Still Alive…

Forgive my tardiness in posting. Been busy easing into what we hope is our final home. Tonight will be the fourth night sleeping here, and it’s taken some getting used to.  Less space, new bed, new noises, and new maps to find our way around, especially during the night (came close to peeing in the clothes closet twice). The dogs? They’re adjusting just fine….a whole lot better than Fay and I.


I am trying hard to keep up with the pastime, the websites, blogs and forums, but I am not doing real well and I apologize.  At least I apologize to those who are looking to this blog to offer something informative. Just too much going on here, both physically and between the ears.  Hell, even the bainfarts have slowed down.  

Having said all this I do have a need to write, and good, bad or indifferent I will keep plugging away, finding something here and there I can share or piss and moan about. Hang in there with me please….


Thanks to those of you who took the time to enquire about my absence.  Your concern is very much appreciated.



Have tried visiting the TFMD website numerous times of late and it appears they have gone missing.  Avery, write a check please…..



Check out John Winter’s latest blog post and then share your views. Interesting topic!

Metal Detecting Is A Sport



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16 responses to “Still Alive…

  1. wintersen

    Good to see you back posting, Dick. Your new home looks smart.

  2. Stan Shoemaker

    I’m glad you and Fay and the dogs are finally getting settled in. It’s good to hear from you once more.

  3. Nice looking home.
    Are you still in a cyclone zone or have you changed to a different area?

  4. Paul T

    Hello Dick:
    Nice looking pad, sure that you are getting use to it by now, and no more looking for a closet to pee in ,Ha. Just mailed you another small parcel for library today so keep looking for it, Most likely there will be more coming your way. All our best to you and Fay.

    • Thank Paul….not sure if I thanked you for the previous parcels, but I appreciate it very much. All of that material is still valid today, and I have been sorting through it. Thanks my friend, and hi to Joan!

  5. Coin25

    Cool, glad you are getting by and getting ready to piss and moan too. Hey, why go out in your pants to get the mail? Plenty of folks in Jersey use their PJs to do such things and even go to the corner store for newspapers, coffee and smokes in the morning.

  6. Good to hear that your bearing up under the strain

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