Rainy Day Ruminations…

Ron Guinazzo (Chicago Ron) could go on Facebook and say “I just farted” and within seconds his friends (all 2000 of ‘em) would respond with “Great fart Ron” or “Ron your farts are the best” or “I’d love to be able to fart like that”…..  (Ron I love you man).

Am I missing something or are all the metal detecting TV shows gone?

No one has stronger convictions about religion and politics than yours truly but someone tell me why they are topics on metal detecting forums?

Nothing like having to pay out 1,000 dollars for a dental crown two weeks before your 50th wedding anniversary and three weeks before Christmas. Ho, ho, ho and all that jolly crap….

For all you button fanatics I have over 40 years of buttons sitting in junk boxes somewhere…..for $500 they’re all yours. Deal?

If you are a reader be sure to check out books written by Erik Larson…he can’t write them fast enough for me.

No question in my mind that I’ve aged more than a year since the December 26th tornado.

To the manufacturers….why not offer a complete kit….detector, small, medium and large coils, pinpointer, digger and pouch, all at a well discounted price?

It’s only a matter of time before you will be able to buy a floral or paisley pinpointer, and who the hell ever thought it was a good idea to offer one in camo?

All the detecting chat and gossip today is much too complicated and technical. Miss the days when lost treasures, good books and research were the norm.

I’ve been trying real hard to find that old spark, that enthusiasm I used to have for treasure hunting but I’m not sure I’m ever going to find it again.  Not sure what the answer is or if there even is one but I may well take a break from writing this blog at the end of the month.  Whatever I decide I will leave Stout Standards online.

Happy Birthday Michel Tocque….wish I could be there to celebrate with you. Have one for me….

Michel Tocque and I goofing off, Gironde, France...

Michel Tocque and I goofing off, Gironde, France…mid 90’s







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15 responses to “Rainy Day Ruminations…

  1. Hang in there Dick…you are still in shock, as far as I see it, especially from all that’s happened to you in a short time…things that 99% of people never see or experience in a lifetime! You did not tell me how much hard work a blog is, Dick!!! I’ve managed a few beginning posts on my blog, but have a hulluva time getting new ones posted! Take some time off and relax, don’t think of the overall picture too much. I get so pissed sometimes at this hobby and certain people in it, that I always threaten loudly to lock up my gear and never swing a coil again! Then my wife will say “Well, okay, but don’t expect me to lock my gear up…Kathy and I are hunting an old house up in Sanford Friday.She found an old 1818 brass powder-horn last time!” What can you do? Don’t worry and be happy Dick…and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Thanks James, but honestly I am not in shock. Far from it. Just realize that my time has come and gone. Shit happens and I don’t want to be that old baseball player who keeps hoping to be called up. There’s a new cadre out there and they’re smart and know what they are doing. Me, I have trouble deciding choosing between Cabernet or Merlot….

      When I started the website and blog I tried hard to get followers….then over time I realized that if what I had to say was useful or important to other tekkies they would find me. Well a few did, but the majority didn’t and I’ve finally accepted that. I could continue to plug away but I will not beg my way onto forums or websites just to have numbers, nor will I give things away to attract new viewers. Stout Standards is what it is and if people want to see what’s going on in my little world, fine. Otherwise my life, as boring and laid back as it is, goes on.

      I will see what happens and see how I feel as the month wears on. Right now I am okay with whatever….

  2. DonM

    Hang in there with your blog…I for one would miss it…….even though I am like you these days when it comes to detecting (I have been in the hobby for 35 + years) but nowadays when it comes to detecting I find that my get up and go has got up and went. I know that there are still plenty of good finds being made (most are legit but every now and then you see someone make a fool of themselves by posting that they found X number of silver coins and 2 gold rings on their first or second outing.) The sad fact is that the “old” days were the best of times to be in the hobby….nowadays it is usually a struggle to find one silver coin.

  3. Bigtony

    Dick, go with the Merlot, happy belated 50th anniversary and oh BTW – if you had that dental work in NJ – it would be double maybe triple – trust me on that one.

    Things are different in this crazy hobby. Nowadays folks are not happy about your success these days. Back a few years, the folks were just happy to see them and talk about your experience. Sharing stuff was the norm. But I keep going, I try different avenues of the hobby, some days I only coin shoot, some days I only look for nickles or jewelry signals. This hobby has so many parts to it – land, surf, tot-lots, old homesteads, woods, lakes, etc. You get the picture – you wrote enough books and articles about it. Oh yeah you did, thanks for keeping the fires light over the years. Today I hit a hill area and my take home pay was three wheat cents and a 1943 d mercury dime, no brag – just happy to get out from time to time and enjoy the simple things.

    • Well damn, I went with the Cabernet….

      Thanks for the 50th anniversary congrats but it wasn’t belated. We celebrate on the 15th…see that’s what happens when you go with Merlot. Thanks Tony.

  4. If you think I’m ever gonna buy a testosterone-free ‘floral’ or ‘paisley’ pin-pointer, then yo’ is seriously mistaken. I want Marine Corp/SEALs issue cammo and the pin-pointer in the shape of an M16. Yeah!

    I drink Merlot out of a dirty glass! Tough? Yeah! Huh! Let’s go Rambo! Yeah!

  5. David

    Hope you keep it going but you have to do what’s best for you.

  6. Coin25

    Funny thought about Military and detectors. I guess they are the real reason why these recreational units were made. After the technology was developed for military mine detecting then they hit the hobby market. Hopefully the military get involved again and some new technology will come into the recreational market.

  7. Bob K

    At times I’m in the same shape, tired can’t see the point of going out detecting. Getting all the gear ready and loaded then fishing equipment is the same way, then the better half goes off(well better not write what she says) don’t want burn your ears. Congrats on the big 50. And keep the blog going as it should keep you motivated.
    toooo early in the morning to write plus the coffee cup is dry…..

    • Thanks Bob….just going day to day. As for our 50th anniversary, it’s been a lot of up and down but somehow we survived. Life even threw in a tornado for good measure. Who would have thunk?

  8. Lanely Prater

    Love your forums.

  9. Lanely thank you…..appreciate that.

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