Lucky to be Alive…

It’s been exactly six months to the day that we lost our home to a bastard of a tornado, but all things considered we are okay and moving on. We have a house to live in, food in the fridge and we have our health, tentative and creaky as it is. We also know that a couple of steps to the left or the right that December evening and we might not be here today.


Ten seconds and it was over…..

We will remember December 26, 2015, and we will be forever grateful to all of you who came to our aid so quickly, especially those of you in the treasure hunting community. I’ve been involved in this field for many years, and I’ve seen it over and over again. Detectorists are very caring and very gracious people, and will find a way to help, no matter their circumstances or financial situation.

Fay and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts….



The following article is similar to one that John Howland shared here two years ago. Apparently nothing has changed yet they continue to harp about detectorists hoarding history. What hypocrites!




Four years tomorrow I and a great many other detectorists lost a dear friend in Joe Cook. I have a lot of fond memories of Joe and I think of him often. We had a helluva lot of fun over the years, and accomplished a lot of great things.  He was the epitome of a hard-working, dedicated and caring detectorist. I know most of you reading this didn’t have the privilege of meeting or knowing Joe, and for that I am sorry.  You would have loved him.

Joe and his buddy Boo...

Joe and his buddy Boo…

I put together a little tribute for Joe on my website shortly after he passed away, and if you care to read it you can access it by clicking on the following link (please excuse the disjointed layout, type. etc….I was never the webmaster I wanted to be).


Joe, I miss you my friend!



Over the years Western & Eastern Treasures was kind enough to put my ugly mug on a few of their covers. Each time I received one I would frame it and hang it in my office. Thanks to the December disaster they are gone. Paul Tainter was kind enough to send me four, and Western & Eastern Treasures is going to go through their back issues to see if they can find any more. If by chance you happen to have any of these early issues let me know the issue date, and if you would be willing to sell it. There were I believe 18 total in all (one World of Treasures).


My old office was filled with mementos, gifts and treasures, now gone and scattered to the wind. Nothing however can take away the memories….



When I saw this I was floored. I mean we can’t even find a decent governing body to represent us and the Brits are moving on down the road. Guess we will just have to satisfied with “calls to action” and responses like “I emailed them and let them have it”.  Sigh….







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17 responses to “Lucky to be Alive…

  1. Bob K

    you said food in fridge and a house to live in and fair health and thats great. Happy to see your moving on. Each new day is an adventure creaky or not. l’m shocked nothing about your nectar of the gods.

  2. Paul T

    Hello Friend Dick:
    If I happen to run onto anymore issues of Western & Eastern Treasures with your mug on the cover they will be on their way to your address my friend. NO-Charge. Have a Great Day.
    Paul T.

  3. Ricardo:
    “We must keep a record of where this material is, so that anyone who in the future wants to research a particular aspect of our past lives, for example what and how we ate in the 16th century, can got to it and do so,” she said. “Everything we throw away is lost knowledge.” So says the gorgeous, pouting Carenza Lewis – the thinking detectorists’ tea-cake.

    Evidently, they don’t keep records of where any material is stored, and the lovely Carenza lends support to our man in Warsaw who exposed to the light of day. Shocking state of affairs in archaeology as a whole. Nevertheless, the Heritage Lottery Fund has pumped £49 million into this abyss. Shocking, absolutely shocking.

    John H

  4. David

    Can’t have too many old animal bones

  5. Dave Wise

    Glad to hear things are getting better.Such a tragedy and very scary how mother nature can be. Cherish each moment in life that you can.

  6. Indeed and thanks to you and Bob Ellis for passing along our situation to everyone in the detecting community. We were blown away and humbled by the response.

  7. Coin25

    Good to hear your positive report, dam that was a close one for sure, a little too close.
    I was fortunate to have met Joe Cook in the NJ club and he was a terrific person to be around.

  8. Bigtony

    I agree, it was a big loss to the hobby. I feel like we are in a new era and it seems strange to me

  9. I have had a number of closed calls with tornadoes and I cannot even begin to imagine what you went through. As far as the lack of governing bodies and such, well to us in the U.S. it all smacks of Socialism and we’ll be damned if the government gets its grubby hands on our loot. When we finally lose our precious hobby to regulations I guess many think they’ll just move to the bush and detect there. I must reiterate my opinion however, that the main reason we don’t coalesce as a group is that most of us aren’t finding squat. Those lucky enough to live in the Atlantic seaboard are finding things the rest of the country can only dream of and so, why form a governing body when all I am finding are pulltabs and bottle caps? Maybe I am wrong.

    • “why form a governing body when all I am finding are pulltabs and bottle caps?”…..

      Let me respond with “are you having fun finding pulltabs and bottle caps?” I think the answer is yes and consider the government, either local or national, taking away that right. That’s why we need a strong unite front. Unfortunately it won’t happen in my lifetime, if ever.

  10. “why form a governing body when all I am finding are pulltabs and bottle caps?” On the face of it, why indeed? BUT, a governing body, representative of your right to detect pulltabs might well ensure your right to continue to do so.

    However, in the US, the prospect of such a body being formed is rarer than finding dollops of rocking-horse shit. You’ll only get the rights and freedom to detect depends on how far the ‘antis’ will let you! The problem is firmly in US detectorists’ hands who on current form don’t have the will to fight for their rights.

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