Everything You Never Wanted to Know and More…


Was digging around in the garage and opened an unlabeled box (packed by friends after the tornado) and found a shoe box of detecting finds….all junk, or so I thought. After rooting around I found a 1861 Half Penny, a 1972 Eisenhower dollar, a Mexico 5000 Pesos 1988, a 1964 Quarter with two holes in it, a pin with the logo “Zeke Knows” and a coin like item that I remember very vividly.

It was back in the early 80’s and I was hunting an old park in Frenchtown, New Jersey.  When I flipped over the plug my heart skipped a few beats and I started looking around to see if anyone was watching me. It was my first gold coin, or so I thought.  My excitement was soon dashed when I pulled it out of the hole.  See for yourself….

I also found a button that intrigued me. It had a crown on it and the number 42 underneath it. I surfed the internet and found nothing. Then on Wednesday Dominique Da Silva Ivy posted a photo of a similar button she found, only hers had the number 23 on it.

Her photo elicited a lot of comments (as does everything Dominique posts) and I decided to show mine. Very quickly Chuck Antonelli identified it as a 42nd Royal Highlands Regiment button worn in America, circa 1776.  With that I’m thinking about a house in the south of France but when I posted the photo to the American Military Buttons 1775-1865 Facebook page I discovered I had a replica. Damn, I was even thinking maybe a small vineyard…..

42nd Royal Highlands Regiment button (replica)

My 1861 Half Penny

Zeke knows but I have no clue….



Because they just received their Dallas Dick membership pins. Of course Gretchen now refers to herself as a Dallas Dickhead but she will be happy when she finds out that wearing this pin will get her a discount on Barefoot wine and other refined spirits.



Be sure to read the Detecting Diva’s blog post from this morning. She talks social media and pretty much mirrors my thoughts as well. Well done Diva!!

Social Media, Tank Tops & Unicorns



About three months ago we found out Digger was diabetic and we started insulin injections twice a day. He has dealt with it fine and we now know this will be the daily routine. Six weeks ago he lost his eyesight. We knew his vision was getting worse and that cataracts often went along with diabetes, but it was still a bitter pill to swallow.  Despite his being familiar with the house he has problems navigating and we have to lead him around.

Digger, then and now…

Four weeks ago we finally got his insulin levels under control and took him to a ophthalmologist to see about whether or not he was a candidate to get his eyesight back. First visit resulted in two eye medications to be applied three times a day and a return in four weeks. Tuesday we returned hoping for good news but we were told that it would probably be months before his eyes were clear enough for them to consider surgery. To say we were disappointed is an understatement.

We will continue doing whatever we have to do and hope that maybe by the end of the year things will take a turn for the better. In the meantime he spends most of the day in my office asleep at my feet. I keep telling him that when he gets his sight back we’re going to have one helluva big party. I’m already planning it….


Joyeux Quatorze Juillet to my friends in France…





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10 responses to “Everything You Never Wanted to Know and More…

  1. wintersen

    The vulgar halfpenny is very interesting. 🙂

    • Well apparently my halfpenny is one of those vulgar ones. Sorry I didn’t remember that post John but it was three years ago and I now have this affliction called CRS. Thanks for sharing.

  2. BigTony

    So your first gold coin was a peep show token, pretty cool. My first gold ring had a naked women and a man on it with the words “Wanna F…”. So we both got fooled too funny. Any replica buttons are still a desired piece, no one makes them any more, cool find.

    I hope your pooch feels better soon.

  3. Robert Egbert

    Nothing like a pug to warm your feet or your bed, I love my two!

  4. Bob K

    So sorry for Digger, I know it makes you feel like you need to do more than your doing.
    My first bad coin(as the wife said) was a burlesque show token. Won first place for unusual at monthly meeting.

  5. Packrat

    Hi Dick Was happy to get my Dallas Dick button and am proud to be a Dickhead

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