The Social Media Saga…

Not a new topic (ok rant) for me but one that seems to get more incredulous with each passing day. I’m talking about social media and how we as treasure hunters interact with each other and more importantly, how we come across to those on the outside looking in…..

The Information Highway….Who’s Doing the Driving?

I think I’ve figured out why this hobby has been bugging me so much of late. It’s social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest. You see we’ve taken what was once a very simple and very fascinating hobby and promoted it so much we have beaten it to death ten times over. The word “Hollywood” comes to mind.

Seems every time I log on to my computer I am bombarded by Facebook comments, YouTube videos and more “you won’t want to miss” podcasts. Ah, and then there are the forums where ‘Chatty Charlie’ is busy saying “welcome from Idaho” and ‘Bust Your Chops Bob’ is telling you how you are doing it all wrong. Such is the treasure hunting pastime today.

We advertise and promote ourselves 24/7 and in my opinion, we’ve overdone it and glamorized our pastime to the point where every new entrant thinks it’s a quick way to get rich….and we all know that it takes at least six months.

Fact or Fiction?

Social media is also a place where facts and truths can be somewhat elusive. Every day amazing finds show up online but how can we be sure they were really found by the poster? Were they posted to promote someone’s ego or for that matter some company’s image? Don’t get me wrong, I believe the majority of what I see and read but there’s always something that has me shaking my head or something that has me saying “now that’s just bullshit plain and simple”….

I’m also bothered by the ubiquitous day in day out self promotion that’s so prevalent on social media.  What do these people do for a living. I mean come on now, every single day? Apparently they are independently wealthy, living the good life and never go a day without finding great things. I mean who woulda thunk?

Now I don’t know what it is that I want to see change or improve. You see I am of another generation and I can only relate to how it was when cavemen roamed the earth. I do like social media and often think of how great it would have been if we had the internet back then, but I’m also grateful I started when I did and learned the ropes without thousands of“he’s wrong, I’m right” opinions to confuse me.

I’m well aware that social media is now the preferred method of advertising for the metal detector manufacturer, and I understand it completely. You can reach millions quickly, it’s free, and it’s pretty much a ‘no holds barred’ playing field, but I’m hoping they will find a way to tone it down or at least keep it on an even keel. I get that photos, videos are eye candy and intended to get the viewer’s attention. Nothing wrong with that ….just that they need to be real, not staged and not overdone.

Social media is a great thing but we need to use it to help our cause not hurt it. Remember we’re on this information highway together and where we wind up is up to us….




Hope you all have a safe and fun-filled 4th of July weekend. Have a cheeseburger (with fried onions) and a glass of red for me, and when your spouse is not looking go detecting. Remember this is the “Independence” day weekend.



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13 responses to “The Social Media Saga…

  1. I hear you Dick. I like to look at the finds on social media, and I myself have wondered once in a while (maybe a little more, maybe a little less…) where DOES this person keep finding this stuff again and again? A little story (of course!) from our Face Book group. We had this one guy from Miami, I think it was, on our Central Florida group page who would, day-in and day-out, post these knock-out pieces of expensive jewelry he found on Miami beach…not a junk ring among em’…I mean 18K rings with 5-carat stones…a $3,000 to $40,000 chunk of bling almost every single day!

    A few folks started noticing that we NEVER saw a piece of his beach jewelry encrusted with sand, in his palm, at the time he found it. His “finds” were always displayed next to a perfectly clean, spotless and polished tropical seashell on a backdrop of deep-blue velvet. It looked like a display in a jewelry store window, not to put too fine a point on it. Not so much as a single grain of sand anywhere! A few people started asking suspiciously about his weekly massive haul of gold, silver and diamonds. Experienced south Florida beach hunters in the same area would come up empty again and again, week after week, while he seemed to be hunting the vault at Fort Knox. People began to talk among themselves on the site, eventually giving voice to their suspicions, and asking him to show them what some of the better jewelry looked like “…before you cleaned it.” After that request, he abruptly left the site, amid a lot of profanity (some of which the like I have not heard since the military) and hysteria. Odd behavior if you were on the level, just saying. Why someone would do that, well I guess popularity is probably one of the number one reasons…everyone likes to be liked, and some folks will do anything to get their name and “finds” out there, real or not. Social media makes that kind of deception easier than ever.

    • James not sure what the answer is or why I even care given my age. We’re entering an era where anything can be said and anything is possible, IF we want to believe the individual who is posting. I can see the time where a “Yelp” system is set up to assist. Shame we’ve come to this…

  2. Lisa

    Speaking from a strictly anthropological point of view. I agree with everything you stated. I would add that social media provides an autonomous feature that allows people to say, or “post” things we would never consider face to face. It allows for a lack of empathy which results in behavior that is far removed of our previous social norms.

  3. Randy Dee

    Oh how correct you are Dick, we all like to see change but is this a change for the better or worse as I see it it is a change for the worse, very much like the use of mobile phone texting every where you look folk are there with their thumbs glued to the buttons and I am sure that people have lost the capability for verbal communication.

    • No question about it….face to face is a thing of the past. I have to laugh when I see people on FB with 3,000 friends. All strangers and groupies. Are we showing our age Randy?

  4. Todd

    I totally agree with you here Dick….I find myself turned off by the constant posting. There is so much noise on Social media that I find myself getting nauseous when checking my notifications. I have been slowly drifting away. Just want to so some good ole fashion relic hunting

  5. BigTony

    Dick, you are right about social media, it can be misleading. A short time back I decided to limit my exposure to the sites I visited. Nowadays – I use it for information from trusted sources like yours. Or maybe a trusted source for settings or equipment. They are out there, good folks enjoying social media in this crazy hobby.

    Just last night I read a few posts on a different site and I realized that I had changed my settings and forgot to put them back. Yikes, getting old and forgetful has taken it’s toll but folks these days are smart and can choose the good from the misleading. Thanks again for talking up the fight to help this crazy hobby and making it fun again.

    • “Nowadays – I use it for information from trusted sources like yours….” Well hell Tony that’s your problem, LOL. And don’t tell me about getting old and the toll it’s taking…

  6. Problem is Dick that that regardless of your state of brain, once its been said it can’t be unsaid and its there for all to see. Far better to decide on your comment today but don’t post the thing until tomorrow!

  7. Oh geez, I guess I’ll have to post that social media rant I’ve been saving now…

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