Friday Fables & Follies…

Recent responses to a gal tekkie on social media…..

“Nice pic very pretty girl….”

“Now you look really hot, weather helps too…”

“Really hot!!”

“You should change the sign on your boob till YouBoob lol….”

“Wow, You’re Amazingly Hott here, … wink emoticon;) I’m surprised that any coins you dug up didn’t Melt… Breathtakingly Beautiful, as always…and keep up the good work on the videos! They’re Awesome….”

“You shave your under arms, its ….. nice. Tks…..”

“If you got it… Flaunt it”!! Excellent advertising….”

“is it hot outside ? or you just making it feel that way?….”

Now I may be wrong but I am betting the majority of these classy comments came from married dudes who (1) think they’re scoring points,and (2) would die a thousand deaths if their wives ever found out. Just a guess. 

And please don’t take my comments wrong….the gal I’m referencing did nothing wrong other than being attractive.


What do  you think?

Someone shared this on social media the other day and the whole idea of public lands NOT being available to the public bothers me. What do you think?

Arrowhead Hunters Face Felony Charges



  1. All Metal Mode
  2. Discrimination Mode
  3. Volume Control
  4. Depth (a.k.a Sensitivity/Gain)
  5. Pinpoint Mode
  6. A.T (Self Adjusting Threshold)

Gazinta!! Over with and done! Yeah I know, what about ID/numerical readouts, tonal ID, push pads, GPS, wireless headphones and pinpointer? Personally don’t need them.  They are add ons, jazz, floss, whatever. Think about it….do you really need the readout? What would happen without it? I’ll tell you. You would have to listen and listen closely. Something that most tekkies don’t do anymore and I believe it hinders them when it comes to finding those deeper finds.

Same with the variable tone feature….you only need one. Check it via all-metal and then disc and decide. Not all good finds are high pitched.  Push pads? They cause you to always wonder what your settings are.  Pretty sure they were added to reduce weight but I will take knobs and switches any day.

As for GPS, don’t have one in my car, and don’t need it on my detector. Yes I am old and have trouble remembering things but if I found a productive site you can bet your ass I’d remember how to find it again, come hell or high water.

I will admit wireless headphones are hard for me to diss.  I like them a lot, but they are NOT necessary, and pinpointers….I used one for a while and it was just “okay”. Over the long haul I never had much difficulty finding my targets, and it’s just one thing to carry and one more thing to lose, “orange” or not.

Today you need to spend a few hours just reading the manual, and even then you get out in the field and forget what it is you are supposed to be doing. But in your heart you just know that because of “all those space age features” you will be besting the competition, gaining that extra inch. You will have the advantage.

Well, that’s what the advert said anyway…..



Not that you care but it…

…used to be I had my apron, drop cloth, screwdriver and headphones in the trunk of my car and all I needed to do was grab my detector and go. Have a feeling it takes a lot longer for the average detectorist today and not at all sure it means more finds….


A Well Told Story

Treasure Hunting with Larry and the EARTH Club





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8 responses to “Friday Fables & Follies…

  1. Hi Dick:
    You asked for an opinion:
    “The artifacts on public lands and the history they represent belong to everyone and not the few who want to auction our heritage on eBay,” said Lonnie Mann, of the Panhandle Archaeological Society.

    What utter, utter, archaeo-political crap! Artefacts found on public lands ought to belong to the finder after he /she has reported them to the appropriate authority for recording, and then, be compensated financially for honesty if the artefact is retained by the State. There is nothing morally wrong with selling relics. In fact it’s a wholesome, educational recreation, and one to be encouraged.

    If Lonnie Mann and his tribe of arkies want these relics, then he and his pals should haul their arses (out of their ivory towers) into the creeks to look for them – as do artefact hunters.

    And as for the term, ‘professional archaeologist’ this presumably means there are people out there, in Florida, making full-time salaries from the heritage that ‘belongs to everyone’. Yet, at the same time, they condemn amateurs for making a few dollars profit, but, unlike the pro’s, at no expense to the State.

    There’s something rotten in the State of Florida.

  2. BigTony

    Happy Father’s Day weekend to you and all!
    You are right about the basic stuff to have in the trunk, I’ll have to eliminate some and start traveling light.
    Stay in your chiller my friend, too hot here in NJ as you probably know. I went to the beach and got a burn in 45 minutes but hey it was fun to get out and relax just coin shooting.

  3. The insufferable attitude by the state of Florida “professional” archaeologists are nothing more than desk-bound fools, not to put too fine a point on it, who are exploiting archaeological resources for “personal gain” day in and day out. We used to have, here in Florida, what was called the “isolated finds” program, which was exactly what it sounds like; you find an arrowhead or some Indian pottery you photograph it, and report it…when and where found…to Tallahassee. Then they would tell you if they wanted it, if it was rare, or “…thanks,keep it!”, if it was a common arrowhead or artifact.

    The Florida Department of State (of Insanity) includes the ever-popular Florida Division of Historical Resources who have managed to criminalize picking up a 60-year old penny in a puddle of water. That’s right. After having managed to abolish the “Isolated Finds Program” in 2005, with the argument that “…people were not reporting enough finds!” (and how would THEY know?) and at the same time (2005) they also managed to weld in place the new revelation that now Florida suddenly “owned” all “submerged lands.” You have a pond on your Florida farm? You dig a 50-year-old piece of farm machinery out of the mud at the bottom and you are now a criminal on your own property!

    These bastards basically took an ordinary pastime, looking for old Indian points, and suddenly turned it into a felony! Of course Florida militarized police (the archaeologists have their OWN police force!) loves it, as it’s good for their “law-enforcement” industry! Hordes of swat-armored quasi-military types with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of surplus military gear just itching for one of those “Indian Point Criminals” looting Florida’s cultural heritage! Of course, that’s not a problem if a contractor suddenly want’s to bulldoze an Indian mound, and its artifacts under to build a new Volkswagen dealership or another ABC Liquor Store…heaven forbid! And you see few few Florida archaeologist getting even mildly worked up over that, but pick up a pottery shard out of the dirt and you’ll be looking at a half-dozen automatic rifles with laser sights when you straighten up.

    I hear the “as usual” empty argument from the meatballs “…selling off Florida cultural resources to collectors!” and “…for personal gain!” are the reason enforcement is needed to “protect” the public’s heritage. If you’ve ever seen archaeologists “milk” a project for all its worth, taking years and years to complete a 3-month dig, you will suddenly realize what the “resources” are they are referring too…a never-ending paycheck at taxpayers expense!

    • Jim I’ve never understood it either. Seems the archaeological resources they refer to are resources they haven’t found yet, but will sometime unless as you said it’s bulldozed over to make room for a parking lot. They know full well they will never retrieve everything out there yet want to be absolutely sure no one else does. God forbid they were upstaged by a mere amateur.

    • Hi Jim:
      Nice work if you can get it….and they have it seems. Is there no-one in your country who’ll take up this scandal? Is there no-one in the legislature who can see what is happening? What you have here is an archaeological/heritage cartel.

  4. Bob K

    Dick real quick comment Happy Father’s day.
    Food, wine and a nap, Or whatever order you perfer

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