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Just got an email from Dan Sivilich, an old friend from the Garden State, and it read as follows…

Hi Dick,

I hope all is well.  I am finally published.  See the attached.  Just got my copy and Oklahoma did a great job.  Real high quality work. Maybe now people will stop identifying mashed/chewed lead shot as being associated with a field hospital like on “Diggers”.  THEY WERE CHEWED BY PIGS!



Dan’s book, “Musket Ball and Small Shot Identification…a guide”, is available from the University of Oklahoma Press.  Here is a an excerpt from the shout out….

In the past, an excavated musket ball might simply have been catalogued as either a “spherical lead bullet” or an “impacted bullet.” But each recovered ball, far from being a mere lump of lead, is a part of history and has a story to tell. With the help of new equipment and research techniques, and an increase in discoveries, these narratives can finally contribute exacting detail to the historical record. Battlefield archaeologist Daniel M. Sivilich provides readers with the tools and techniques to unlock the stories of small shot in this book, the first definitive guide to identifying musket balls, from the oldest formed to those fired in the early nineteenth century.


Knowing Dan, this is a well researched and very well written book.  If you are interested in reading more and purchasing, click HERE. 



Thanks to John Howland for the following review and funnies…


Without doubt wireless or wire-free headphones are the future and the French firm, XP, with their Deus machines seem to have nailed it by cornering the market their wireless patents. Many have tried to compete and most have come nowhere close to the Deus’ wireless performance. Until now, perhaps.

Achieving zero ‘time-lag’ is the key; that critical, brief interlude, between the coil passing over a target and registering audibly, is and has been, the Holy Grail for XP’s competitors without laying themselves open to patent infringement law suits. Now there’s a new kid on the wireless block who’s really rocking the wireless boat.

Deteknix Inc., is a California-based electronics company marketing a wireless headphone unit they call the W3 that fits any metal detector equipped with a headphones jack-pug socket. Now here’s where it all gets interesting; remember ‘time-lag’? Well Deteknix freely admit in the tech-spec blurbs that their W3 headphones have a response delay of 0.06 of a second. Is this a problem? Not a bit; in fact the 0.06s ‘time-lag’ is as brief as to be imperceptible even in ‘pinpoint’ mode, the mode that sorts the sheep from the goats. The W3 unit is…fast, about as close to instantaneous as it gets. Detector Bits’ boss, Tony Hunt, Deteknix’ UK distributor, has already sold over 300 units with no sign of demand abating and with each unit selling in the UK for £89 that’s hardly surprising.

Tests conducted on my Garrett ATPro International using a set of W3’s revealed no discernible delay or any ill-effects in the ‘pinpoint’ mode – the one mode that takes no prisoners. I then tried the same with my pulse induction Garrett Sea Hunter II and again no ‘time-lag’ was discernible that I or my detecting pal, Jack Dey, could ascertain.


The Deteknix W3 system comprises a transmitter unit that plugs into your metal detectors’ jack-plug socket, and a pair of wireless headphones. Both units have ON/OFF switches and both have li-poly (on-board) rechargeable batteries. Re-charging is done via by USB cables (supplied) plugged into your laptop/PC. Alternatively, you can use a special mains plug (not supplied) that has two in-built female USB ports into which the headphones and transmitter unit are connected. These plugs charge faster and are available from Maplins or any good electronics outlet.

I have mounted the transmitter unit to my ATPro using sticky-backed Velcro (see photos).



Check out …… or their UK distributors:



1. Folklore dictates that when a Friday falls on the 13th of any month heralds bad luck. It takes its rise from Friday 13th October 1307 when King Philip IV of France, ordered the arrest of all Knights Templar in a series of coordinated dawn raids. They were tortured, forced into making false confessions and many burned at the stake.

2. Famous people who were born on Friday the 13th include Samuel Beckett (13 April 1906), Margaret Thatcher (13 October 1923), and Fidel Castro (13 August 1926).

3. Lizzie Borden, accused in the infamous Hatchet Murder Case of 1892, uttered a total of 13 words during her trial and was acquitted.

4. The 32nd President of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt, never travelled on a 13th and refused to have a meal with 13 people at the table.

5. Two of the deadliest associations with number 13 are the facts that there are 13 stairs leading to the gallows, and the blade in a guillotine fell from a height of 13 feet.

6. Some people believe that getting married on a Friday brings bad luck?  (Cynics of course say, nonsense, why make an exception for Friday?)

7. According to Smithsonian Magazine “fear of the #13 costs American a billion dollars per year in absenteeism, train and plane cancellations, and reduced commerce on the 13th of the month.

8. Every month starting on a Sunday, will have a Friday the 13th in it

9. Apollo 13, 1970, the 13th mission launched from pad #39 (13 x 3), mission was aborted, after an explosion occurred in the fuel cell of their service module. The rocket had left launching pad at 13:13 CST and the date was April 13th

10. On the USA Dollar Bill, there are 13 steps on the pyramid, 13 bars on the shield, and 13 leaves on the olive branch

11. The driver of Princess Diana hit pillar #13 at Place de l’Alma when she was killed in Paris, France

12. British study concluded that even though there were less cars on the road on Friday the 13th (as compared with other Fridays) more accidents were reported

13. I think it’s unlucky to have superstitions


Q: Two coins add up to 30 cents, and one is not a nickel. What are they?
A: A quarter and a nickel. The quarter isn’t a nickel.

Q: What’s 6 inches long, 2 inches wide and drives women wild?
A: A $100 bill!

I’ll see y’all in the bar



To those of you who have asked why I don’t mention a certain individual in Central Europe….




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9 responses to “New Stuff!

  1. wendell

    Can you use the wireless unit in the water or is it just on land? Bet your friend’s book does well. 13 steps to the gallows, 13 feet for the guillotine and burning the Templars alive, I’d just soon die in my sleep, dreaming about metal detecting with the Garrett Gals….Praying you and the wife are getting over the loss of your house and are relocated or rebuilding.

    • Wendell, will let John answer your “wireless” question….I don’t know. Hope too that Dan’s book does indeed become popular…he’s a very dedicated researcher.

      Thanks too for the well wishes….things are looking up for Fay and I as I write this.

    • Hi Wendell:

      I wouldn’t recommend the wire-free ‘phones for use in water any deeper than ankle deep (rock pools etc), for two reasons:-

      1. The transmitter unit is not waterproof, so it will be ‘Goodnight Vienna’ if it receives a dousing in water (sea or fresh), if say while wading knee-deep, or deeper.

      2. The headphones: – see ‘1’ above!

      If you are exposed to a sudden downpour while out hunting, simply detach the transmitter unit (easy if Velcro-ed) and pop them into a convenient pocket with the headphones until the rain passes. If the headphones are worn under a waterproof hood of a jacket – no problem. just protect the transmitter.

      I’ve just had a couple of hours out on my local beach with my pal Jack and we are both well impressed with their performance. We are damned if we can ascertain that 0.06s delay. Target location is spot on, and pinpoint mode is precise with the target exactly where the handbook says it should be. These wire-free ‘phones are a superb bit of kit. You’ll wonder how you managed without them! Hope this helps.

      By the way ’13’ – The Italians reckon 13 is a lucky number and their expression ‘fare tredici’ means hitting the jackpot.


      John Howland

  2. Todd Hiltz

    Really appreciate the heads up on Dan’s book. Thanks Dick

  3. Packrat

    There is another answer to the thirty cent question us treasure hunters should know… A 20 cent piece and a dime

  4. Coin25

    Congratulations to Dan! I enjoyed the time I spent with him when I traveled with the BRAVO club.

    John, are the wireless headphones good at hearing the faint signals?

    • They are just like non-wireless ‘phones. The volume control is such that if you have it too high they blast your ears off!. I suggest that before buying a set, you visit the nearest retailer, and try them on your machine. I promise, you will be amazed and you’ll walk away with a set.

  5. Coin25

    Interesting for 32 ohms. Mine are 100 ohms and I was just thinking of purchasing a pair that are 150 ohms.

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