2017 – What’s Coming…


As we start the new year I wonder just what lies in wait for we tekkies. Will 2017 be a year where we see new innovation, new products or just more of the same ole, same ole, as in paisley pinpointers, unnecessary accessories, over-hyped searchcoils and cameras guaranteed to land you a TV series?

I’ve been hearing rumors that one major manufacturer is coming out with a new top of the line model this spring, but I’ve learned not to put a lot of stock in such rumors, mainly because that no matter your plan or goal engineering can get stopped in it’s tracks very quickly. What they thought “would” work didn’t and what “was” working suddenly stopped.  Been there, done that when working for Garrett.

My guess is that “wireless” will be the keyword this year, and my hope is that the manufacturers start incorporating the technology in every detector made from here on out. I’m aware of the signal delay factor but I can’t believe it’s an insurmountable problem. I’d also love to see all detector models come standard with wireless headphones and smaller stock searchcoils. The bigger is better thing is getting old, the cost out of hand and I think a smaller seven or eight inch stock coil is perfect. Then again what do I know…



Will there be a new “reality/not really reality” show this year? I haven’t heard mention of any and that could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. No doubt the Oak Island show will return with more “tune in next time” for another “tune in next time” episode. I figure this show could go on for another twenty years. They might even consider incorporating into a few other shows like “Doomsday Preppers Move to Oak Island” or “Oak Island Treasure Hunters Battle the Swamp Monsters for Clues to Big Foot”. Who knows how long shows like this could last?


So, what are your goals? What are you shooting for this year? Do you have a bucket list? Mine is easy…to get out more and try to regain that enthusiasm I used to have for the pastime. Losing weight might be a good start but that’s going to be hard with my passion for pasta. A friend suggested I should cut back so I’m going to give the “just once a day” thing a try.  I’ve decided as well to stop using the term tekkie and substitute hoiker just to piss off the gentleman in Warsaw. I stole tekkie from him and now I’m stealing hoik. Take that Wally!



Of course I have no doubt all you hoiking YouTubers will continue to share your in-the-field adventures .  I look for more breathing, panting, coil scanning, “holy sh-t” comments and big ass holes (in the ground holes that is).

I watched a vid the other day and the tekkie hoiker pulled out a little plastic bottle filled with water and squirted it on a coin to clean it. I couldn’t believe it. Doesn’t anyone use good old fashioned spit anymore?  He then proceeded to pull out a plastic box from his 85 pocket camo vest (with bandolier) and placed it on what looked like a velvet cushion….and this was a 1999 Lincoln cent.

Anyway I wish all you Cecile B. Demilles well in the new year and hope that you somehow find time to do a little detecting in between filming and taking selfies…


On the home front I’m just hoping for an uneventful year. 2016 was a bitch! I want to exercise more, detect a little more, take in a few more movies, drink better wine and finish my book. Haven’t come up with a title yet but was thinking of something like “Detecting with a Dick” or “Where the Hell is Dick’s Junk?” Need to think a little more about it….

I also want to spend more time with my best friend Digger. I owe him more walks in the park, more trips in the Pug Bug and more talks about life in general.

Happy hunting, and next time give spit a whirl…it’s cheap and it’s easy to carry.


My wife just sent this and reminded me what day this is….  Some days you just can’t win!



“You’ve never been truly drunk until you’ve had to use a barstool as a walker to get home”….John Howland







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25 responses to “2017 – What’s Coming…

  1. Todd Hiltz

    Yes, I want wireless Head phones. I know Deus has them but would be great to see all the manufactures put them out. “Fingers Crossed”

  2. Yo Ricardo:

    1. In 2017 I’d like to receive a gift of $20…it’s out there in the ether, somewhere.

    2. Hoiking? Yep that’s ok with me, and as of now, I’m ‘Hoiker’ Howland. Talking of that hugely respected cerebral giant in Warsore he’s unfortunately scored an own-goal. He writes on his well loved and widely respected PACHI blog that:-

    “Barely Literate ‘History Hunter’ Hoiks more Collectables from Old Pasture [sic]:-

    “On a metal detecting forum near you, another one (rickyp123) not only [sic] incapable of writing proper English, but also has struggled to read the code for Responsible detecting [sic]…”

    This example of mangling the English language (colloquially, ‘Manglish’) is presumably a one-off and comes courtesy of a well-respected, much loved archaeological giant, who amazingly has his own English language skool in Warsore. It must be said, on that form, I doubt he’d recognise correct grammar if it jumped up and bit him on the arse. Perhaps he should consult with ‘rickyp123’ for assistance in grammatical structure?

    3. I look for more cammo; especially jockey shorts.

    4. Did you know money transfers can be done electronically?

    Just a thought.

    Das vydanya

    ‘Hoiker’ Howland

    • I’ll take it via money transfer. No problem…let me know when it goes.

      • Yeah, you took it last time ‘no problem’ in that well-shady bar in AC where you introduced (me against my will)…and who was that woman who you told me was a ‘missionary’who kept calling you, “Hunny, Big Boy?”


  3. Joe

    Dick, excellent post, your comment on the Lincoln cent resting on a velvet cushion gave me a good guffaw…not in the least because it’s true! As for 2017, I’m planning on an eventful year, which includes the following…

    1. Being discovered (a la Lana Turner) when out detecting by a Hollywood producer, who proclaims; “That profile! I haven’t seen another like it in 30 years!!! The grace with which you move when digging those dirty coins reminds me of a young Clark Gable! You sir will be a star, a STAR, I say!!! I’m then flown out to Los Angeles where I’m given a 3 picture deal starring alongside Chicago Ron, at $5,000,000 a pop.

    2. My fashion line – The Funky Detectorist – which features an array of camo inspired pieces for treasure hunters, will be picked up for distribution in five and dimes across the country, as well as 99 cent stores, and the last 2 of the remaining brick & mortar detector dealers in America.

    3. I will incorporate my company – Heavy Helpers – which assists anyone over the age 23 with holding and swinging their metal detectors, due to the weight of newer equipment in the hobby, like this 41” coil just released by Nexus: http://www.metaldetectingforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=265&t=90451

    4. I will personally be working with all of the major manufacturers, who, like the mafia (the 5 families), figured it’s finally time they came together and used some of their millions in profits to help protect this hobby. Each company will provide a fixed percentage of their sales to one of the best lobbying firms in Washington, in the hopes of gaining some clout, and fighting the many absurd ordinances being implemented against metal detecting throughout the U.S. They have figured out (smartly) that they have the most to lose from detecting being prohibited, and will finally step up to protect the rights of treasure hunters, moving forward.

    5. It is my dream to have the flashiest, longest video intro on Youtube. The finds? Who cares. But the intro, now THAT’S important! I promise to make it at least 13 minutes long, and will feature cutting-edge graphics, a fast-forward of me driving to my hunting location, a good rap or death metal soundtrack, and maybe a catchy tagline too, like; “Saving History, One Pull Tab at a Time” or “I Sold the Wife to Go Metal Detecting”.

    Yes, I’m planning on a fruitful 2017. I wish all of my fellow hunters a happy & healthy new year 🙂

    • Joe you just blew a great blog post by commenting here….thank you. Love everything you said.

      Co-starring with Ron has been a dream of mine now for the past ten years. I would give my left nut pinky to be in a movie with him. Doubt it will ever happen. I wish you well.

      I want a piece of the “Funky Detectorist” line. Seriously. Good money to be made selling that crap stuff. And the kind of stuff we can turn into camo is limitless. I listed a few back in 2013…https://stoutstandards.wordpress.com/2013/11/21/camouflaged-to-death/

      Developing a line that would make us more money than co-starring with Chicago Ron. Count me in. I can send twenty bucks right now.

      I like the “Heavy Helper” thing too. What do you think about hiring gals to do the work? Young gals?

      And that 41 inch coil gave me a big laugh. Exactly the kind of BS I’m talking about when I say over-hyped. They sell a few for a ridiculous profit and the tekkie hoiker is looking at it sitting in his closet a month later.

      Number 4 I really love but I wish you well in this effort. It worked back in the 80’s and then a few things happened to put a bad taste in their mouth (mfg). It could and should happen again if the right people tackle it.

      I will be waiting for that video you mentioned. Will there be co-stars like Ron or Diva?

      Finally maybe you and I should start a club. We could call it the “Sarcastic & Skeptical Silver Seekers” or the “Jivin’ Jersey Junk Men”… thanks for a great reply and laugh.

  4. Joe

    Dick, I too hope the movie deal pans out, and hopefully Ron doesn’t talk the producer out of giving me my big break. If he does, I’ll gladly consider being Ron’s limousine driver. By the way…

    Since you two are tight, can you please ask him what’s up with the tan? The man lives in Chicago for pete’s sake! Every time that dentist commercial comes on and he smiles, it feels like the Sun is getting closer to Earth. Talk about pearly whites.

    Young gals for Heavy Helpers sounds perfect. But young gals in bikinis strikes me as better. We can even charge a bit extra for that option. Allyson, hope you’re reading this 😉

    Surely you jest about the 41″ coil being “BS”. It’s supposed to be superb in heavy iron!

    As to our club, “Sarcastic & Skeptical Silver Seekers” is the PERFECT name! But we’ll need someone to handle refreshments at the meetings. Does anyone know how to get in contact with Warsaw Wally?

    • Have a feeling Ron spends more time at the beach in Chicago than tekkies hoikers living on the coasts. Also I will talk to Gretchen about the limousine thing next time Ron is in the UK.

      Have no clue who Warsaw Wally is….

  5. Joe

    Dick, now that you mention it, I for one would enjoy seeing a post from you on what’s it’s REALLY like detecting across the pond. It is the dream of most American hunters to swing in the U.K., and hearing about the different types of locations, the equipment used, the soil conditions, etc. would interest many. Feel free to share a little behind-the-scenes action too, as I’m sure there are quite a few drinks enjoyed at night after the hunts are over, and many tall-tales are told while sitting around the pub bar. So, I’m sure there’s at least a funny story or two you can throw in there, too.

    • Joe you read my reply about Gretchen wrong…LOL. I haven’t been detecting in the UK for some time. I will however consider doing such a post but will need to tax the ole brain. Seems I remember the pubs more than the finds.

    • Joe:
      You don’t want to know the time I took him into the Mayfly a superb hostelry overlooking the finest trout river in the UK. The trouble I had getting him to drink a pint of fine English ale at the ambient temperature was hilarious. It got better as the ale took hold. Some of what he got up to in England is not for those of a nervous disposition.

      Hoiker H

      • Joe

        I find your story HIGHLY suspect, Hoiker! That anyone would have trouble getting Dick to drink a libation of ANY kind, is open to scrutiny. The man wouldn’t turn down a $2 beer if it was Lime Green in color, came out of a can with an expiration date of 1972, and had worms swimming in it.

        But I WOULD like to hear the tale of when he visited that house of ill repute. Is it true he knocked the door and the female inside said; “Beat it, we’re closed.”

  6. Bigtony

    Dick, I love the Bobble Head photo, very cool indeed.

    As for new things coming out – I am not a fan of wireless because I feel you still need high OHM speakers in the head set to hear the tiny indications of a really old coin. Folks called them whispers but I am not sure that is a good word to describe the tiny beep that a silver coin gives off. They don’t bleach into the soil like coppers, brass or iron. What I would like to see is less weight in all makes all machines and better batteries. The after market ones work great.

    • All good points Tony….still think the wireless can be done and be as good as direct. And that’s what I do. I drink and know things. Have one for me and go Giants.

  7. Bigtony

    I love that line ” I drink and I know things”, I hope you didn’t bet on the Giants….
    Wireless can be done very easily and probably cheaply too – so you are probably right about the manufacturers will have that available soon.

  8. Bigtony

    Sad for sure because that is the cost of a good bottle of wine

  9. Todd

    Dick, I want you to be in one of my videos. You can co-star along side “Beanie”. We will call it Jack and the Bean Stout…what do you think?

  10. Todd

    Well its 18 degrees right now. Cold enough?
    Thanks for the plug

    • But is it hell?

      Truth is I’d love to do a video with you and Beanie but I can’t. I would give every penny I have to do so and to be able to play the guitar again. Just isn’t in the works unfortunately….

  11. Bigtony

    Gotta love those cellar holes! GW buttons are the best!

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