Take Time to Remember…

flG44This weekend we will be honoring and remembering all the brave men and women who gave their lives so we could live free in the greatest country in the world. Thanks to them you will be enjoying that cookout, family get-together, parade, fireworks, whatever.  Let’s not get caught up in all the festivities that we forget the real meaning of Memorial Day.

A special shout out and thank you to Viet Nam vets and those who lost their lives in that conflict…




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3 responses to “Take Time to Remember…

  1. Yo Ricardo:
    Yep, I’m up for that, especially the Viet Nam vets. Let’s not forget either, the richer Americans who selflessly went abroad to universities such as Oxford to escape the Draft, leaving the fighting and dying to the poorer classes.

    I note that President Obama laid a wreath at the Hiroshima site. Very moving. Let’s hope that on the next state visit to the US by a Japanese diplomat the same is reciprocated at Pearl Harbor. JMO.

    • John, they didn’t have to go abroad to get deferments…. they could do it quite easily here with the right connections. Wars are fought by the poorest among us.

  2. Coin25

    Yes me too, I put out my flag a few days ago in honor of all Vets and our freedom that they gave us and still protect today.
    Thank you all!

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