Ponderings From Over the Hill…

I have no doubt that after you read what I am about to say you will call me a few choice names, laugh and label me an old hoiker who is out of touch and over the hill. Well no argument here. I am an indeed an old tekkie whose been over that hill for sometime BUT because I’ve invested 45 years in this pastime I now claim the right to criticize, piss and moan, and laugh right back at you!  

Ready? Here goes….

The Other day…

….I was perusing the White’s Electronics Official Field Team and Friends Facebook page (why they didn’t add “relatives & neighbors” is beyond me) and came across the following photo by Joel Bryant.

Courtesy of Joel Bryant

Joel, I love your choice of machines but what the hell is that thing to the right of your screen? A mini-TV? Radar? I’m kidding of course but damn I have enough trouble looking at my screen and deciphering the readouts, let alone play Steven Spielberg, and I fail to see how it would make my day any easier or increase my finds.

Then on the same page my friend Dominique mentions a new GoPro handheld ‘stabilizer’ claiming “smoother videos on the horizon”.  Thirty minutes later I head to the mailbox and find the latest issue of Western & Eastern Treasures waiting for me. I flip through it and immediately come to a six page article titled “Shooting Your Own Metal Detecting Videos” by Bill Paxton (very well written incidentally).

My friend Joey Ortega

Sorry all you budding filmmakers, I will never understand the money, time and energy invested in making metal detecting videos, and no matter what you say it has to eat into the time you have to research, knock on doors and actually hunt. 

Seems everybody’s more interested in marketing themselves than in finding treasure! 


On a similar note…

…everyone is obsessed with being a member of a manufacturers test team. Yup, now instead of seeing a photo of a coin or relic in the ole proverbial clump of sod we now see it in the same proverbial clump of sod only this time it’s neatly framed along with detector, pinpointer and digger, company logos showing.  And of course if you are in the photo, wearing a company emblazoned shirt and hat is a plus….

Reminds me of when I thought working full-time for a metal detector manufacturer would be the greatest job in the world and when it finally happened I no longer had the time to actually hunt.


I’m thinking that all you tekkies who post photos and videos daily (or hourly) are either retired, unemployed or slackers who deserve to have your asses fired.



Okay, here’s your chance….

I received an email today that read:

“We are currently looking for outgoing men who enjoy looking for hidden or lost artifacts and treasure. I would love to send you a flier explains in full what we are looking for. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me through e-mail or my office phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thanks so much!”

Click here if you are interested in knowing more and perhaps becoming the next Bob Buttafuso or as he’s better known, Bobby Butt.

I was eliminated immediately when the word “outgoing” was used. I don’t have anything that goes out anymore.


Trash, treasure or whatever…

I’ve also seen a dramatic change in what detectorists consider a good day. Items that I, as well as most of my old tekkie friends, would have thrown into the trash bin are now photographed, shared, analyzed and saved.… 


I’ve decided….

….I am going to put together a  large photo book titled  “365 Detectors Leaning on Shovels”.  The problem I have however is choosing 365 out of the hundreds, if not thousands out there.

Now if you are interested it’s not too late to get in on this….I am especially looking for any with a sunset in the background or taken at the beach with the waves in the background. Of course the ultimate would be one of the aforementioned with the manufacturer’s name and logo visible.  It may not make the final cut but it might just get me on that ‘hot damn’ official test team.


Happy Hunting (and producing, filming, directing, editing and promoting, etc….)






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24 responses to “Ponderings From Over the Hill…

  1. My compliments: “You have finally made the list of ‘Grumpy ol’ Buggers'”

  2. Less Internet more detecting
    More finds

  3. heavymetalnut

    Ha Ha my MXT ALL PRO leaning on shovel pic made the cut! I have to agree with you Dick.It gets tiresome seeing how many people are trying to commercialize or market themselves.I just like to go out and detect & let my finds showcase what this hobby is all about but, when White’s asked me to represent them..how could I say no? They are the best company out there and I have been a user for so long it just felt right to jump on board.You will never see me make Beanie Beeping T-shirts and try to sell them that’s for sure. Great write up grump azz!

  4. Dennis wynne

    Some folks will argue that people have those cameras on their machines to relive the thrill of the hunt.

    I don’t know…. sometimes what I see on those machines is an ego. Perhaps it’s just me, but I can’t believe the kinds of finds I see people getting excited about nowadays. And they film it all.

    Who would’ve ever thought back in the seventies that shotgun brass would be such a collectible item.

    Or that wheat pennies would be such a treasure? Or nails… or any number of things. But evidently they are. There are lots of videos out there with people gettin rip roarin excited for One of these treasures.

    Back in the early 70’s we threw that stuff away. Now I kinda wish I had kept it all to mount in a shadowbox. Or make stick men out of nails.

    I’m not making fun….it’s just that age changes you….we used to cherry pick the silver and leave the junk for those lesser detectorists (anyone that didn’t have our machine). I had a video camera in the early eighties. I just couldn’t detect and record at the same time.

    Nowadays. I cherry pick because I have to conserve energy. My back says so. My knees only have so many bends left. I have learned to spread my feet wide apart and bend over instead of getting on my knees. And believe me. NO ONE wants to see a video of that.

    I’ve thought about finding me a purty young thing. JUST to video her and let people watch that. I’d be a director then. Yeah. A director. And I’d film her finding falstaff beer cans and gettin all excited. Maybe jump around a bit. But then I’d lose my thoughts about metal detecting. But I’ll be darned if I can remember what I should be thinkin about.

    Anyway. I can’t believe so many folks are out there with cameras and video so much.

    I think I’m going to get my $3,000 drone with my digitallife camera and go flying looking for a good place to detect….

    Awwww heck. I guess I shouldn’t even think about filmin myself metal detecting.

    • Hi Dennis, I feel good knowing there’s another one of me out there….thanks for the support. Also love your “have learned to spread my feet wide apart and bend over instead of getting on my knees…” Thought I was the only one.

      I may be wrong but I have a feeling that before too long there will be so many videos out there that detectorists will tune them out. Time will tell. Take care and thanks for sharing.

  5. David Yost

    Love you too, Dick.

  6. D.J. Just an old tekkies viewpoint….remember to respect your elders, no matter how cynical they are. Now go find something.

  7. wintersen

    So, I’ll now ditch my collection of over 40 pictures showing detectors leaning on spades. Drat. I also have pages and pages of ‘inspirational’ quotes, cute cats doing things and snaps of my last ten dinners. Ideal for a post on what tekkies put on FaceAche if you are ever stuck. 🙂

  8. BigTony

    I always wondered why they took photo’s of detector and shovels……Maybe it’s like back in a day when you took pictures of your first car but it’s just not the same. I also wonder if they frame the photo and hang it in their man cave. Then I am sure some will make it into a Christmas card……you know like photos of the kids as they grow…….and some might even have them made into business cards. Maybe in fifty years some will show up in art galleries……yikes!

    What’s up with that web site asking for treasure hunters? Are they kidding….email someone where X marks the spot is……I can’t even get my friends to tell me where they find cool stuff, just a bunch of crap. But thanks for posting – it made me laugh.

    • Tony, the photos are fine but the effort to make them appeal to the manufacturers kind of cracks me up. And the “I’ve used your detectors for 100 years and would never use anything else….” gets a little slurpy sometimes. Then again I am just cynical old man. Maybe the manufacturers take notice and send them free detectors for the rest of their lives.

      Not sure about the “looking for detectorists” thing…perhaps the are looking into doing reality (not really) TV shows again. Maybe you and I should apply? We could go detecting, find stupid stuff and instead of having them appraised we could talk about them in a bar to end the show. What do you think? Good story line? Maybe “Old Tekkies, Old Tales, Old Scotch”….

  9. Tony, Q & A with Bob Sickler coming up. You will enjoy….

  10. BigTony

    Now that is a new twist on a Reality TV show, to end the show go over the finds in a bar! Sounds like a winner, sign me up.

    Yeah, Bob Sickler’s Q&A should be interesting, thanks for the heads up

  11. Hey Ricardo. Yeah! Great idea!
    ‘Three Guys in a Dive’, who all get to drink a bottle of single malt each (Talisker, of course), and then when they downed the bottles, one of them goes out and makes a Go-Pro detecting video for Yootoob and the other two have to guess which one it was.
    I’m in! I’m in!

  12. BigTony

    You’ll need a teckie to work the Go-pro thingy. Or a TV video specialists for reality TV….But we will have no problem hoisting a few malts or whatever in between showing our finds, pull tabs from the seventy’s or screw caps from the sixty’s……

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