At Ease, At Ease…

“Light ’em up if you have ’em”… Ring a bell with anyone?

In light of two emails I received I need to remind you all (again) that Stout Standards is a “personal” blog and as such offers no guarantee that every post will be about metal detecting or treasure hunting.

I like to write and I’m aware that sometimes I get off on a tangent, a totally different topic that has nothing at all to do with scanning a coil, finding a coin or as they say today, “touching history”. So if I do that and you find it uninteresting, boring or depressing just move on.

There are a lot of other blogs out there that deal with the metal detecting pastime and I share a few of them here on the sidebar. Give them a whirl and see if you can get your fix there. They may well offer up a tip or two that improves your next outdoor adventure.

This blog is five years old now and it’s been an up and down experience. I’ve had my share of disagreements and I have made a few enemies. I’ve pissed off many a forum owner and moderator, and dissed a lot of products. I probably should bite my tongue more but I’m not getting any younger and this is my last hurrah, piss poor as it is.

You see I come from a time when the internet was non-existent and social media was talking on the telephone. When having friends over meant having drinks, snacks and face to face conversations, not staring at your phone. A time when saying something rude or outlandish might result in a black eye or missing teeth. Today, it’s every man for himself, dog eat dog, last man standing and I positively, absolutely refuse to play that game. This blog will stand by itself or die a slow death. Time will tell…..

In the meantime take what I say with a grain of salt…  It’s metal detecting for crissakes….a hobby, not brain surgery?



Leave me out of this please…..



by John Howland

The very young John Howland

They say that there’s no future in getting old; and they’re right. But age is no bar to a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle evidenced by some sturdy 90-yr olds running Marathons. I know man who has regular sex at 78; the problem is he lives at number 72!

Though metal detecting is hardly in the Marathon category, it is nevertheless, widely recognized as both a health benefit and an enormous contributor to the overall archaeological record. In the UK alone over one million detector-found artefacts are logged with the Government sponsored Portable Antiquities Scheme database. There are definite health advantages to the pastime as any detectorist will testify; it provides fresh air and gentle exercise. For those of a certain age it’s a ‘well-being’ windfall.

The temptation, as we get older, is naturally to lift our foot off the gas but reduced inactivity can also be an unintended and premature invitation to the Grim Reaper. Absence of physical activity in old age – and for our purposes here we’ll define old age as ‘60’ – leads to more time spent in doctors’ waiting rooms; increased medication; more lotions, potions and Heaven knows what else to alleviate all manner of ailments. One day we all come face-to-face with ‘The Reaper’ but with a canny outlook, that date can be delayed by simply following a few basic health rules.

Health professionals tell us that as we age so we should aim to be as physically active as possible. Regular physical exercise is proven to be important both to physical and mental welfare especially for ‘Oldies’ and by remaining active, many long-term health benefits are up for grabs; even improving in some cases the well-being of those who already have minor problems.

As exercise and physical activity are among the healthiest things we can do, some ‘oldies’ are loathe to exercise, often in the mistaken notion that exercising is in some way harmful. There is no need to take out gym membership or invest in expensive or special equipment, though both options are extremely valuable. Nevertheless, repeated research shows that leading a sedentary life in old age is a precarious undertaking and ‘undertaking’ is this instance being operative word!

So how much exercise should ‘Oldies’ engage in each week? Well, how long’s a piece of string? It’s reckoned that at least a couple of hours of moderate exercise a week is about right; and a couple of sorties walking and swinging a metal detector, bending and digging to retrieve targets would seem to fit the bill with the added attraction of hoiking out some treasure – maybe!

There are countless clubs and societies catering for ‘Oldies’ whose members are simply aching for speakers to address their meetings. Everyone loves the thought of finding treasure – elusive as though that might be in reality – and I guarantee that taking along a few finds and a couple of detectors to say an Over 60s Luncheon Club, or similar, will be welcomed.

Why not then, get your club to get involved in what is a great PR initiative for the pastime?


“I saw this wino, he was eating grapes. I was like, dude you have to wait”….Mitch Hedberg





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9 responses to “At Ease, At Ease…

  1. John Robert

    Well said !!!!

  2. Joe

    Dick, how dare you use YOUR blog, YOUR time, and YOUR energy writing about your 70+ years of time on this earth, when it has nothing to do with metal detecting?!?!

    Obviously, the above is totally in jest, but apparently some folks feel that if the topic isn’t “How to Get More Depth Out of Your Metal Detector”, “The Hidden Secrets to Finding Better Hunting Spots”, or a million and one other tidbits which have been talked about to death over the decades, they have little use for it.

    Unless someone is brand new to this hobby, how many times does one need to read about how a P.I. machine works? Or the difference between a concentric coil and a DD? Or how to properly door knock? (LOUDLY!).

    All of the above info – and much more – can easily be found on a zillion other blogs, vlogs, forums, Youtube videos, Facebook posts, podcasts & magazine articles. I find it refreshing to hear about one’s personal experiences…whether it relates to the topic at hand, or not.

    Unlike a news reporter, who only has to deliver the facts, a blogger is completely different. The platform itself was started so individuals can write about their VIEWPOINT on whatever they see fit. If readers don’t agree with it, or don’t enjoy the content, the answer is very simple…

    Don’t read it, or unsubscribe.

    Admittedly, I don’t read many blogs, but of the one’s that I do, I certainly don’t agree with everything that’s said, or even enjoy everything that’s written about. That’s life though, gotta take the good with the bad.

    Keep on keeping on, Dick, there’s always someone new to piss off right around the corner 😉

    • Joe my last update was a downer of sorts and it didn’t sit well with a couple of tekkies. I had not posted for sometime and received a few emails enquiring whether I was ill, out of town, etc.. Now I suppose I should have written that I was hunky dory, detecting 24/7, getting rich off my finds and looking at that house in the south of France. What I did do was share my real feelings and reasons for not updating and I guess it didn’t go over too well. Anyway, I’m here, alive and kicking, working on a couple detecting related blurbs and hope they make up for the last one, but I do reserve the right to shout out whatever here on Stout Standards. So der ya go!!

      Thanks Joe for aiding and abetting this old tekkie. Eat a hoagie, a slice or two of Jersey pizza and say hi to all my Garden State friends.

  3. Packrat

    Dick when you get down and out just think back to the 80’s when detecting was fun, people were much more into the hobby and the friends they made. I always enjoy when you talk of the old time hunters from then and before. More hunters today should have been around and learned from them

    • Larry you are showing your age…Unfortunately we can’t go back, and have to remember those hunting today will be saying the same thing 30 years from now IF we still have a hobby and I have my doubts concerning that. No one seems to care about it. You and I need to be thankful we started detecting when we did.

      I may just do a post about all those folks you and I remember…there’s not too many of them left. Thanks and hope all is well in great Northwest.

  4. John Devereux

    Dick I’m with you. The benefit of getting older is you can say what you like. You’ve earned the right, free speech and all that. If people don’t like it they can take a hike or get their head removed from where the sun don’t shine.

    • Thanks John. It’s not so much that people are mad, just that they don’t care to hear how I am doing. They just want detecting, detecting, detecting and today I don’t eat or sleep it like I used to. For the record I do have something treasure related coming soon.

      Hope all is well with you John and thanks again for taking the time to comment…

  5. Frank L

    Dick, in the Army it was “smoke ’em if you got em”–keep bitchin gotta love it.

    • Frank you may be right…only been 53 years, LOL. I entered the Army in January of 1964 and it was without a doubt the coldest, snowiest winter I can ever remember.

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