Friday Foolishness!

Back in November of last year I had a little fun with Stats and Abbreviations. Guess what?  I have more!! Save them and study them. There will be a test.

BPVNF – Best produced video with no finds

DWBB – Detectorist with biggest belly

DWMC – Detectorist with most coils

MTSIPC – Most time spent trying to identify piece of crap

DWMMW – Detectorist with most misspelled words

MASMOD – Most appearances on social media/one day

DBMF – Detectorist whose been banned from the most forums

BDD – Best dressed detectorist

BDDGIJ – Best dressed detectorist, G.I. Joe category

DWBBS – Detectorist with best line of bullshit

DWMV – Detectorist with most videos

DWWV – Detectorist with worst videos

DWOSC – Detectorist who ought to sell camera

DSWMF – Detectorist who said “Welcome” most times on forums

DWLPP – Detectorist with longest pinpointer

DWBPP – Detectorist with biggest pinpointer

DWBMPP – Detectorist who brags the most about his pinpointer

DWCFPP – Detectorist who can’t even find his pinpointer

RTFLW – Ratio of trash to four letter words

DWSNKD – Detectorist who should never knock on doors



Don’t laugh but I finally bought what might be considered a “smart phone”……It’s an android and a prepaid one. Yup, I’m a cheap SOB!  Supposedly my rate will stay the same. If not, I am unsmarting, and going back to stupid.



Was curious to see if Google Earth had updated it’s view of the old neighborhood but it had not. It did however show the path the tornado took as it ripped through the community. If you click on the photo we are the house with the green roof and large tree in front (red line cuts through three). You can add about an inch and a half either side of the line for extreme damage.


Is this called being in the right place at the wrong time?



Thanks to Steve, Tony and Nick I only need two more WET magazines. If you by chance have issues with these photos on the cover please me know if you are willing to part with them. I will gladly pay. Thank you all so much.



Sometimes a well timed fart is all I have to add to the conversation….

Have a great weekend and have one for me!



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6 responses to “Friday Foolishness!

  1. Regarding the Western & Eastern magazines…. Steve Anderson from the magazine went back again and found a copy of the issue with Fay and Lucas on it. Thanks Steve.

    That leaves the one on the left (fall photo) outstanding. Again, please let me know if you have it.

  2. Haha I think I can pin a few of the abbreviation tags on myself 🙂

  3. Coin25

    Yeah Andy got that right, some of those apply to me as well. Especially losing the pin pointer

  4. Coin25

    You do it with a smile. Some folks on the Internet do it with a straight face on their videos

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