Heard of “Throwback Thursday”? Well this is “Who Cares Tuesday”…

Nothing all that exciting to share but rain is in the forecast and when that happens I write and you lose.  Sunday evening we dodged a bullet and lucked out with only straight-line winds of 60-70 mph. A few folks southwest of here didn’t fare so well. The angst we feel when severe weather is forecast is over-the-top and will be from now on.  The joy of living in tornado alley….



Thanks to detectorist Gary Kilmer for sending along the following New York Times article.  Kudos as well to Keith Wille, detectorist featured in the article, for all of his hard work and for going the extra mile in sharing and promoting the pastime.




Finally figured out why so many detectorists also love to fish. Tall tales and bullshit…

Just found a tekkie hoiker on Facebook who carries an axe on his belt. Thinking he would be perfect contestant for “Alone” but also willing to bet he wouldn’t last one day…

Seems another detectorist “must have” is a video editing program. Sheesh…

Brand new Facebook page for White’s users…lot of good people, lots of great tips and unfortunately lots of “I’m better than you” …..

Can count the number of really good tekkie videos on two fingers…

Ever wonder what the pastime would be like today if we had social media in the 70’s and 80’s?

No one seems to mention that old site in the middle of that plowed field. Might just be the next hot spot especially since the area around it is being turned over on a regular basis. Just a thought…


Windbreak for old homesite

Dan Hughes come back. I miss your podcasts and your wit…

The other day I heard from Bob Sickler….he’s feeling well, doing a lot of detecting and of course still finding a lot of good things…

Finally found that last magazine cover and man cave is coming along….


The older I get the less relevant I feel in everything…

Don’t have a lot of money in the bank but I would give it all to be able to play guitar again….

Who remembers “Hot Head” coils? Were made by the manufacturers (hush, hush) for big mail order guy….

Hard living in Texas and hating the Dallas Cowboys but once again I had the last laugh…



What a pleasure to read The Searcher magazine….quality and class from cover to cover.  Forget that it’s published in the UK … it offers a lot of useful information and inspiration for those of us here in the colonies as well. Give it a go….guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 


Sorry for the bad photo John Winter…

The Searcher is also available online









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11 responses to “Heard of “Throwback Thursday”? Well this is “Who Cares Tuesday”…

  1. Joe

    Dick, the article featuring Keith Wille was an excellent read. Just goes to show what an open mind and teamwork can accomplish, no matter how stark our differences may be.

    I had the pleasure of corresponding with Bob S., recently. Aside from being one hell of a raconteur, with many great stories about this hobby, he is also an amazingly talented guy when speaking on the technical aspects of metal detectors. But the thing that struck me most was his warmth. He’s been around the block more than most in this hobby, but he shoots straight from the hip, and is generous in sharing the wisdom he’s acquired over the years, which isn’t the norm nowadays. He mentioned some issues he’s been going through, and I’m glad to hear he’s on the upswing 🙂

    • Yup indeed, and his technical know-how came through in his book “The detectorist”. It’s one of the best, if not THE best, books on metal detecting as far as I am concerned.
      And you are right about shooting from the hip….it got him into trouble more than once with field testing detectors for the magazines. You could take his reviews to the bank.

  2. I’ve heard a rumour that ‘Warsaw Wally’ and ‘Heritage Harry’ are to make remake of ‘La La Land.’ Can this be true?

    Seeing as both vehemently oppose the ‘tunnel option’ for Stonehenge, then, the ‘tunnel option’ is the way to go – the option supported by distinguished archaeological experts as opposed to ‘has beens,’ ‘airheads’, and ‘never were’s’.

    • Well I have no clue what this has to do with anything but you got your fix for the day…. now go pour another one.

      • Well, we in the UK are arse-deep in ‘Wally’ and ‘Harry’s’ unrelenting assault on our parenthood. I appreciate it matters f*** all to most US hunters, but, we in the UK need some recourse to their unremitting vile abuse.

        Neither of these two saddos would dare say what they write to my face, or, any other UK detectorists’ face. Gutless swine (and I’m sorry to pigs for the comparison).

        Stonehenge is a World Heritage Site and the people who care for it are professional archaeologists, NOT undistinguished know-nothings who don’t know their arses from their elbows. The tunnel option is the way to go in preserving this major international site.

      • Why don’t you tell us how you really feel Bubba?

        Just didn’t see the connection to my post and still don’t but your comments are duly noted and shared for posterity. Now, will you have one for me…

  3. Coin25

    Dick, thanks for the terrific article, love the windbreak and I am happy that you finally got your last magazine and finished your new man cave. Hopefully the wind gods will be kind to you and you family, this year and many more.

    • Don’t thank me….Gary Kilmer forwarded it to me, and I see now that John Winter shared it earlier. As for my man cave I am pretty much there. Have recliner, big screen TV, desk with PC, printer, scanner, filing cabinet, Upright bass and guitar (both damaged), my detectors, a few of my finds and a bed for the dogs.

    • Thanks Tony…all I need to add is a wine cooler.

  4. wintersen

    … and a carafe for my vino …

  5. Good articles and good post Dick! The piece featuring Keith Wille was well done and a good read. Thanks!

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