News for the New Year…

2017, we made it.  Not sure how but we’re here and hopeful that you will treat us a little kinder this time around.  Fay and I deserve it!



My doppelgänger in the UK John Winter just informed me that the SEARCHER magazine is now available here in the colonies, and to get a copy all you need to do is head to the closest Barnes & Noble book store. From the list of locations that John sent it appears as though most all B&N locations will have it, but to be safe call ahead.


If you are not familiar with the Searcher do yourself a favor and pick one up. It’s always filled with informative articles, how-to’s and it’s one of those magazines that you won’t finish in five minutes.  Likewise it’s not filled with page after page of finds that readers send in.

I’m excited and plan to head on over to my local Barnes & Noble this afternoon….



My good friend and fellow Garden Stater Joe Grasso dropped me a line last week and shared a post from his Treasure Classified site. I thought it was pretty damn funny and was going to share it here but before I could Allyson Cohen, a.k.a. Detecting Diva, beat me to it. She also added to the overall fun so let me share both of their posts. Thanks Joe and thank you Diva.

How to Tell if a Detectorist Lives in the Sticks

How to Tell if a Detectorist Hunts in a Big City



First off, my best wishes to you all for the very best of health, wealth, and good fortune in 2017. This year is promising on several fronts not least with the Portable Antiquities Scheme which looks set to remain as the role model for the rest of the world despite ill-mannered, loutish comments by those who don’t know any better and sadly, from those who do.

You can almost always find John Howland on the beach (if not there check the closest pub)

You can almost always find John Howland on the beach (if not there check the closest pub)


2017 could be a ‘vintage’ year. Size really does matter…

This year could also see US hobbyists putting together a viable lobby group to represent the much-needed voice of rank-and-file detectorists at national government level. Indeed, such a group will be welcomed by Capitol Hill since they have no way of gauging hobbyists’ views when considering legislation. Their only way of gauging what the hobby entails, or what it’s is all about, is by asking archaeologists! Now that’s like asking a Vegan to recommend a decent cut of steak.

Rights or wrongs don’t make laws…but lobby votes do!


Judging from the promos and from Garrett’s own site, their new ‘Garrett Z-Lynk™ Wireless System’ (wireless headphones) looks a winner; one where you can use your own favourite headphones. With the systems’ rechargeable batteries lasting up to thirty hours from a single charge puts them, in one respect, well ahead of their nearest rivals. The claimed response speed with a 17-millisecond delay (six times faster than Bluetooth it is claimed) is superfast but how this compares with the rivals I know not. But knowing the big ‘G’ as I do, they won’t want to be anyone’s runners-up!

The UK price has yet to be sorted, but I reckon somewhere in the £120.00 region. Garrett’s UK dealer, REGTON Ltd (0121 359 2379, or,, might be worth an enquiry. 0121 359 2379


Hanky-panky in York, or, who’s working late again at the office? Ho, ho!

I can’t help wondering whenever I hear or read about the so-called damaging ‘hoiking’ allegedly perpetrated by detectorists, whether the accusers (usually the Brothers Grim) are less concerned with archaeology per se, or more concerned with trying to pull a fast one over what is seen by many in archaeology as a chummy, but gullible media, with fatuous and carefully crafted malicious, fact-free stories.

The sheer desperation to smear legitimate detectorists along with the Portable Antiquities Scheme is plainly evident in one loathsome individual’s vile name calling and personal attacks, clearly suggesting irrational and near paranoid behaviour. It’s also clearly evident that some in archaeology are incapable of conducting both themselves and their arguments in neither a civilised, nor gracious manner, choosing instead to employ craven ad hominem attacks of the kind they wouldn’t dare utter face-to-face. Neither are archaeology’s mandarins keen to censure this dishonourable conduct. Cowardice is fast becoming a common facet in archaeology.

Despite the ersatz hand-wringing angst within its ranks, archaeology is not a science nor ever likely to be, despite attempts of some to scam casual observers into believing otherwise. It all amounts to guesstimation. Even imbeciles can hazard inaccurate guesses, but such guesses are hardly science and since the archaeological world in the shape of the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) lends tacit approval to that monumental fraud masquerading as ‘fact’ – the so-called Artefact Erosion Counter (AEC) – it’s small wonder that archaeology is ridiculed, lampooned and gets the drubbing it does.

They’ll keep the Red Flag flying high…

…but the huff ’n puff of those who apparently lead the CBA by the nose, is in reality, a cunningly devised smokescreen to mask their ultimate goal; that of gaining complete control over all private property. One advocate writes: –

“…property of the state on behalf of ALL of its citizens, a point which the dealers and their idiot lobbyists fail to understand because of their perception of the state as an instrument of repression.”

A noble and honest political sentiment you might think. But coming from someone who voluntarily left the liberal West in the 1980s to live under to the distinctly intolerant Communist regime then in power in Poland for money and position is indeed as bizarre as it is revealing. Simultaneously as he was climbing into bed with the CommissaЯs, the Polish people were fighting to free themselves from communism’s yoke of tyranny; their perception of the state, was indeed, as an instrument of repression. Strange, eh?

Idiocy is not it appears, the monopoly of ‘dealers’ or their ‘lobbyists’.

Does it really matter…

…that the CBA is enjoying a bit of ‘extra-marital’ on the side with the fraudulent AEC notwithstanding that some AEC devotees are the political progenies of the tyranny who murdered Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Tsarina Alexandra and their five children in 1918? By their comЯades shall we know archaeology.


…It might be wise for all archaeologists of a royalist bent, to keep a beady eye on the comЯades should they ever take political power.


I’ll see y’all in the bar!



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10 responses to “News for the New Year…

  1. wintersen

    Thanks, Dick. Our distributors tell me that The Searcher has been available in locations in the States for over a year now. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone has actually seen it on sale or ever bought one! Hastings books also stock the magazine.

    • Hmm, well that’s interesting because I don’t think I’ve ever seen it and I’ve frequented two or three of their stores over the past year (Dallas, Garland and Mesquite).

      Okay, just called the store in Dallas and the one in Garland and they do not carry it. Will check a few others in the area…thanks John.

    • I’ve been getting the searcher for a few years now–great magazine. Don’t know about its availability in book stores, but it’s easy enough to subscribe to.

  2. wintersen

    I will check with the distributor tomorrow. In the meantime, a digital copy is also available … and cheaper!

  3. Sorry I beat you to it Dick, was not aware you had it in mind to post. Pretty funny stuff though.

    • But you are supposed to know what I have in mind? No big deal. Glad it got shared. Joe also has a lot of very good info on his blog (link at top of his page).

      • Joe

        Appreciate you saying that, Dick, but I believe you might be taking the wrong meds again, lol. You, Diva and a few others I follow all have very good, informative, entertaining blogs. I’m subscribed to 6 total. As for mine, it’s simply meant for those newer to the hobby, and offers up the most basic of tips.

        To be honest, I don’t know how you guys and gals do it. It’s one thing having a forum, and to make a post, or reply in a running thread. Easy peasy. But to be the singular voice of a blog, with all of the pressure about what to write about, how it might be received, publishing on a regular basis, dealing with the hateful replies by those who don’t agree with your viewpoints, etc., is more stress than I’d be able to handle. Which is probably why I enjoy reading them so much, as opposed to writing them.

        If I can pick your brain a bit, Dick, how exactly do you decide what topic you’ll write about? Is it based on viewer feedback, current happenings around the hobby, or simply whatever pops into your brain and strikes you as interesting?

        Finally, I must know, do you feel you write better with a glass of wine in you, as opposed to not? I only ask because wine seems to be a running theme on here, and I’m curious if that helps get you “inspired.”

      • Wow…what inspires me to write? That’s a hard one…it depends. Sometimes there’s something topical or current that pops up that needs to be addressed, and other times I just sit down and start writing. When you’re old, cranky and a professional curmudgeon (not my label) it’s easy to be critical of what is happening in the pastime. You know the ole “when I was a kid we didn’t have or didn’t do….”

        Does wine make me write more or better….you bet! Give me a rainy day or night, a glass or two of red wine and I am off to the races. Having said that have one for me Joe!

  4. Joe

    Dick, thanks for the mention on the How to Tell… article. The market is already being flooded by those new wireless systems, as it seems almost all of the detector manufacturers now have one for sale, or in their coming product pipeline. Not to mention the many overseas knockoffs, which is only going to force the price points down on the U.S. sold models.

    But hey, it’s another way for the big guy’s to make a buck out of the hobby, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise, lol.

    • No, thank you for sharing.

      When it comes to wireless I am amazed that it’s taken this long for the manufacturers to get on the bandwagon. I see it as a very big selling feature, and it should be incorporated into all new models. I know the problem lies in the delay but it’s not new technology.

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