Just a Little Sunday Morning Chat About Nothing…

Not much going on here at the Amesbury house this morning.  It’s a very cold 19° degrees (wind chill 4°), our faucets re dripping, the dogs have had their early outside business meeting, we’ve tackled breakfast and perused the extra-large Sunday paper.  Not  a great day for going outside but there are those who are feeling the wrath of old man winter a lot worse than us. Take Sioux City, South Dakota for example where the temperature is a balmy -21°.


It could definitely be worse….

I’ve been slacking off with the blog of late and I apologize but then again you know of my on again, off again love of the pastime. I like to blame it on my age and aches and pains but it’s also mental.  Try as I might to get motivated it’s hard anymore, especially during the holidays.  December for whatever reason has never taken a liking to me. Forgive me but there always this sigh of relief when January first rolls around.

Anyway to keep myself amused I will try to go through over 200 rolls of Wheaties I’ve accumulated over the years, in search of that doubled die, that D over S and any other silly screw-ups that I can find.  First though I will need to con my grandson Lucas out of his microscope in hopes that I can see these errors.  My 20-20 has run out of numbers.

I want also to jump back on my book, which is just about half-finished. Like so many other things I work on it in spurts, or when the spirit (or spirits) moves me. The more I work on it the better I feel in that I’m speaking my mind about my treasure hunting experiences, travels, friends and foes.  I’ve met a lot of great tekkies over the years but I’ve also had run ins with hypocrites, bullshit artists and people who simply befriended me for their personal gain.  I know, pretty much life in general, but it still feels good to get it off my chest and put it on paper.

So der ya go! Sorry this wasn’t a more positive post or one that offered up a few tips on finding more goodies….just wanted you to know that I am alive and kicking (well just barely).  Hope to offer up something more informative in a few days. In the meantime stay warm, be safe in your travels and please bring your pets inside.




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18 responses to “Just a Little Sunday Morning Chat About Nothing…

  1. Cody

    Stay warm down there, 3 degrees up here in Tulsa right now. No plans on getting out, just web surfing and doing some research. Plus reading whatever else comes along such as this. Got to some distractions now and again!

  2. Paul T

    Hello Dick.
    Temperature here in Fremont is minus 9 below. I have not been out side for two days my friend. Too cold. Oh, you mentioned Sioux City, South Dakota in your blog. It is Sioux City, IOWA. Have a Merry Christmas.

    • Was sure I was looking at SC, South Dakota?? Doesn’t really matter…our weather seems like a warm front compared to yours. You and Joan stay warm and if you have any good books, read LOL.

  3. Yikes Dick, I never actually realised it got that cold in Texas, is it like that every winter? It is still relatively mild here in the UK we even had double digits in Celsius the other day which is very unseasonably warm.
    Hope you have a great Christmas 🙂

    • Andy they like to say here in Texas….”If you don’t like the weather just wait a few minutes”. Yesterday it was in the mid 60’s. This morning it was 18. This weather is reminiscent of last December and it scares me.

      Merry Christmas to you and your family as well….

  4. Bigtony

    Jersey had a cold snap for a few days(15 to 20 with wind chills) this past week. The new name is the Polar Vortex……I guess the weather women and men are going SyFy these days. We also got two to four inches of snow yesterday and some parts (north and west got an inch of ice), but today the temp hit 52 and most of it went down the drain. It wore me out and today I have a head cold to boot.
    Good luck on the new book!

  5. Well, it was supposed to rain a bit here in Orlando Florida, Dick, but nothing but massive sunshine and ultraviolet rays. On the way home, from somewhere else, an hour or so ago, the outside temperature sensor on the car was reading 89 -degrees and about 98% humidity. Temperatures in Central Florida this time of year can get down to around 18 degrees or so, with a Canadian cold front mustering thru on occasion. We really fear a warm winter here, as that usually precedes a 114-degree summer, at 99% humidity! Northerners can’t hunt in the numbing cold of winter and we can’t hunt here in the south in the broiling heat of summer! Good time for book writing, either way, Dick!



    • I do understand the excessive heat thing James…go through it for about three months every year here in the Dallas area. I will say though that I prefer hot over cold. The cold affects my arthritis and neuropathy in a big way. The only good thing about cold weather is that it justifies your sitting on your butt doing nothing (and today I am doing just that).

  6. Yo Ricardo:

    “…I’ve also had run ins with hypocrites, bullshit artists and people who simply befriended me for their personal gain.”

    Jesus H… It cost me $20 to befriend you! Remember? In downtown bar in AC?

    Have a real pissy Chrissy.

  7. Bob K

    Dick just for you it’s cold in East Ks and I’m not stopping the cold air thats going on South bound. I know it’s early but we wish you and the family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year. Stay healthy is the best wish I can give you & the Boss.
    Bob K.

  8. John Devereux

    A Merry Christmas to you from here in the UK. You can take comfort in knowing that all those archaeologists who don’t like detectorists are really only p****d that they spent years at university only to discover that the people who find treasure rather than just broken bits of pot only need a $500 detector. The Portable Antiquities Scheme report for 2015 tells us that 90% of the finds recorded are found by detectorists and 95% of Treasure finds were found by detectorists. It seems that metal detecting is far better at unearthing our history and valuables than those with a little trowel and a degree. Must be galling to have wasted all those years slaving over books only to discover that the best thing to do is to get out there with a detector!!

  9. Archie Ray

    Rosalie and I wish you, Fay and the family a Very Merry Christmas! We are spending Christmas in Florida this year as Rosalie had open heart surgery in October and is still recuperating.

    • Hi Archie, good to hear from you and sorry to hear about Rosalie. She is the third person I know that has had that procedure this year. Tell her I’m sending good vibes for a speedy recovery. Also email me so I have your address. Lost a lot of info thanks to that big wind.

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