ought to know it’s what I do here.  I opinionate, criticize and piss and moan about a lot of things . That’s why, as John Howland so succinctly states, Stout Standards is an acquired taste.

Anyway my post wound up being shared here, there and everywhere as an affirmation that this party or that faction was right and the opposing group was wrong, and while I appreciate the varied audiences the blurb was not written with that in mind. It was just one man’s take on our social media presence.

Let me take a moment here to tell you my social media skills. I am on Facebook. I’ve found old friends and I keep track of all you there, both good and bad. I also have a Twitter account though I don’t quite understand it all.  I use it to primarily to pass along any treasure hunting news I come across. Instagram? I signed up for it quite a while ago, have forgotten my password and honestly it isn’t worth getting another. So der ya go! Sorry Bill Gates.

For the most part what metal detecting stuff I see on social media is fine…a lot of look ‘what I found’ photos with follow-up comments as well as a lot of queries about what settings to use, what coil to buy or requests for in-the-field reviews of detector models and accessories. Good stuff….

Then there’s the “look at me” posts and videos, which you already know I’m not a big fan of. I think that after a while they become redundant and often times pretentious. I understand the need and the reason to be noticed. Hell we all want to be noticed. What I don’t get or understand are the every hour postings, photos and comments that say nothing at all but attract a zillion and one follow-up comments by the poster’s 5,000 friends. For instance, a photo of a field with a comment like “will this be the day” or “is there treasure here?.  Please just once say something like “about to start digging here” or “finding good stuff here, stay tuned”.  The ‘implied’ captions drive me nuts.

And while I’m on the subject let me go ahead and address the social media male/female thing. The gals win hands down. Always have, always will. Guys against guys….”I’ll kick your ass” and it’s over.  Gal versus gal and you can count on a meow fest.  Sorry gals just the way it is and yes I’m aware of the wrath that’s about to come my way.  I’m all ready on your sh**t list.

Now, having said all this I will do my best not to bring this subject up again and not be so critical of social media postings. It’s quite apparent I am out of my element there or to put it another way, I’m old and you’re not. I will also try my best to abide by the “if you don’t like it move on” theory, which I feel certain I will be reminded of shortly .

Now go ahead and beat me up!



My old friend Joe Patrick emailed the other day and shared the following…

I am beginning to think about down-sizing a bit and have started to do so in many areas of my ‘collecting’ interests. I have accumulated a lot of stuff over my lifetime! In looking at my metal detecting/treasure hunting collection I have hundreds and hundreds of back-issue detecting magazines of many different publications, many have true collector value and some are even quite rare.

I also have four office-sized 4-drawer file cabinets jam-packed full of old metal detector catalogs and sales brochures and other related ephemera. A 40-year accumulated collection of stuff. A lot of what I have was purchased by me and some I obtained for free. I am certain that if I wanted to piece-out and sell all of this stuff it would bring in many thousands of dollars, but the time to do so would be extensive. I have sold-off some of this stuff already. I recall that you recommended someone a while back and he did buy some of my older Johnny Pounds newsletters.

My reason for writing to you is to see if you know of anyone who is dedicated to the hobby who might have an interest in some or all of my collection. I really want to see this stuff go to a good home and be preserved. A lot of what I have is almost impossible to find any longer. If you could, please put the word out to your readers or anyone that you know.

Joe Patrick (right) with Bob Sickler, circa many moons ago….

Joe then followed up later with:

I should have mentioned too that I would be willing to trade for metal detectors, coins, tokens, vintage and antique radios, ham radio equipment, vintage audio equipment and electronics of all kinds, and other collectibles. Make offers! 

Here is just a partial list of vintage electronic items that I look for:

  • Antique radios
  • Vacuum tubes
  • Test equipment
  • Electronic parts
  • Ham radio items
  • Shortwave radios
  • Transistor radios
  • Stereo equipment
  • Printed material
  • Walkie-talkies
  • Phonographs
  • Record players
  • Records
  • Advertising
  • Vintage TV sets
  • Servicing tools
  • Telegraph keys

…and much more! 

If anyone out there is interested in knowing more you can email Joe at dtekt@comcast.net

How I wish I lived closer to get a gander at what Joe has…..



I never thought I would have to say this but I no longer support nor do I endorse the Federation of Metal Detector and Archaeological Clubs, Inc.. Likewise I have had no input or contact with them for some time.

I could expound here on my reasons but suffice to say the current organization and its officers do not reflect my current views nor those that I had when I originally started the group back in 1983.

A lot of very good, talented people worked hard and long to get the FMDAC going and what we accomplished was truly amazing and noteworthy. Unfortunately what I see today is not even close.




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16 responses to “I Must Be Crazy…

  1. Ha ha, I forgot my instagram password too!

    Oh Dick, I too wrote my post a while back, about 2 months ago. I wasn’t even aware of all this tank top bullsh*t until after the fact. Matter of fact, it was your post about social media that made me post my own rant which I had been saving (see my comment about it on your other social media post). I find it amusing that I wrote about many different things, however, it was the words tank and top that were causing drama. Seriously?

    Ahh, but whatcha gonna do? You got it off your chest, tons of people agreed with you, young and old alike, and the people who thought you were making it about them are pissed at you. Well so what! Let them make up stories in their minds and be pissed, everyone has a right to their opinion, you stated yours, I stated mine, and a lot of people are glad we said what they were thinking, but were afraid to say.

    • Diva, have no clue. Not familiar with how it started, nor am I familiar with some of the participants/combatants, but after over 40 years of involvement in this pastime it appears we still haven’t found a way to grow up.

  2. Me either, someone had to explain it to my clueless self.

  3. John Devereux

    Hi Dick, It’s a strange world this social media. I don’t do Facebook and I only toyed with Twitter. Got bored with it after a few weeks as I have a life. It’s bad enough on the forums. I got abuse on a Volvo forum of all places for incorrectly posting an item without following protocol. I informed the faceless nitwit that I worked in security and if he persisted with his abuse I’d trace him and see if he’d say face to face what he was happy to post from his keyboard. He got the message. Age is a wonderful thing in some respects. I care less now if someone doesn’t agree with me. They’ll get over it if they can stop their hand wringing whining long enough. Yours is probably the only forum I bother to post on probably because I agree with you pretty much all the time and as for JH, I’m a prime example of tact and diplomacy by comparison!! You’ve earnt the right to your views having put in the time and tough if people don’t like it. Long may you continue.
    Best from (at the moment) sunny Sussex UK.

    • John, thank you, and yes the older you get the less you care. And forums….don’t get me started. I think they need to have varied levels on each. Maybe one for ‘fighting’, one for ‘those who know everything’ and another for those that ‘just want useful information’.

      Thanks again John, and here I had assumed it was always sunny there?

      • John Devereux

        Hi Dick, Eastbourne is known as being very sunny but we have our fair share of rain and very recently spectacular thunderstorms. Fortunately we don’t get anything like the severe weather that you have experienced in recent times. I doubt we’d cope as you have managed to do. We are always amazed at the fortitude you show in such circumstances.

      • John, not sure we have fortitude…just a lack of money to move elsewhere. To be honest I would prefer to live anywhere else but Texas. The tornado was a reminder.

        I read up on all the various legalities and intricacies of buying a home in France, but we could never seem to pull the plug. Now it’s out of the question.

        Have a great weekend John.

  4. Let’s have a wet T-shirt competition. I don’t mind being a competitor; so could you, and BigTony, and a few others….. we could even include a few gals.

    Waddya fink? Good? Or Good?

  5. Bob Sickler

    I’m with you Dick, but I’m less social than you! I don’t have any social accounts, never will, don’t need to know everything about my friends 24/7. It’s more fun to greet people face-to-face. Real talking to me is akin to turning the pages in a real book. It’s just so much more satisfying, fascinating and daring! 🙂

    Hell, I don’t even own a cell phone. I’d be more than happy to go down in Guiness as the last person on earth not to own one. I took over my daughter’s “pay-as-you-go” account years ago to see if I would like owning one. I acquired a new phone from the carrier and then was informed that my money on account couldn’t be used until I re-up’ed the plan! I took the new phone out in the workshop and dispatched it in the vise (great stress reliever!). In my opinion cell phones don’t work well enough to pay that much every month. No bars… No service… Listening to fish in an aquarium… I have better things to do.

    How many people will have to die behind the wheel before people realize that “don’t text and drive” is not just an empty slogan. It continues because those who are entrusted to enforce vehicular cell phone laws can be seen talking and driving themselves.

    By the way, that photo of Joe and I was taken 21 years ago. Those were fun days. No social media or cell phones needed then or now to enjoy a great friendship!

    • Thinking anything over 20 years ago was fun. Fewer distractions and lots of finds. Bob I thought I was the last remaining caveman but I think you have me beat.

      • Ah, some sanity from Bob Sickler… well said mate.

        Mobile phones are, if you let them, a ball and chain. In a previous life as Head of Section, my juniors always asked me where I could be contacted out-of-office if a decision had to be made. I always told them, “that’s what you’re paid for – to make decisions in my absence.”

        No point in buying a dog and barking yourself.

      • Bob Sickler

        Don’t get me wrong Dick… I’m not the most removed person from technology in my cave! I make my living still on a computer for 21 years now and I continue to build my own since the days when hard drives were way less in capacity than today’s flash drives! I guess that’s why I favor things that are sophisticated yet simple. I run from from things convoluted that require more than a half hour of my time that could have been accomplished using traditional common sense! 🙂

      • Understand and well aware of your technical know how…. question, what detector is Joe using in that photo? Yours appears to be a Nautilus.

      • Bob Sickler

        I was using a custom Nautilus DMC IIB made for me by the late great inventor Jerry Tyndall, a personal friend. I created the logo and panel graphics for the control housing. Joe was using one of his favorites, a hipmounted Minelab Sovereign. Those were the days we were into hipmounting with assorted tangle and straps! That was a fun day out on May 26, 1996. We don’t look much like each other, but we often kid that we were separated at birth because we are so much alike in our assorted skills and thinking.

  6. Had to share this…..

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