It’s All About the Grape!

Missouri Nick commented on my last post

The activity of treasure hunting, coin shooting, and/or relic hunting is not show business or pathetic displays of ego. If that is your thing get into politics and leave the serious folks alone. Quit degrading the activity by making it look like a big joke! Thanks for the opportunity to respond and express my opinion about this, Mr. Stout.”

Nick, my post was meant to be somewhat “tongue in cheek”, with a lot of “I’m over the hill” thrown in, and fueled by four glasses of wine (thus the title of the post). I didn’t think I was degrading the hobby, but if it came off that way I apologize.  I was having fun with the social media aspect of it, and if that offends, I’m sorry. That part of the pastime is pretty amusing, and often times downright hilarious.

I see cyberspace as the end all when it comes to communication, and it could be with this pastime, but it suffers from over-saturation, redundancy and the “just show me pictures” syndrome.  There’s hardly ever anything of depth or importance discussed. Having said that, if that’s your cup of tea, no problem. Understand however that it’s my prerogative to criticize and express my views if I so choose.

Nick I like to have fun here.  It’s just who I am. You aren’t the first person I have pissed off, nor will you be the last.  I’d like to think however that over the years I just may have helped a few too.

And finally Missouri Nick, no more Mr. Stout.  It’s  “Dallas Dick” dammit!

PS:  If you think I am the only tekkie/blogger fueled by the grape, check out John Winter’s latest…..




‘ACE’ Series Goes International

by John Howland

Garrett has launched a new addition to their renowned ACE Series: The ‘400’ and its International variant, the ‘400i’. The primary differences between the two being the 400i is aimed at the UK and European markets, while the 400 is destined for the US domestic market. Consequently certain operational changes have been made: On the 400 (US) there’s a re-division of the mid and high-tone audio break points; an increased number of Iron Discrim pixels; U.S. coins removed from target legend, and an adjustment to the Mode and Discrimination patterns.


But of course the big news being the 400 Series now sports the phenomenally successful ‘Iron Audio’ mode (made famous on the ATPro), which when employed in beach searching, consigns bottle-tops to the trash can of history with the now familiar ‘low-high-low’ warning tones and of course the ‘buzz’ as the coil approaches the iron target.

Garrett reckons the 400 has three times the iron resolution of the ACE 250 to separate good targets from adjacent junk iron. Interestingly, there’s a frequency change from 6.5 kHz (ACE 250) 8.25 kHz (Euro ACE) to the higher 10 kHz which will provide improved sensitivity on low and medium-conductivity targets such as gold and lead.

Having no Ground Balance facility (like other ACE models) hunting over wet seawater sand will require delicate use of the Sensitivity control, or, Notching out the background noise. I had great success over wet sand with the ACE 250 and cleaned-up over the dry. The 400i promises vastly improved performance.

Both 400 models retain the 8.5″ x 11″ DD PROformance Searchcoil. All up weight of the whole caboodle is 2.9lbs (or 1.32 kgs if you prefer).

I’ve not been able to divine any prices as yet. Watch this space.







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15 responses to “It’s All About the Grape!

  1. Social media (including YouTube) as well as access to vast amounts of information on the internet changed the metal detecting/treasure hunting in a lot of great ways. Back in the 80’s it was Western and Eastern Treasures, Treasure magazine, some books to learn from along with the locals that one would run across in the local clubs. That was it and other than that you were on your lonesome. Social media comes with feeding some egos that have BIG appetites. But you can sift through the egos an learn from those too. I’m glad I was able to see the dynamic shift over the years and its been fun.

    BTW> I still have Dick Stouts books in my library.

  2. Y’know, Ricardo, I didn’t read M/Nick’s reply as offensive to you; I thought he was making a general comment about some of the OTT ‘outpatients’ for whom social media is a Godsend. That said, social media is here to stay and really does have its uses, though mind you, some people in this hobby seem to have had ‘Humour By-pass’ ops.

    BTW…you can get ointment for ‘Dallas Dick’ without a Doc’s prescription now. Remember Hemingway’s mantra: write pissed, edit sober.

    Bottoms up!

  3. James

    I purchased my first metal detector in 1971. It was a Whites Coinmaster IV. Found some cool stuff with it. I didn’t have the net to help me make my decision on what detector buy, didn’t have a local club and only had one friend that had a detector. Making the decision on what brand and what detector was almost like tossing bunch of names into a hat and pulling one out. The advertisements in the magazines at the time is all I really had to go on. Thankfully, I made a good decision on the Whites.

    I am glad that I lived to see the net during my lifetime. Got to admit that I had no idea what ‘the net’ was when I first heard about it but couldn’t live without it now. There is so much info out there now about detecting and detectors one has a plethora of poop to search through on the subject. Some good, some bad and some great and some a bit flakey! For newbies it is even a bit confusing I am sure but it is out there, like it or not.

    We can read and watch videos and search till our heart’s content. I do not mind. I watch a lot of vids and some are not good and some are put together very well and the producers really go through some elaborate editing and spend hours putting them together. I salute them for their efforts.

    I take pictures of my finds and doll them up before I post them. I do this because I like it and being retired, I have plenty of time. I think that posting pics and stories on the net and on social media keeps others interested in the hobby and I enjoy seeing others finds.

    I do have a disdain for them pour souls that have nothing else to do but to put down and flaming others that post, weather it be about metal detecting or anything else. There are people just entering the hobby that just do not know the difference between a pull tab and a silver dollar. There are some things that are found in the ground that may not look like much but are scarce and of great value. I think I have thrown some away in not knowing.

    Metal detecting has and always been a hobby that I enjoy and will participate in until I am no longer physically able to. I enjoy helping others into the hobby and I like to see the fruits of their labors.

    I took no offense to your post, Dick. I rather enjoyed it and can relate,

    • James, good points. You said “Metal detecting has and always been a hobby …” That’s where I think many go astray. It’s just that, a hobby, and I wish the serious tekkies would lighten up and just have fun with it all. Then again, what the hell do I know?

  4. Doug Frantz

    I think you misunderstood Nick – he wasn’t accusing you of degrading the hobby, he was referring to those you wrote about in your earlier post. At least I think so.

  5. jbkeefer

    “Dallas Dick” Makes sense, since I’ve always thought everyone from Dallas was a Dick. Present company excluded. 😀

  6. Coin25

    Too funny….I never understood why folks don’t share more in this great hobby! And Dick you have shared plenty over the years about your expierances, your travels from Garett to Whites manufacturers and W&ET covers and articles to your own books –
    The ones on social media today and will be tomorrow have plenty to live up to with folks like you that always are giving – always there to help even to get the things moving in support of this great hobby! Thanks just for being yourself!

  7. Coin25

    Ha ha – yeah me too and that’s a good thing.

  8. Lonnie De Vries

    There are few folks that over the years have been more serious about this treasure hunting endeavour than Mr Dallas Dick. Has there been a shipment of ‘sour grapes wine’ delivered to a Midwest state recentedly? 😀

    • Lonnie, thank you, but I may have taken Nick’s comments the wrong way. After a couple others here mentioned that possibility I reread, and it may be my bad. Nick, if that’s the case I apologize.

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