A “Dear Dick”…

Someone named “Relic Hunter” emailed to tell me I was “clueless”, “obsolete” and should “hang it up”.  At first I thought it was my wife, but then realized that she wouldn’t bother to take the time to write. RH further stated that “time had passed me by” and that all I did was “knock the hobby”. 

Now I can’t be absolutely sure but I think maybe he doesn’t like me, though I am not a good judge of character.


After pondering Relic Hunter’s words I decided he was right. In a week’s time I will hit the ripe old age of 75, and while I would love to get out detecting, I’m just not able to. The mind is willing….the body not so much. As a result I sit here in front of my computer, and do my best to pass along related news, tips, ideas and observations, most of which I’ve probably shared over and over.  Oh, and I piss and moan a lot. So much so that Dan Hughes dubbed me as Mr. Curmudgeon”.

Not sure at what point someone becomes “old school” or “over the hill but I will accept those labels. Shit happens and mine hit the fan a long time ago. A while back in the Brainfarts area I commented “No question in my mind….if I was inclined to start out and get in to the pastime in 2014 I would pass and find another hobby.” I said that because things were getting a little too complex (and expensive).

At one time I was all for “complex”… The space age was here and the pastime better get with it. Computers were going to revolutionize the hobby, and be responsible for outstanding finds. Well they certainly did all that,  but the end result is I can no longer keep up with the trend or trajectory. A great example is this link from Metal Detecting World.com. I mean I could die before I finished the manual for that detector or any of the other more complex machines.

I could tell you about my years detecting, or about all my fantastic finds, but I’m pretty sure I’ve already done that here and on my website.  It would also be over shadowed given all the stories, photos and videos available out there in cyberspace today. So yeah I am obsolete and clueless (trust me Fay reminds me daily), but I will continue to plod along here, if for no other reason than to piss off “Relic Hunter”….


Recent 35mm scans….

In my last post I mentioned scanning old 35mm slides…..

We lived off the beaten track when we were in NJ, and often walked down the road for a little picnicking and detecting (cellar holes).

We lived “off the beaten path” when we were in NJ and often walked down the road for a little picnicking and detecting (cellar holes).

John Repa helping out as always, Black Diamond Hunt, early 80's

John Repa helping out as always, Black Diamond Hunt, early 80’s

Chatting with Sondra and Daniel Bernzweig of Detector Electronics, club hunt somewhere in the Northeast....

Chatting with Sondra and Daniel Bernzweig of Detector Electronics, club hunt somewhere in the Northeast….

Huntmaster Ed Burke, Black Diamond Hunt, early 80's...

Huntmaster Ed Burke, Black Diamond Hunt, early 80’s…

My detecting partner Dan Hamilton (top right) and I were coaches or the amazing Mets (can you say "bad news bears").

My detecting partner Dan Hamilton (top right) and I were coaches of the amazing Mets (a.k.a. “bad news bears”). My daughter Missy is sporting the pig tails…..

The late Joe Attinello, early morning preparations for AC Treasure Weekend, mid-80's...

The late Joe Attinello, early morning preparations for AC Treasure Weekend, mid-80’s…

Jim Lewellen was an avid supporter of the FMDAC and a dear friend....

The late Jim Lewellen was a supporter and dear friend….





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22 responses to “A “Dear Dick”…

  1. Lisa

    When I first read this I was sad and angry. Sad that someone with your knowledge and life experience was giving up. Angry that some moron was diminishing your contributions, past and present, to the detecting world. Granted I’m not a tekkie, but I know a good person with knowledge and something to contribute when I come across one. And you, Dick, fill those boots. I laughed, however, as the read your last few lines. There is no better way to win than to continue. I don’t see you giving up on anything for anyone. Slow down maybe, but give up? Anyone who can lose everything they own and start all over is no quitter! Old school and actual gut instinct and experience has great value.

  2. Thanks Lisa, the check is in the mail…. Suspect I disappointed a few people with that last line.

  3. I was sad and angry too at first; thought my $20 would never be repaid. But now I know he’s stayin’ I live in hope. Jeez, if he retires they’ll be laying-off grape pickers in California.

    The irony in all this, Ricardo, is that ‘Relic Hunter’ (what an apt name) picked on you and got it wrong…you ain’t a relic (well, not a lot). Is my cheque in the post too?

  4. Doug Frantz

    Dick – Your experience with “Relic Hunter” fits right in with John Winter’s post of an item from Butch Holcombe today about how people feel free to insult people in the internet world (forums, email, facebook, etc.). I see it all the time on forums, but have not joined Facebook, so I know nothing about what goes on there. I guess the anonymity of it makes them feel that anything goes.

  5. John Robert

    Because of your site and a few others, I took up this great hobby last year, shortly after my 76th birthday. I love this hobby, and i might not get out as often as some of the younger hobbyists, but I go out whenever the weather suits me and i really enjoy it. Old homesteads and ocean beaches mainly and you know what ???/….its keeping me in shape, unlike some of my friends who complain about some aches and pains. Well, I have some of those too, I even had a double by-pass 10 years ago.but I’ll be da—- if I’m going to rust away sitting in front of the television.. So, slow down and smell the flowers, but stick around, we need you ….

  6. Bigtony

    Well then sniff a few wine corks! At least they don’t make you sneeze like flowers do. As for “Relic Hunter” “for getta bout him” as they say in NYC. He probably has a tick bite he can’t scratch.

  7. Coin25

    That looks like a new hobby, pasting corks! Very cool

  8. Well, well, well. It took long enough for someone like relichunter to slither from under whatever rock he was hiding under to unleash at you for criticizing camouflaged detectors, too many cw bullets, and new fangled technologies. I have often belly-ached about how seriously some of these folks take themselves and you have obviously hit a raw nerve on at least this guy. I make it a sport to pick on the old timers with their bfo machines and their metal probes and their cantankerous attitudes so I think it’s perfectly OK for you to pick on the new crop of hole diggers out there. I add my voice to the chorus of adoring fans and hope you keep on writing.

    • Hmm, cantankerous huh. Is that like curmudgeon?

      And me, pick on camouflage? Hundreds of bullets that all look alike? Nah, not me. You must be thinking of someone else…..

  9. John Devereux

    Relichunter is just another cockroach hiding behind his ip address. Feck him. You carry on doing what you do. As a old newbie I’ve found your website informative and amusing. All the best.

  10. Well you are an “old relic” and he is “Relic Hunter” so he found you and instead of admiring and respecting you, as most that matter do, he chose to attack you, hmmmm. I say we change his name to….oh nevermind, I won’t stoop to that level. Someone should let him know that the “old’ books that you wrote still help people today. Also, most of your “criticism” of the current hobby is spot on and us “older” hobbyists “get you.”
    Carry on Mr. Curmudgeon!

  11. Packrat

    Hey Dick I wil tell you what I always tell you….If not for you and this site all the old time hunters would be long forgotten. Hunters today say the are into history but only if it pertains to finding more goodies. They could care less about the history of our hobby.

    I used to love to read about the well known hunters from the 70’s and before when I was starting out in the early 70’s. Over the years I have met many of them and love the memories I have. You keep reminding us of the guys and gals that brought us to where we are today, and to me that is very important. Sadly most people today would be hard pressed to pick out pictures of people like Betty Weeks, Lucy Bowen, Mel Fisher, Karl Von Mueller, Hardrocks Hendricks, Robert Marx, and Lee Irwin to name a few, let alone tell what they did for the hobby. Believe me you are needed.

    • Larry I continue to write this blog because I enjoy writing, and I am quite aware that my friends, followers/readers are getting fewer by the day. Such is life, and to quote John Winter, “there’s no future in getting old”….

      Thanks Larry, nice to feel needed.

  12. Ricardo:

    George Burns put it succinctly:- “You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old”

    There’s no future in getting old? What utter bollocks. Just don’t suck in the crap; tell the truth and shame the devil.

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