More Scattershooting…


Went out again with the MX Sport for about 1 and 1/2 hours the other day and decided to work some in the all-metal mode.  I set the SAT to 3, sensitivity to 4, turned on the VCO and began scanning, often forgetting that thanks to the SAT I needed to keep that coil moving.  Sheesh, this CRS thing is not getting any better….


This site once held two homes, one quite old…photo compliments of Google Earth

Thanks to quite a bit of trash I thought I was listening to a John Cage composition but the VCO feature did alert me to two of my coin finds. After about 30 minutes I decided to give the “high trash” program a try but wasn’t a big fan.  After all-metal I didn’t like the abrupt change in sound and thought I might be missing something I wanted to hear. I also gave the “iron grunt’ feature a whirl but the only grunts I heard were mine when trying to get up and down. Incidentally this site is just set back from a two lane highway but with the waterproof headphones the traffic noise was not an issue. They are also very comfortable.

Despite the 10 inch stock coil and the trash I was easily able to isolate the few coins I detected but would really love to give the 7 inch Detech a try sometime soon.  I have always been a fan of a smaller size stock coil, as was the manufacturer norm in the 70’s & 80’s, but I will need to save up my shekels for the new Detech, and with the holidays here that’s going to be very hard. Maybe early next year….


The end result of my effort was not earth shattering but okay with me given the short amount of time I was actually swinging the coil. Three wheats (one steel) and a silver Roosevelt, all about six inches down. My grandson is bugging me to go out again so I will get back to you with a few more observations on the Sport.  Sorry they’re not more technical, but I’m just a simple guy with simple needs. I can tell you however that right now I am liking this detector a lot.



Was really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. We were having the kids and grandkids here in the new Amesbury Lane house, and given all we’ve been through this year it was going to be fun. Well Wednesday evening yours truly was gnawing on some licorice (yeah I’m a Twizzler freak) and voila, one molar almost gone and the one next to it damaged too. So it’s now four days later and I am still eating on one side of my mouth, thinking about the possibility that one tooth might have to be pulled and the other will need a crown.  A dental bill of $2,000 is not what I needed at this time of year.

Having said this we did have a real nice Thanksgiving and I was not in any pain. A call to the dentist is in order tomorrow morning. My plan is to negotiate a TV deal like Chicago Ron?  Maybe a “Dallas Dick Goes to the Dentist” mini-series.  Ho, ho, ho….



…his week started off with someone smashing the rear window of his vehicle and taking an almost new XP Deus, an Excalibur and his backpack. Thankfully his insurance company was indeed a “good neighbor” and paid his claim within an hour.  An XP Deus huh Ron?



Remember the Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights……apparently gone!  Likewise the FMDAC is down to 14 clubs.  In its heyday they represented around 130. Consider too that the latest update on their website is  a president’s report for 1st quarter of 2015.  And to think we didn’t have the internet and social media back then….



My other grandson Evan in Fort Worth is on a Dude Perfect roll right now and sent this video along. Of course the “expert” in the end is wearing camo!





Once again…. I had an email from someone telling me I only talk about White’s products because they pay me to do so. WRONG! I talk about White’s because that’s what I have, what I use and what I like. Am I partial? You bet? They are my family and probably always will be.

Having said that it you want to hear my take on a Minelab? Send me one. Want to hear my take on a Fisher, Garrett or Tesoro? Send me one.  I’ll be glad to give you my honest opinion. See how easy that is?

I am tired of defending myself with regards to my relationship to White’s. The only monetary reimbusement I receive is a quarterly royalty payment for my books, which at this time is not much at all given the publication dates, and you know what? Write a book and send it to them. They just might print yours too.

So der ya go….



Still looking for the April 1999 issue of Western & Eastern Treasures. If you have it please let me know if you are willing to sell it. This is the cover…

best I can do....sorry

best I can do….sorry



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12 responses to “More Scattershooting…

  1. Coin25

    Dick, I have to say cool critique for sure, thanks. And wow, wow and wow, you found a steel penny. I don’t believe I ever found a steel penny, even when I used a whites machine. You are the man, congratulations on your finds.

  2. Coin25

    I have plenty but they are not dug……so what is secret numbers that make you dig them?

    • Tony now that you ask I have no clue. I did find two Wheaties together so maybe it was one of those. Just threw them into my apron and wasn’t aware it was steel till later. I do know I didn’t dig anything that didn’t give me a decent numerical readout or audio response.

      Over the years I’ve found a few that were not too badly corroded but this is the first in quite a while. Will check it with the Sport later (after I deal with the dentist)….

      • Yo Ricardo:
        Dentist eh? I heard that Wally went to the dentist and had some wisdom teeth put in! Harry’s become a football coach – had all his teeth out and 32 seats put in.

        Good to see ‘Perfect Dude’ using the mighty ATPro.

        Oh yeah, steel pennies? We got ‘kin millions of the bloody things over here. What’s special about your steelies? Wheaties? Wot day den?

  3. Tony, can’t answer your question. Scanning the steel cent by itself I got a readout of 00 Gold. If I put with the other copper wheat I get varied readouts…..anything from Misc (47) to Penny (75-79) to quarter (94). The better readouts came with the copper closest to coil.

    John the 1943 cents were made out of steel….copper was needed for the war. If you find one detecting they typically come out of the ground in bad shape. Over my 40 some years I’ve found a few that were in decent shape.

  4. Coin25

    Dick, those are hard to find. Most machines do not alert to steel. At a hunt the hunt master planted steel keys with numbers from 1 to 99. I explained to him that most machines won’t find them. sure enough only one was found as it was put down with a token. I had fun anyway, just didn’t find any keys to the treasure chest…..too funny. Don’t go batty over the steel cent numbers, your explanation that it was with the other wheat cent is probably right

  5. Coin25

    Dick, no one gives it a thought, they are steel cents from the forty’s —– that is what is batty not you.
    I hope you get some more cool coins next time out but you really should test your wedding band and start digging that signal (oh was that a tip?).

    • Tony I lost my wedding band in the tornado. Because of my arthritis and gnarled knuckles I hadn’t been able to wear it. It was a weaved design and I was unable to find a jeweler who could enlarge it. I kept it on my desk, wrapped in tissue in a rosewood box that WET has given me for an award back in 1986. Pretty much everything in my office area was blown away….

  6. Coin25

    Oh sorry about that – I truly didn’t know. For most folks then – it is the easiest thing someone can test while in the field. Well I hope your wife didn’t lose hers – if not test it with your new machine and remember the numbers but be advised – it has to sound very good in the field to dig it because they are close to foil or can slaw and around here we have plenty of that stuff

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