The Next Big Haul…

I see a lot of very cool finds being posted online and a lot of them come from the likes of Dave Wise and Todd Hiltz, whose stories and videos I’ve shared here over the years (if you are on Facebook check out their New England Cellar Dwellers page). 

Personally I can’t get my head around the buckles or buttons (just a coiney I guess), but the early coppers and silver they bring home knock me out, and believe it or not I love just seeing the areas they are hunting. Those “deep in the woods” photos remind me of early days.


Dave Wise & Todd Hiltz

It’s getting to the point anymore that there are so many mind-blowing finds I’m numbed by them.  Not that I wouldn’t be frothing at the mouth if I found them, just that there are so many out there in cyberspace I get desensitized.

Who is Going To Make Headlines?

So tell me, who is looking for the big one?  The big haul that will put you on easy street?  A find so big you quit your nine to five gig.  Maybe an outlaw’s loot, a retreating army’s gold or a recluse’s stash. Hell, for that matter how about the Lost Dutchman mine, the Victorio Peak treasure or the Colorado Dimes.  Somebody has to be working on stuff like this. Yeah I know there are tekkies searching for Forrest Fenn’s cache, but it’s been quite some time since a treasure hunter has hit it big here in the good ole USA.

Then again it’s not inconceivable that someone did recover such a treasure and decided that silence was golden…

When I lived in New Jersey I spent a few hours looking for the Doan Gang’s loot and the John Ringo cache. I knew in the back of my mind that they were probably myths, rumors or stories that just got screwed up over the years, but just maybe….and face it, the Fenn treasure could be modern day fiction as well, designed to leave the author ‘s name etched in folklore for years to come. The bottom line? I had fun looking for those two treasures, and who’s to say they won’t turn up somewhere down the road? As Fats Waller used to say “One never knows, do one”…..

When I moved to Texas I got interested in the Sam Bass treasure, supposedly buried near Denton, Texas. I kept notes, looked at maps but soon doubted the authenticity of the treasure. Why? Just too many differing stories, theories and potential locations. Here again though I’d love to see someone find it and prove me wrong.

Treasure tales like these whetted my appetite when I was starting out in the 70’s, and I actually had files on many of the big ones I listed above. I guess I thought I might look for them someday, but of course I did not. Back then I was an enthusiastic treasure hunter, romanticist and definitely an escapist. Today I’m still an enthusiastic treasure hunter and romanticist but I hurt too much to escape anywhere. I love these stories and I’d love to see someone actually find one of the legendary treasures.  Wishful thinking I suppose but I can’t believe we don’t have another Mel Fisher out there somewhere….



Australian Treasure



Archaeologists Find 19th Century Pub



Still going through boxes of items that were recovered from the old house and found this gem.  In the 80’s we had mugs, glassware, patches, decals, pins, shirts and hats. Needless to say this pilsner glass was good seller.




Not too long ago I brought up the Samsung refrigerator that offered a large touch screen and computerized time saving abilities.  Well last night I am watching the ALS Wild Card game, and I see an ad for the Chrysler Pacifica and it has a built in vacuum cleaner.  I mean come on now!! The car washes got to be pissed about that.



I am looking for the April 1999 “best finds” of Western & Eastern Treasures. If you have it and are willing to part with it, let me know.  This is the photo on the cover. Thanks again for all your help.



If you have to ask if it's too early to drink wine, we can't be friends.....

If you have to ask if it’s too early to drink wine, we can’t be friends…..



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9 responses to “The Next Big Haul…

  1. Dave Wise

    Thanks for the plug Dick! We enjoy saving the coins and relics as much as you like seeing them.Awesome feeling walking up onto a new site deep in the woods for the very first time as our expectations are high and always a challenge to see what the inhabitants of this home site have left behind.

  2. Todd

    Being “Deep in the woods” is very peaceful and a major stress reliever for myself. So even if we aren’t finding the goods, the scenic landscapes still make it all worth it.
    There is an island near where i live that has always been rumored to have portions of Captain Kidds Treasure. It has been searched for by many folks well before I started metal detecting. That island is now fenced off and protected because of endangered bird species. Unfortunately, i don’t think i will ever have the opportunity to search for it. Thanks for your support Stout…

  3. John H

    Yo Bubba:
    I reckon Todd has revealed what is arguably the main reason why we do what we do:-

    “Being “Deep in the woods” is very peaceful and a major stress reliever for myself.”

    Yep! Complete relaxation. The man (or woman) who can both treasure hunt AND worry simultaneously ain’t been born yet.

    To all my Tekkie friends in Florida, I hope you are safe and sound and your homes not too badly damaged after Hurricane Mathew!

    • John, we are all okay here in Central Florida, as the storm did some damage along Cocoa Beach, Daytona Beach and points north, it was, as usual, a MEDIA EVENT, with wide-eyed, panic-stricken news puppets doing their level best to panic everyone. If you’ve grown up in Florida, back in the 50’s and 60’s usually the only warning we would get was the Air Force spotter plane didn’t come back! And if you have been a pilot, and as pilots also have to train as weatherman, you understand most of the weather info from NOAA. And strangely enough, what you analyze the barometric’s, winds aloft, pressure gradients and such, it rarely agree with reports coming from the out-of-breath Weather Channel animatronic’s stumbling about in front of a windy backround. I realized many years ago that hurricanes are a big money-making opportunity for both the media and local stores. Of course you need to be prepared, LONG BEFORE hurricane season arrives, but this aspect is always generally downplayed. Many years ago, when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, media panic-mongering, prior to an approaching hurricane, got so bad, the FCC censured and heavily fined WSVN, channel 7, for blatantly misreporting the path of a hurricane as a direct hit, when all other weather reports and information showed it heading for the Gulf of Mexico. Once money is involved, all bets are off.

  4. Bigtony

    Dick, I researched a Revolutionary War treasure and Forrest Fenn’s tale but come to realize that right now I am just too busy with family stuff so they are on the back burner. I love treasure stories – it’s gets the blood flowing!
    One question – did they find any good wine in that 19th century pub?

    • I love those stories too but aging has taken a little edge off the excitement. Not sure about the wine. No mention of it…..

      • Yo!
        Apparently they also discovered a rum bottle with a message therein that read….

        “To my good friend Capt. JH, of the good ship, Venus, I leave this promissory note for the equivalent sum of 20 gold Dollars, monies borrowed from the good Capt. while my ship put in near Atlantic City and we supped with buccaneers in a local tavern. This promissory note may be realised by any of his descendants.
        Henri Stout, known throughout the Caribbean as ‘Grey Beard’.
        dated this 4th day of July 1776”

        Isn’t that amazing? Oh, now about that promissory note….

      • I sent this to Henri and he sent the following:

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