I’ll Show You Mine if You…

I find it rather amusing that a large majority of detectorists like to wear camouflage yet will pivot on a dime and shout “hey everybody look at what I found”.  Yup, happens all the time and sooner or later it’s going to bite a few of them on the ass.

You see I was perusing a detecting FB page the other day and saw someone proudly sharing photos of his extensive finds/collection and it was apparent that the display was in his home. Sitting along side this impressive array of coins and relics were five detectors. I was dumbfounded.  I mean it’s one thing to be proud of your finds,  but quite another to display it to the world and show them exactly where it’s located. Of course after the first photo it turned into a “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…” kind of thing with more hoikers showing off their finds and displays.

Hey listen, social media is a fantastic medium and we all partake of it but it’s also a place where less than honorable people work overtime and where bad things can happen to unthinking, naïve people. Why tempt them on by showing off your collection as it sits in your home? Sharing individual finds as they happen is fine but the whole shebang? Think about it.


…If you do keep your finds at home make sure you keep them in a safe or “safe place”. A place that’s doesn’t scream out “look here” to the potential thief or as they like to say today… “home invader”.  Consider a small safe for a few of your most meaningful, more valuable finds and if that’s not doable come up with a neat hiding place. You know, like what an old timer did years ago with his stash or his cache, and no you don’t have to bury it in the yard.

Likewise be sure to keep a detailed list of finds and take photos of as much of your collection as possible especially the more valuable coins, relics and pieces of jewelry. I can’t emphasize this enough. I lost a lot of coins in the tornado and there was no way to ascertain what or how many, and while the insurance company worked with us on everything else, the coins were not even part of the conversation. Look into adding a rider to your homeowner’s policy that will cover your finds.

And while you are at it take photos of the furnishings in your house.  Furniture, appliances, musical instruments, antiques, memorabilia, paintings or prints, clothing, etc.. It won’t take all day and is a great thing to do on a cold winter’s day. Save these photos where they will be accessible should you ever face a catastrophe….put them on a disc and give to a relative,  or on a USB drive, in the cloud, etc., and if you think it could never happen, trust me it can. I know firsthand.

And honestly there’s really no way you can ever replace the thrill and the excitement you experienced finding those treasures.  Be wise and be cautious my friend….



Thanks to Jim Fielding from Detecting – An Attitude for sending the following item along…..

Dirt Detectives Not Happy with New Raleigh Ordinance

This sentence is baffling to me….

“City Council member Bonner Gaylord explained that officials wanted to make sure the items weren’t being sold or kept for private benefit.”

Apparently they are not concerned that much about the digging…only the ultimate disposition of the finds and I’m curious what private benefit means?  And do they really think there’s a lucrative life style to be had selling off finds from the parks?  I will be interested to see where this goes, and I hope the club does not settle for a fee based permit system. You shouldn’t have to pay for a “public” park and once a dollar figure is assigned you can bet your bippy it will only keep going up over time.



Metal Detecting Cop Cheats Farmer

Scotland’s Metal Detecting Hotspots




Sometimes you run into people who totally change your life for the better.  Bartenders….those people are called bartenders!



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6 responses to “I’ll Show You Mine if You…

  1. Todd

    I’m very interested in seeing where this NC vs City Hall goes. I agree with you Dick, you should not have to pay a permit for recreation use on property you are already paying taxes. And for that public domain “registry”, it will most likely read as follows: The following items were excavated from XYZ park : 1)bottle cap 2)foil 3)pull tab 4)rusty bottle cap 5)1941 Wheat cent …100)Civil War bullet.
    Have a nice day and thanks for the plug Dick

    • Yes that’s the first time I think I’ve seen a ban implemented because the city was concerned with the end result instead of the digging. Smells like maybe there’s an archaeologist lurking in the background….

      Loved the shot of Dave at 10:24 in the video.

  2. DJ

    I take it you are referring to my post in a private group. That is the first time I have posted a pic like that. Thanks for calling me out, haha. With less than 300 members I felt no harm in showing some of my like minded friends some of my collection. I truly appreciate the warning and have taken my own precautions to prevent any misfortunes from happening. I share things like this to get people motivated and to share my passion, not to brag. I understand it’s a messed up world out there but I’m not going to walk on eggshells just incase something could happen. I like to enjoy my life. I could get hit by a car tomorrow and then no one would ever get to appreciate my finds or ever see them again. I do agree over posting personal info a open site may lead to negative consequences so I do limit myself but also enjoy a good post or conversation.

    • DJ not sure why you chose to add your name to this post but for whatever reason you did. I was trying to share my opinion on my blog, and to hopefully get tekkies to think twice about the dangers of sharing too much information to the public. Guess it didn’t work and if it offended you I am sorry.

      And trust me I understand very well the idea that you might get hit by a car tomorrow….

  3. Yea, not a smart thing to do, and a lot of my friends have stopped doing that on groups that allow the general public access. If you use your cellphone to take pictures, and your tracking is on, the photo will contain the geographic location in the metadata. And there are plenty of programs (oops I mean an “App” nowadays right?) out there that will neatly remove that piece of information, and give your new best friend the location of your goodies. Good point, Dick, and well said.

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