Morsels and Miseries…



Talked to White’s today and good news!!  The MXT Sport’s plastic problem is fixed and they’re now filling orders and shipping. Here’s the official word from their website….


I know some of the background on what went into the design and production of this detector and I really think it will become a tekkie favorite. I am hoping too that I can share an in-the-field review of the MX Sport in the very near future.



Saw all the posts, hoopla and comments about the recent XP European Gold Rally in the UK, and it look like there’ s another carrot on the scene. It’s the XP MI-6 pinpointer and it’s red.  The fact that they held a big event to introduce and show off this item just reinforces my belief that there’s a big market and a very big profit in aftermarket items, especially pinpointers. JMO!

And come one, when are we going to get licensed bars at detecting events here in the states?




Summer is over but you can’t prove it here. The past few days the temps have been in the high 90’s with indexes over 100. The only saving grace is that the Texas State Fair will be starting shortly and that almost always signifies decent weather. Here’s hoping. The fair is one very nice event, and if you are ever in North Texas this time of year be sure to include it in your plans.



Garrett Metal Detectors along with the Texas Association of Metal Detector Clubs is promoting a Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt, April 1 & 2, 2017. This should be a great event given the location and time of year. It will certainly attract most of the Texas TH’ers as well as those in neighboring Louisiana and Arkansas. Likewise Jefferson, Texas has a lot to offer in the way of historic landmarks, good food and the piney woods of East Texas.  I might also add Jefferson is only about twenty minutes away from Uncertain, Texas and Caddo Lake, and while I don’t want this blog post to sound like a travel ad for the Lone Star state, Caddo lake is one of the most beautiful and most intriguing lakes anywhere.

While I doubt this event will match the old ITHS five day event that Charles put on back in the late 70’s, it should be a fun one. If you are interested in knowing more click on the following…




Since you didn’t ask…I’ve spent three hours on the phone over three days trying to get my email working. I am able to get in on my phone but not on my iPad or desktop. Also seeing deleted emails from months ago showing up in my inbox, and as soon as I delete them more show up.  Not sure what the hell is going on but apparently part of the problem is the now “active merging” of Time Warner and Spectrum, which is apparently the new name Charter has adopted. Have to tell you this scares the crap out of me. A recent buyout of Verizon by Frontier in the state created a lot of havoc. What had been a very dependable service suddenly turned real bad for a lot of people. So much so that the state had to hold hearings to find out what the problems were.

As for my smart phone, I am not smart yet. I am working on it, and waiting to see what my bill looks like. Not happy either that AT&T had to install my Google Gmail account.  You see my Gmail name is stoutdick9.  No comments please, especially you Howland.



You all have no idea how many times I’ve thought about taking this blog down. I even have a prepared statement that I touch up and edit from time to time. Whenever I get that urge I sleep on it and inevitably change my mind in the morning. Yup, might be the wine……

Writing (certainly not grammar or spelling) gives me a reason to wake up, and it’s a vehicle for me to share my thoughts, experiences, ideas and yes, my brainfarts. It also keeps me somewhat sane, given the intense Texas heat and brain dead fare on TV.  I have these periods though where I have no clue what I am to share here (can’t you tell) and that leads to self imposed guilt, and usually a lot of gibberish. Okay, okay bullshit.


When I started I used to worry about how many people would visit my blog but soon realized that this was not a business and it didn’t really matter.  I am retired, this is my ‘”personal” blog, and you will either come here to be enlightened, entertained, amused, baffled or pissed off. There are no in-betweens. I will not play the numbers game, or give away prizes just to have someone click on the Stout Standards link. Of course I don’t have anything to give away anyway, just so you know… 

Now I can’t promise but I am really hoping to get out soon and do a little detecting. The weather should break and if the body is willing I just might surprise the hell out of you and put up a few photos of zinc pennies, clad dimes, quarters and who knows, maybe even a few pulltabs and bottlecaps.  In the meantime if you decide to come here you will either have to put up with my drivel or pull the plug. Whatever you choose, happy hunting, or as Howland aptly says “see you in the bar”.







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26 responses to “Morsels and Miseries…

  1. Keep the Blog going…it’s very enjoyable….


  2. Odd that you should talk about ending your blog, Dick, while, taking your advice, I have just started mine, “Detecting An Attitude” ( Of course our reasons are different; you want to share you thoughts, inform and muse, while mine is trying not to clog your comments section with a blog. You do just fine, here, Dick and since we have christened you “The Grand Old Man Of Metal Detecting” you will always have our respect and admiration. But, please, no zinc pennies or bottle caps!

  3. Roy Rutledge

    Like Dan said keep it going.
    Should be a good hunt in East Texas. I already have prior comments for that date.
    I did make it to the ITHA hunt in July 1979 That Mr. Garrett put on. I think it was the biggest hunt ever put on in Texas.I don’t remember how many people were entered in the hunts but it had to be in the 1500 to 2000 range.There were two divisions of hunters, determined by the number of points you had in five separate hunts There were 20 in each division that made the final hunt, I was lucky enough to win the Amateur division, and make it to the final. I placed 8th overall as best as I can remember. The first place winner won a new Ford Pickup truck. This was won by a Lady from Las Vegas I believe. About three months after the hunt one of the Treasure Magazines had a split cover with about five different photos of people hunting in the fields. I was using a Garrett Groundhog and was on that cover.

    • It was the largest, and I believe our FMDAC hunt in Atlantic City, 1986, was the second largest with 650 hunters. Charles was there and we talked about joining forces and starting up a joint hunt in Grand Prairie the next year, but it never happened. We too gave away a new Ford Mustang. Those were the days and they are gone I am afraid…..

  4. Coin25

    Dick, I love that new handle of yours …..too funny for sure…..Good luck with your emails.
    It’s hot here in NJ as well but they are promising it will be cooler very soon. We all hope.
    I met Charlie and you at the AC hunt, glad I was there and took in the sights…it was fun for sure

  5. ‘stoutdick9’….you gotta be kiddin’ ! What does the ‘9’ refer to? Can’t be inches, can it? Oh I get it now, 9-inches depth for coins. Sorry mate, thought yo’ woz braggin’ there.

    Oh yeah, Caddo Lake. Great memories of bass fishing a while back. Happy days.

  6. Clive

    I’m running a little mail box here for about 20 addresses Last week the software got updated and 3 mailboxes stopped working! The users have been ringing constantly driving me mad. Today I found the answer. Their passwords were not long enough and didn’t contain numbers or capital letters so the software would not allow access. 5 minutes and all sorted after a week of grief now I’m in the bar 🙂

  7. Coin25

    Yeah, they leave out the message that really tells you what’s wrong, like change your password stupid!

  8. Coin25

    Yeah, I understand I do the same but sometimes I forget to put them all in the same place and then search for little pieces of paper with smudge marks on them. Welcome to the new world…..we used to just lose our hop upset keys now we lose our electronic keys, i.e.; passwords.

  9. Huh! “hop upset keys”….. where you been for a thousand years?

  10. Coin25

    Ha ha that was suppose to be House Keys….my iPad had a memory fault……I swear it wasn’t the single malt

  11. Coin25

    As the kids says these days John, “Cool”

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