European Council for Metal Detecting

I was just made aware of the European Council for Metal Detecting, and it brought back memories of the short-lived World Council for Metal Detecting back in the 80’s. Sadly here in the US we have three national groups that supposedly represent us all, but can’t a find way to communicate with members or each other.  Maybe someday…..

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Back in 2013 I shared a story from the early days titled Three Zany Detectorists.  A few days ago a niece of one of the zanies (Fred Brust), responded, enquiring about his whereabouts, so let me share it here, in hopes that someone out there may know Fred and pass on her comments….

Fred Brust is my uncle.   My aunt Lilly passed away a few years back. They lived in New Mexico at that time, and Lilly was brought to rest in Az. with rest of family. My father worked with uncle Fred for many years in Quartzite. His name was Jim Jackson most called him J.J…

I have tried many times to get ahold of him but was never able to. Fred is a great guy…. he was the uncle I knew and loved as I grew up. I hope he is in good health and is enjoying the GOLDEN years . Anyone out there that knows his whereabouts, please tell him his niece would love to hear from him. Thank you so much ….Barbara


Fred , pictured here with grandson, 2002 (photo courtesy of Detector Prospector)

If anyone knows of Fred’s whereabouts please have him contact me, and I will put him in contact with Barbara….thanks.



Happy Mother’s Day Mom….I miss you and love you dearly.




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4 responses to “European Council for Metal Detecting

  1. wintersen

    The UK Searcher magazine was present at the inaugural meeting and formation of the ECMD. Along with Minelab, they are the sponsors. My friend Liam Nolan was appointed General Secretary and I wish every success. He has s a mammoth task ahead.

    • He does indeed and I too wish him well. Given the earlier “Green Light” video he’s the right man for the job.

      • Thanks for those kind words of encouragement. Sometimes the best rewards require an uphill struggle, but thats ok with the ECMD. I am but one person within the ECMD and the members are a pretty determined and knowledgeable lot. They are all determined to get their respective countries on board with promoting a good working relationship between detectorists and archaeologists and others involved in archaeology. About 4 months ago I attended the Archaeology2025 Conference in Dublin, representing both the ECMD and the Irish Metal Detecting Society. It was a case of walking into the “Lions Den” as the large gathering contained eminent scholars, field archaeologists, politicians, landowners and many other groups associated in some way with Irish Heritage. I have to say that my fears were not realised and I was well received, listened to and in turn I took notice of what everyone else had to say. We moved from table to table, fresh group each time and new topics to chat about, everything being recorded. At one table I asked the group to imagine we were inside an office, looking out onto a field where we could see 10 detectorists at work. I then asked them to accept that not one of those 10 detectorists would be in the field if they were not 100% committed to what they were doing. I asked could we say the same thing about 10 archaeologists working in an office. Several of that group would perhaps have lost the early excitement and passion for archaeology, their wellies never muddied anymore and yet they stayed in the job as the salary fed the family and paid the mortage and their horizons now were focused on retirement and pension. Detectorists come and go, but those who remain are an essential link in the complete Heritage package.
        I have now had the official feedback forms to complete that will impact on how Irish Archaeoology is rolled out up to 2015. The simple words Irish Metal Detecting Society were in print as a contributor and you cannot imagine how much of a big step that is for Irish detecting, the first time since 1987 that the authorities recognised the existence, never mind the contribution, of responsible detecting.
        The ECMD does indeed have an uphill task but that will not be a huge problem as they have the energy for the job and the President Igor Murawski from Poland is one formidable leader who knows how to navigate the (uphill) journeys that lie ahead. They will be running uphill I am sure!
        Archaeology2025 proved to me that we should always seek to sit down and talk through issues with those who we could so easily label as enemies of detecting. They usually turn out to share our passion for rescuing buried heritage but they have no actual knowledge of what we do. They only know what they have been told through channels of misinformation.
        The ECMD will never give up, they will always keep knocking on doors and making solid arguments for fair detecting Laws. They have successes in several European countries already and now they will keep the ball rolling for every countries benefit, Liam

      • Thanks Liam, and thanks for all you do. I will share your response again in my next update because it’s important and I am not sure how many readers or visitors bother checking back on older posts. Thanks for taking the time to write and keeping us updated. Great job!

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