The Metal Detecting Bible…

I received a PDF copy of Brandon Nieces new book, “The Metal Detecting Bible” and wanted to congratulate him on a well written publication.  Nicely laid out, loaded with useful information, and should be part of your library if you are a dedicated tekkie.




After reading Brandon’s book I realized that the book I had been working on was just like all the others, and needed to be rewritten. There are only so many ways to say the same thing. To relate the basics, the fundamentals, the down and dirty realizations of what it is we do, and for me to continue with my tome was a waste of time, despite my efforts to make it unique and/or funny. 

As a result I have started anew, and promise that this, my last book, will be quite different. In what way? That remains to be seen. Suffice to say it won’t be a Dick and Jane type publication, and will probably piss off a few folks.  I hope to publish it myself,  sell it myself and so far I am having a helluva lot of fun writing it.





Checked the FMDAC website again, and under New News…..first quarter report 2015.  Can someone wake them up please and tell them it’s now April 2016.



Curious, do you believe all the finds that are posted online?

Used to think that having more detectorists among our ranks would help us fight the evil doers, but apparently all it does is create a lot more unfilled holes and bans.

One thing a tornado has taught me is that “easy to assemble” and “no tools needed” are bullshit phrases.

I don’t see why we can’t have a detector that just offers one really big ass ID readout and nothing else.

Still have no clue why we don’t have one large national organization we can join, pay dues to, and be proud of.

After December 26 I am a firm believer in “shit happens”….

Will never forget my first couple of months working for Garrett when the “Grand Master” was hastily introduced and quickly dubbed the Grand Disaster…

Not sure about you, but I am voting for Chicago Ron when I vote in November.

I’m already thinking about tomorrow’s nap.



Fay and I are working our butts off but still not living in the house yet.  Painting, repairs, buying furniture, deliveries, and trying to go through the salvaged items, are taking longer than we thought.  Thinking now that maybe we will be in by the end of April. 

Today I am concentrating on my man cave because every guy deserves one.  Heading out to find a cheap recliner that can accommodate both Digger and I, and a glass of something good…..








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12 responses to “The Metal Detecting Bible…

  1. Ah, Ricardo:

    “…and promise that this, my last book, will be quite different.” Jeez, if only! If only!

    This latest book you are working on…. er,…ahem,….. ” Sex and Pulse for the Over 70’s ,” should still go ahead if only for the benefit of undertakers. There’s many old timers who will benefit from your words; not me of course , I being a young, thrusting, stallion.

    Up yours

    John H

  2. James M. Fielding

    Good to see you getting more organized, Dick…man cave is ESSENTIAL for sure!!! I am always amazed at the fact that, nowadays, the detector itself is more the focus of treasure-hunting, rather than the techniques and research used to identify, locate the treasure. I know a lot of the finds showing up on the net lately are starting to look like a trash-bin as all the gold and silver is slowly being recovered by the growing hordes of new detectorists, a non-renewable resource, as well as more and more damage being done by many newbies who are in the hobby purely for gain, not the sport. A lot of folks, when I discuss this aspect of the growing wave of amateur diggers plowing up flowerbeds and public parks, they label me as a bitter old man (somewhat true, but still level-headed) who wants the hobby all to himself (not true) while they refuse to look at all the red lights on the control panel. I am more than happy to have more RESPONSIBLE diggers in the hobby. The other’s who don’t care, and will be discarding the detector later after the damage has been done, and will move on to a go cart, or jet-ski, well, I’d just as soon not even show them where the “ON” switch is located. Just sayin’

  3. Glad to hear the house is coming along. The home will follow forthwith but you already know that. We met for our monthly club meeting and again, tried with no success whatsoever to engage the new people and the not so new people to take on some responsibilities. So it is the same four dumb dumbs who will continue to organize things. So it is in the metal detecting world. I participated in a discussion a long time ago about what possible technologies other than electromagnetism could be developed to move us to the next level. Don’t know if anyone out there is working on it so yes, I suppose a big ass display would do until then. After only 5 years I have become somewhat disillusioned with the hobby. I find myself wanting to be alone and be left alone as I “search for history” or some other such non-sense. I want to believe again. Maybe your next book will get me there. Wishing you and the Mrs. the best.

    • The fact that you want to be left alone is a reflection of having to deal with those who won’t get off their butt to take on extra responsibilities. Everyone today wants to be entertained 24/7, and can’t carry on a conversation without staring at their smart phone. Hang in there Pulltab.

  4. Coin25

    Dick, working to get into your new home I am sure isn’t easy and especially at your young age. I like your idea of a different kind of MD book. Oh thanks for reminding me of my Grand Disaster – I still have it and still have not repaired the battery contacts. I don’t know how to take it apart.

    I enjoyed Andy’s video ” Cleaning up the rivers one throw at a time”. Maybe we should add that to the detector Code of ethics? Before we detect and try to pull up some surface bottle tops and toss in the recycle bin. Nah – sounds like to much work for a few coins.

    • As I remember Tony you only need to bend the battery contacts a little. Was a very simple fix for a major headache. I came in to the company about a month before they were going to release it, and told them it had this problem, but they were hell bent on putting it out anyway. A new top of the line model in the spring is money in the bank. At least that’s the consensus in the industry.

  5. Bigtony

    Thank you for the repair advice – I’ll give it a go. I saw one for sale on a web site recently for parts only – it listed for $50 and sold rather quickly. I guess they still have some value in them.

  6. Andy b

    Hey Dick cheers for blogging my video 🙂 looking forward to your book being released.


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