Doing Diddly-Squat…

What do you do when you’ve lost interest? Lost the spark, the curiosity, the desire to participate? When those old coins everyone is finding all look alike, as do the videos they use to show them off?  When you flip through the just delivered metal detecting magazine and can’t find anything new, different or interesting?

Well I’ll tell you what I’ve done…

I have watched way too much TV, taken more naps than usual, eaten all the wrong things, gotten bored and depressed. So there you have it. Dick Stout in the month of March! Yup, not sure what happened or what the answer is but I need to snap out of it. Maybe if I drank more wine, ate more pasta or started jogging more? Okay, just kidding I have no idea what jogging is.

What makes all this even worse is that we’ve been experiencing really nice weather and all I do is stare at my detector. I just don’t want to go through the motions for a few pennies or even a silver piece here and there. Too much work and too many aches and pains.

I often tell myself (and Digger – he listens) that if I were back home in New Jersey finding the older coins I would be more excited and more involved but that could be me making excuses. I am good at that sometimes. I also tell myself (and Digger) that I will be 76 in a few weeks and maybe it’s okay to feel this way. Maybe it’s natural to get bored after 42 years of digging holes.  I dunno….?

Anyway to those of you who have emailed asking if I was under the weather or out of town, thank you for caring.  I know I will see something soon that will get me fired up again and get my juices going.  In the mean time hang in there with me, and remember there’s always a zillion and one “wanna watch me detect” videos out there and surely there’s someone giving away something you don’t need….



White’s has just come out with the XVenture, an entry level detector that’s going to be a very big seller. Lots of neat features and at a great price point ($142.95).




My favorite mixed drink is combining half a glass of wine with another half a glass of wine….




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10 responses to “Doing Diddly-Squat…

  1. Paul T

    Hello Dick:
    Glad to hear from you today. Yes, We hear in Nebraskie get to feeling low this time of year also. Cold, cloudy, frozen ground, and now the weather man tells us to expect 3-6 inches of SNOW in the next two days.
    Oh, well will dig out another Treasure Book out of my personal library.
    Darn, I wish the SUN would come out soon.

    • Sorry about your weather Paul. Wish I could say that was my excuse but I can’t. Ours has been pretty good of late (I hope I am not going to be sorry I said that)….

      Hi to Joan

  2. Bigtony

    I love your favorite mixed drink! I am sure it will catch on.
    I am in a similar boat as you are, I have lost some interest but keep a positive attitude waiting for some free time to get out there. Weather has turned very cold lately also the newest family addition has kept us all very busy.
    If I really get down on detecting I change things a bit, different coil, different area or a small self challenge. One small challenge was to just coin shoot in a small area for nickels and jewelry…..after twenty minutes of digging can slaw – I was cured and returned to regular detecting and had a ball.

    • Tony, I would be on the lying on the ground if I spent my time concentrating on nickels and jewelry. Just hurts too much to get down and up. I am now a “high numbers” guy now.

  3. Randy Dee

    Well Dick if it is any consolation I am a couple of years younger than you but feel very much the same, I have lost my get up and go and I have always been a positive thinker, but what has not helped matters is the passing away of three of my close friends all who shared the same interests as myself in metal detecting and sea fishing and motor-homing in the Scottish Highlands. Never mind better days ahead.

    • Hi Randy, understand the pain when it comes with losing close friends…just lost two in February. A real and hard reality of getting old. I try to hold out hope that I will regain the enthusiasm but the realization that my ailments are not going to get any better doesn’t help. On the plus side, and I have to remember this, is that things could be much worse and I am thankful for the health I do have.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and offer the consolation. I appreciate it.

  4. Robert Kerr

    Thanks for bringing up the 76 Birthday and the lack of interest. Thanks for the idea about lying on the ground. Any suggestions on easier way to get up?

  5. Steve Deeg

    Hey Dick, I know what you mean. Up here in Michigan, March is considered the month where you will get any kind of weather! I just don’t even want to think about getting my detector out in these conditions. Got a huge wind storm last week and received a request from a friend to help find his daughter-in-laws lost wedding ring. She was picking up tree branches and throwing them into a fire pit. I searched the yard late Saturday without any results and decided we needed to use my sifter in the fire pit ash pile. Got there Sunday and we found the ring within five minutes. It was in the fire pit but we had to remove pounds of metal before we found it. His wife had been crying about losing it but the look on her face when her husband handed it to her was priceless. Just wanted to share this. It’s always great to see some jewelry returned. Take care, Steve in Michigan

    • Hey Steve, great story/recovery. I haven’t had a ring return in some time. The last one I sent off to Philadelphia and never got a thank you. I called to make sure it was received (USPS indicated it was) and no one answered. Tried numerous times.

      Anyway thanks for sharing and I wish my reluctance was due to the weather (60 and sunny today). It’s not….just can’t seem to get motivated right now. Working on a couple of posts that I think everyone will like and have one or two from John Howland as well. Hope to get them up this week.

      Not sure if you are part of the blizzard up there but if so stay warm and research.

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