It’s the Cabernet Speaking…

It’s Wednesday night, and I am now on my fourth glass of Cabernet, and take no responsibility for what I am about to write…

corkscrewI’m positive that I am now in a time warp, another era, and I am not sure I can get back or adapt. I’m still reeling from the tornado, working hard to make a new house a home, and treasure hunting as I know it, or perhaps it’s “as I used to know it”, is suddenly foreign to me.

What I remember is now only referenced in books. Books I unfortunately no longer have.

I was just watching a video of a British detectorist that somewhat resembled a TV comedy series. It started with music straight out of Mayberry, but then went downhill, despite the detectorist’s best effort to be Barney Fife. He has posted well over 350 videos on YouTube, and it would seem he’s a very big deal out there in Tekkieland. Where does he find the time and money to do this?

Then I visited a very popular metal detecting forum (jeezus has to be the wine), and found a verbal brawl, that arose because someone had shared a photo of his find, except it was one he dug up on Ebay. Not sure how it all started, but it was obvious to me that I am not the only one drinking way too much wine or spirits.

Next I went on Facebook (which I happen to like, sorry) and found out that there was a “new” metal detecting FB page (to go along with the other 1050. This one was called “C & G Lynx Users”, courtesy of Tim Suggs, who else. Okay, just kidding….but you get my point.

On then to a couple of personal detectorist FB pages…..Bob (name changed to protect the identity of the stupid) is sharing a photo of a metallic piece of crap, and someone identifies it for him. Well damn, Bob says no, and the argument goes on from there. It’s not that…it’s this. I know more than you….mind your own business, kiss my ass and on it goes.

As Willie Nelson once said, “I’ve outlived my dick”….



When checking the stats here on Stout Standards, I have noticed that two older posts still get a lot of visits, so given my current home building I thought I would share them again.  Hope you find them of interest, but if not, please tell someone who gives a crap. I’m going to try and kick somebody’s ass on a forum.

Happy Hunting.

The Beginner and the Best Detector on the Market

Why Are You Using That Detector?



And if you want to see what a great club newsletter looks like, take a gander at the one John Winter does for the Northern Relic Hunter’s Club










Damm I want wireless headphones for my pinpointer….






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2 responses to “It’s the Cabernet Speaking…

  1. Lonnie De Vries

    Keep em coming Dick. Dont let the bastards get you down, as the ol saying goes. Y All partake in the crushed grape concoction or whatever it takes to keep this very appreciated blog a going. Just read thru all the past postings, yes I am an ol retired codger weathering the storms coming thru Stephenville, and it was a awesome undertaking. You have done an exceptional job over the years. Best wishes your way.

  2. Missouri Nick

    The activity of treasure hunting, coin shooting, and/or relic hunting is not show business or pathetic displays of ego. If that is your thing get into politics and leave the serious folks alone. Quit degrading the activity by making it look like a big joke! Thanks for the opportunity to respond and express my opinion about this, Mr. Stout.
    Missouri Nick

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