Some Days It Doesn’t Pay to Get Out of Bed…


Things were looking up…or so I thought? I received permission to hunt an old home site, had an MX Sport on the way, and then I saw this in the Saturday morning newspaper….

I mean what the hell, looking good, right? So yesterday I decided I couldn’t wait for the Sport. I was anxious to check out the home site and decided to take my grandson Lucas along. He’s been wanting to go out detecting with me and practicing with my Treasure Master in his backyard .  So great weather, feeling somewhat decent (as in legs were actually moving), what could go wrong.

Well where do I start?  I open the closet, take out the MXT Pro and turn it on. Zilch, nada….. Open the battery compartment, no battery pack.  Knew I had one after the tornado because I was amazed that it had made it through it and still worked. Now? Have no idea where I put the battery pack.

Okay then I pull out the old 6000di S2, which also survived the F4, turned it on and once again….nada. Had to be the batteries. Ran out, bought four new batteries…put them it, turn it on and same thing, no-worky (back to the factory).  All that was left was my old Garrett VLF/TR Groundhog. Turned it on….you guessed it…nada. Ran out again, bought six new 9 volts and holy shit batman, it worked! Magic! Then suddenly I realize I don’t have any headphones or recovery tools, all gone with the wind or in this case a tornado. Not even an apron or pouch. I mean jeezus….

So I try to make the most of a bad situation, and sneak out back, take Fay’s garden trowel, throw the Groundhog in the car, and head out to pick up Lucas. He’s steals Momma’s trowel, and we’re off. We arrive at the site and start our searching.  We get lots of signals, good sounding signals, we get blisters digging, we get sweaty and we end up with a shitload of beer cans, bottle caps, pull tabs, and one 2002 penny.  It eventually dawns on me that this site is close to a school and was probably used as a hangout of sorts or um, maybe something else.

So after about an hour and a half of throwing junk at the base of a tree for later dispatch (does anyone still do this anymore?) we head home, with plans to return another day. The MX Sport is out for delivery today so hopefully I’ll be better equipped next time.


If you are wondering how I got up and down… I didn’t.  I bent over at the waist to recover my targets.  Today I am walking fine, staring at the floor,  bent over at the waist….



I couldn’t believe John Winter’s latest blog post. I mean what happened to the man? I was flabbergasted and thoroughly disgusted. I couldn’t believe my eyes. In fact I kept reading it over and over again, clicking on the links.  Still doing it in fact. What are your thoughts and what can we do to help poor John?

Thanks for the Mammary

Please note that thanks to forum comments (as in insults) John has taken down this post.







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15 responses to “Some Days It Doesn’t Pay to Get Out of Bed…

  1. Well, now that you’ve cleaned the place up, the MX might get you the good stuff. I tried the bend-over technique for target recovery and ended up with a thrown back. Didn’t I suggest you get a young, blond lady to dig all your targets for you?

    • Trust me it’s far from cleaned up….

      As for getting a digging helper I’m thinking about contacting the gal in John Winter’s latest post. She looks physically fit and I bet if I throw around John’s name….??

  2. I thought Winter’s piece was disgusting…I was bored stiff!

  3. wintersen

    A number of other people (especially in America) also thought my latest post was ‘pornographic spam’. The result is that I have ‘left’ another American forum. The subject even brought Kemper out of hibernation with a fatuous comment, which I didn’t publish … even Barfart has gone off me! It seems that Trump and Guns are okay to discuss, but tits are definitely verboten.

    ‘Winter’ thanks fellow countryman ”Howland’ for the comment. 🙂

  4. wintersen

    I don’t wish to offend and have received more negative comments than usual, so have binned the post. Lots of responses on the lines of, “I am not usually a politically correct kind of person, but …”

  5. Good grief Dick!!! Congrats on the Groundhog, though…they really knew how to make a reliable detector then! Patti and I did something similar (I did, actually…Patti had her act together) We found a historic place to detect several miles back deep in the Florida woods along an old over-grown military trail…got permission to hunt…beautiful Florida day…clanking with gear, we hiked the two-miles in, we found the foundation of the old 19th century hotel…when I discovered BOTH my primary and spare battery packs for the E-Trac were not in my backpack, or detector, but, fully-charged, on the marble counter top in our kitchen 20-miles away!!!!! Patti, however had a fully charged pack installed in her AT-Pro, and a spares set of AA’s in her little hunting apron…!!!! I blame it on my lack of oxygen…haha! Be well, Dick, and congratulations on your growing mobility!

    • Thanks James…nice to know I’m not the only one, though I at least have a tornado to blame. Seems every few days we are reminded of things we used to have. Orders already in for a few accessories….

      You take care as well my friend.

  6. Coin25

    Wow Dick with all that running back and forth to the store for batteries – I am surprised you still had energy to detect….that Horoscope was spot on…..Best of Luck with your new equipment!

  7. Coin25

    Sure thing Dick, I will,

  8. wintersen

    Good luck in your searches!
    I’m looking forward to a great blog post on what was found.

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