Great Expectations…

The following dispatch from John Howland comes via the Mayfly Pub, his home away from home and was obviously penned upon his arrival there. I say this only because I’ve seen way too many that were written later on after a round or two, or three or…..

And I only share a link to this watering hole because it is indeed well worth a visit if you are ever in the area.

The Ties That Bind

John Howland

Wireless is the future. No doubt about it. So, some months I thought I’d join the charge and shelled out my ‘hard earned’ for the Deteknix system and very good it’s proved to be, BUT, the system maintains a charge for only six hours. I went further, buying the special receiver unit that allows the use of non-wireless headphones. Again, an excellent innovation.

And what happens next? Garrett launch their dedicated Z-Lynk system – a system that maintains a charge for up to thirty hours allowing any set of headphones to be used in wireless mode on almost any make and model of metal detector. Now they’ve incorporated the Z-Lynk system into their latest ATMAX detectors along with other innovations.

The big dividend with any wire-free system is that it allows the user – not being tethered to the detector – to move freely when digging or extracting a find from the ground. I’ve yet to examine or try the Garrett Z-Lynk system but knowing how the ‘Big G’ operates, then build quality I’m certain, is 24-carat.

Waiting in the wings and due for release is the new Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Kit (Part Number 16277200 MRSP $189.95 (US)

And will include: –

  • Garrett MS-3 Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones
  • WT-1 wireless transmitter
  • 2-pin AT connector to Micro USB cable—connects AT detector to transmitter
  • 1/4″ Jack to Micro USB cable—connects detector with 1/4″ jack to transmitter
  • USB charging cable
  • Mounting band

Which Garrett tell us is suitable for any style metal detector with 2-pin AT connector, or, 1/4″ headphone jack.

Garrett’s UK distributor is REGTON Ltd, 82 Cliveland Street, Birmingham B19 3SN (Tel: 0121 359 2379)

So, if you’re not into bondage … go wire-free!


“Buried treasure hope for Brexit farmers”

Was a headline that caught my eye on page 12 of Saturday 27 May’s edition of the UK’s Daily Telegraph.

It went on to say that, “Farmers reliant on EU subsidies are plugging the gap caused by Brexit by inviting metal detectorists on land in the hope they find treasure.” Mike Barker, who runs the metal detecting club, Midweek Searchers, was quoted in the write-up, “Attitudes have definitely changed. Farmers might not get the grants they are used to. Now they might let you on to find some treasure, and if you do, they are made.”

The report also quoted Minette Batters of the National Farmers Union who warned, “Farmers must be aware of restrictions which apply.”

In their search for increased incomes, farmers are diversifying into providing camping and caravanning sites, golf courses, driving ranges, along with and many other country pursuits; so why not treasure hunting/metal detecting. The advantage with treasure hunting and metal detecting is there’s no financial outlay to hit the jackpot…just say ‘YES!’ and get a written Finds Treasure/Agreement signed.



Employ every economy consistent with thoroughness, accuracy and reliability.

Arthur C. Nielsen

(Demonstrably, not all those who should, do!)

I’ll see y’all in the bar!



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7 responses to “Great Expectations…

  1. Robert Moore

    Hey Dick, I got a question for you, you ask other Metal Detectorist this, whats your favorite metal detector. Hillbilly Bob from the Bourban Capitol of the world Kentucky

    • Will do that if you send me a bottle of Makers Mark? Actually Bob I suspect you’d receive a wide array of answers, but I’ll do it just for you. Be patient…

  2. I have not yet taken the leap to wireless, although many of my friends have. I have been hesitant to replace a rather straightforward and simple wired headphone system with yet another $200 “technical advance” designed to free me (?) from the coiled wire. Now, I can see the advantage succinctly when hunting underbrush, and weed-choked fields. I did a hunt once in basically unimproved Florida jungle, looking for a lost ring, and I would have probably paid $400 for a wireless system at that time, as my cord got caught in the vines and underbrush every single step of the way. I said some words I had not spoken since my military days!

    But those kinds of hunts are usually few and far between, and I have a long-developed technique for setting the detector down at the proper angle and distance, which does not present any problem from the coiled headphone cord whatsoever. If I was out doing police evidence hunts everyday, I would most assuredly go buy a wireless system based on John’s review. However, at the current time, I consider it just one more piece of expensive gear which needs it’s own power supply to boot, that I just can’t justify, Good post and good review John…thanks!

    • “I said some words I had not spoken since my military days!…” Stay tuned Jim is going tell us what they were in a forthcoming Q & A post!

    • Hi Jim:
      I see where you’re coming from and it’s a fair point. However, wire-free is great, especially if one is in the habit of carrying an 8oz hip flask loaded with TALISKER single malt, or, Makers Mark. I only carry mine when there’s a ‘Y’ in the day.
      Hic! Happy Daze!

  3. fastfrank

    Made the leap from whites dfx to the 2 pound,completely wireless xp deus a little over a year ago.My finds have increased and I’ve added years to my detecting lifespan as my shoulder is happy.Have not had any issues with battery life and I will often hunt all day.

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