Happy Weekend…


Nice to see White’s promoting the hell out of the MX Sport.  It’s a great detector and will turn a few heads when it comes out. Wait for it if you are in the market for an all around, affordable machine.




I subscribe to a lot of websites and blogs in order to keep up with treasure hunting/metal detecting, and yes, even the archaeological community. One site I check out from time to time is Doug’s Archaeology. His most recent post was “What do we, archaeologists, see as our grand challenges”.  Lots of responses, differing opinions, outlooks and a few complaints.  Click on the following link to read them, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED.  I read through them, and highlighted in RED those that I thought were interesting or that related to our pastime.

What do we, archaeologists, see as our grand challenges…



Todd Hiltz put his video skills to work again, and this is his latest.  Nicely done Todd, as usual.



Every time I start going through all the metal detecting Facebook pages I think I am in Venice.

There’s really nothing complicated. Just read the owner’s manual, then use that detector that came with it, along with the coil that came with it, and see what happens. It’s that easy!



Fort Pierce Man Named Rightful Owner

Lost City of the Monkey God

Pablo’s Safe

Treasure Hunter Vanishes

Nothing but Pig Bones



Weather here in North Texas is sunny and in the 70’s. Perfect for detecting, but not for this hunter. Too much going on with finding a new home, signing this form or that form, and trying to guess what lies around the bend. Was happy about recovering detectors in working order, but now realize I lost Ni-Cad packs, chargers, small coil, headphones, and my 40 year collection of treasure hunting books.  Add in photos, gifts, awards and memorabilia, and it’s depressing.  Seems every day I think of something else that’s gone….


Lots of memories…





























































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2 responses to “Happy Weekend…

  1. heavymetalnut

    Very excited to try the new MX Sport out. Looks like it’s gonna be a good one.Hope all is well down there and things are getting somewhat back to normal.

    • Dave, anxious too to give the finished machine a whirl, though I suspect you guys will be putting it through more rigorous tests. Fay and I are in a rental house now, and in the process of looking for a “real” home. Difficult in that homes prices are sky high in the area. Anyway thanks for asking and thanks for all your help.

      Going to be hard to call you Beanie now.

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