A Mixed Bag…

Here in Texas..

Spring has sprung and that means nasty weather, as in hail and tornadoes. Dodged one storm Sunday night and getting prepared for another today and tomorrow. That means making sure the safe room is stocked with shoes, radio, flashlight, dog harnesses, phone, whistle and wine.  

The ole thrill and excitement of bad weather has now been replaced with uncertainty and trepidation. What the hell was I thinking when I moved here 29 years ago?


I finally tried out my Tiny-Tex in the backyard and found a penny.  This puppy is almost 50 years old and still works…I’m impressed!  Anybody else have one of these?


Thanks to everyone for feedback on the Q&A postings.  Relic hunter Bob Buttafuso has decided he’s tired of the insults and BS and is up next. Then Dave Wise’s partner Todd Hiltz will share his secrets. If you can think of questions you’d like answered let me know and I will do my best to add them.




by John Howland

A Great Read: –

“Dean Crawford – Living among the Dobunni: A discussion with one of England’s most successful metal-detectorists”

Renowned Canadian author, antiquarian, academic, and numismatist, John Hooker, is a serious advocate for the mentally mature and meticulous wing of our pastime (that’s the overwhelming majority), has written and ably assisted by Dean Crawford, one of Britain’s most successful finders of ancient and Celtic coinage, a superb Kindle E-book that not only puts metal detecting where it should be – in the ranks of serious historical research – but also lets loose metal detecting’s cat among the heritage circus’s anal-retentive stool-pigeons and all for the must-read, bargain price of £2.42.

Oh yes, it’s a belter.

The mouth-watering photos of Celtic gold staters and medieval hammered gold coins that have fallen to Dean’s searchcoil are testimony to his near legendary expertise. The writing style is superlative and easy to understand (always the hallmark of a gifted writer).

I have little doubt there’ll be a serious wailing and gnashing of teeth, whining, and moaning; toys chucked out of ‘academic’ prams at what is surely destined to become a reference work for serious students of the genre; penned by a forward thinking Celtic coin expert, and an equally dazzling, expert detectorist.


Dates to Remember!!

The UK’s new twelve-sided, bimetallic £1 coin that went into circulation today is heralded as the world’s most secure coin bristling with anti-forgery features including a hologram.

The old ‘round’ pound coins remain in circulation until 15th October 2017, whence they cease to be legal tender. People are urged to cash-in their ‘round’ pounds to the banks before the 15th October.

It’s reckoned that around 1.3 billion ‘round’ pound coins are out of circulation across the country stashed away in piggy banks, jam jars and bottles; a figure that must include countless millions of round pound coins lost on the UK’s beaches.

After October this year, we’ll no doubt be cursing finding the old ‘round’ pounds much as we do with pull tabs! Never thought the day would dawn when I’d whinge at finding a £1-coin (‘76’ on my ATPro International).


Consider: – 

Every narcissistic pseudo-archaeologist wants a detectorist to look down on.


I’ll see y’all in the bar!


Friend: “On average, how much do you spend on a bottle of wine?”  Me: “About a half an hour”






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7 responses to “A Mixed Bag…

  1. Robert Moore

    Dick, on Your Q and A spot I would like to know peoples backgrounds, current full time jobs, etc.. Now this could be due to the fact that I’m a retired Cop and nosy or just interested, can’t really say, but I would like to know if any of these guys and gals do this full time. Do you know anybody that is a full time Professional Treasure Hunter. I’ve heard of a few but always wondered. Rob

    • Rob, good suggestion. Will add something to the list of Questions.

      As for “professional” TH’ers…I’ve never met anyone who did it full time or who made a living detecting. A lot claim to but I don’t buy it. I worked for Garrett for two years and everyone thought it was the dream job, but in fact I was responsible for sales and no where in my job title did it mention metal detecting. No one else there did it either other than field testing for brief periods.

      Thank you Rob for taking the time to comment. Appreciate it and hope you won’t be a stranger….

  2. BigTonh

    There must be plenty of pound coins here in the US.

    As for questions – Do you detect in the cellar hole? If so and it’s filled with junk, do you clean it out or move on to another?

  3. Yo Ricardo:
    There’s one ‘o they mo’sheens on FleaBay for the bargain price of $399.00!! And it’s not even in the condition of yours. Check it out!

    What’s all this BS about you spending half an hour on a bottle of wine? That long? You cuttin’ down or something?

    Happy Hoiking

    • Yeah I saw that…keeping an eye on it. As for the wine, I am cutting back. It’s starting to bother my joints and it’s now “do I drink or smoke?”

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