So Are You Having Fun?

I’m sure that by now you know how much I love France and the French people. Their life is centers on family, good food and wine. Talking about work and money is secondary to joie de vivre….living the good life!  The other day I came across the following article and it just reinforced my love for the French and my yearning for a life in the South of France….


If only I could do this for the rest of my life....

If only I could do this for the rest of my life….

Then Sunday I  found this interesting travel article/trend in the Dallas Morning News….


I hear you saying “so what the hell does all this have to do with metal detecting”?  Well nothing and then again, everything. Let me ask you…are you one of those smart ass, smart phone watchers, one of those “nodding while staring at your hand” friends who could care less about what I am saying? Are you tuned in to what’s going on around you, or are you more concerned with gadgets, gizmos and what everyone else is doing?


Do you have a detector that you understand thoroughly, and that you trust to put a few goodies in your apron, or do you have one of those top-notch, deep seeking, state of the art, feature laden, hard as hell to use machines? And…do you understand all its features or are you still learning? Do you get down to business as soon as your walk on a site or are you pondering just how many times you push this pad or hit the down/up arrows?  In other words are you a detectorist or a geek?

Understand it’s okay to be either one or both. Just wondering if per chance you are worried way too much about how to set up and use your detector vs. how much fun you are having, which more often than not equates to how many good items you will bring home. Yup, relax, have fun and you might be amazed at what happens.

DQ Guys ready to talk and share...

Couple of old timers ready to talk and share… Photo courtesy of Framed and

Likewise all that time you spend reading that 85 page owner’s manual, and trying to figure out what this or that setting does, might be better spent reading local history or talking to a few old-timers at the local Dairy Queen, because if you happen to be the first one to find and hunt that old picnic grove I guarantee you will be using the factory presets and saying “the hell with that other crap”.

YOU are an extension of your machine….

I’ ve always been a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and if something is bothering you, or if you have put off doing an important task to escape with your detector and have some fun, you’ll more than likely come home empty-handed. Positive thinking is an amazing thing, and when applied to any endeavor it can mean the difference in success and failure. At least that’s MY opinion, and with that and $5.00 you can get a cup of coffee at Starbucks. At least I think so….

I also know from past experience that every new detector I ever purchased found neat things right off the bat, but the finds slowed down soon after.  Why? Because I dug pretty much everything that beeped in order to get a feel for the new model. The initial success I had came from recovering the questionable responses, and not so much the new machine.

So why not give your pad pushing, geek tendencies a rest and listen to the beeps, the birds, and the bees. Dig the good, dig the bad, have fun and experience a little  joie de vivre!

Then again….what the hell do I know?
















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9 responses to “So Are You Having Fun?

  1. “Their life is centers on family, good food and wine. Talking about work and money is secondary to joie de vivre….living the good life!”
    I know what you mean, I miss Italy! Very similar in many ways “La Dolce Vita”…The Sweet Life.
    Life in the States has little for family values anymore, life is centered around work work work, and how to make the corporation you work for richer, while you just make your bills every month regardless of how much money you make.
    Europeans know how to live! One day I will return to that lifestyle in Italia! Thanks for the great article.

    • Thanks John, and for the record this is my friend John Graham, not John Howland….

      John, I have no doubt you will return, and when you do will you save a room for me?

  2. John Robert

    I know exactly how you feel about France. Business saw us living in England for 2 years. A small airport had a shuttle over to Paris. Every 2 or 3 week-ends, we would “pop” over for the week-end. FANTASTIC times. The fact that my wife and i speak french made this time extra special. We’ve gone back many times to tour and still dream of living in the South of France. Even visited where my ancestors got on the boat for here in La Rochelle in 1665.

    • Ah, La Rochelle….the only place in France I was hollered at. Unknowingly pulled into a bus lane, and the local gendarme raised hell, LOL.

      I used the term South of France a lot, but there are a lot of very beautiful areas in the country. Thanks John….

  3. Unfortunately, life in the States has ALWAYS been about living to work. It is what we got from the pilgrims and their puritan work ethic. Even now, the thought of having say, a 4 day/10 hour day work week scandalizes corporate America.

    As far as the detectors, I do enjoy grabbing the Tesoro Compadre now and again and just turn it on and go. HOWEVER, after 3 years of the Deus, I am at that very stage with it. I no longer have to spend any time figuring anything out; I just turn it on and go.
    Lastly, we have a firm rule in our house: No electronics at the dinner table or at any other family activity. It seems to work.

    • “Lastly, we have a firm rule in our house: No electronics at the dinner table or at any other family activity. It seems to work”…..good for you. Should be a law.

      “After 3 years of the Deus”… proved my point!

      • LOL! Yes I did prove your point but it bears saying that to accomplish a complex task (in this case, a complex task is to get the coins that are masked and/or too deep) we need a complex instrument. Surgeons may use a simple scapel to cut but to find out where to cut they now have some very sophisticated equipment that takes time and training to use properly. I am not trying to invalidate your point, really. It IS a joy to use a simpler detector. I always say “just me and the tones” it’s just that to find a Seated coin, unless I live in the Eastern seaboard, I need something like the Deus.

  4. Bigtony

    Family means plenty to me and that is what keeps me away from more detecting these days but no complaints here at all.
    Positive thinking and getting a feel for targets where you hunt is a must! You have to sense where folks or children walked, ran or sat down to rest. I could go on but I will let you the master take the lead on this…..stay positive out there

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