A Little of This & That, and a Lot of Nothing…


If Fay and I had ignored the tornado siren on December 26, and kept working in our offices, I doubt we would be here today.  Both rooms were literally blown away.  If you look closely though at the following photo you will see my TreasureMaster detector standing tall.  It, along with my MXT-Pro, sat in the rubble for four days, suffering dings and scratches, but after reaching them via a ladder, both turned on instantly.  That folks, is a well made machine!  Thank you Whites!





The way things are going I’m betting a gluten free detector can’t be too far off….

Tear here, and EZ open are bullshit terms….



….when I read Alex Eaton’s guess post on John Winter’s blog.  When John prefaced it with the content and language may be offensive to some people, and I advise those of an ultra-sensitive disposition to read no further. You have been warned”, I knew I would love it.  Give it a look-see and be sure to subscribe to John’s blog, if you haven’t already…..



Sunken Treasures in Paris



As I try to go about my day trying to decide what needs to happen next, I find myself fixated on people staring at their phones (smart ones of course), and I wonder what the hell they are looking at? What is it that causes them to walk and stare? Eat and stare? Talk and stare? Just what is it that is so damn important they totally ignore life around them? Understand I don’t have a smart phone, cannot afford a smart phone, and don’t really need a smart phone. Life is not all that complicated when you are 74 years old. It’s even less complicated when you’ve just lost your home, and damn near your life.

Yeah I know I am the odd man out in all this, but please, try to smell at least one or two roses while you are able. How did you function before the smart phone? Was life not that exciting? Were you that depressed because you didn’t know what your friends were doing every second of the day?  I’m guessing it’s like having three or four expensive detectors, a couple of pinpointers, cameras and a shovel or two. Buying them and having them keeps you busy, gives you a sense of accomplishment, and theoretically helps you move up a notch or two in that quest to be the best treasure hunter out there……or does it?

Don’t get caught up in the competitive nature of this hobby. Enjoy it for what it is….an outdoor adventure, filled with camaraderie, discovery, surprises and a helluva lot of fun.  Besides in cyberspace there’s always going to be someone finding more than you…..because it’s just that easy…

“They are not long, the days of wine and roses”…..Ernest Dowson




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17 responses to “A Little of This & That, and a Lot of Nothing…

  1. Bob K

    Dick I’m sure glad you and Fay are still having a good outlook on life. Your attitude is good for what you two have been thru. Since the wife and l have retired it’s one day at a time but not the problems you have. Just remember their’s always tomorrow. I hope everything goes easier in the future. Take care.

  2. It pleases me that you are posting again, Dick. Thanks for the plug … and I enjoyed ‘smelling the roses’.

  3. heavymetalnut

    White’s “takes a lickin but keeps on tickin” oh wait that’s Timex. White’s “takes a beating but keeps on repeating”!

  4. RonF

    Glad you guys are okay! Live across town and heard about the mayhem. Best of luck with a new castle.

    PS – Always wondered… Is that an Akubra in your main pic?

  5. Is that a $20 note I spot at bottom left?

  6. Jim Fielding

    Thank you for your new musings, Dick. I find the incessant “staring at phones” a new low in the, so far, miserable start of the 21st Century. I do have a smart phone, which I occasionally use, ironically enough, to check weather radar from NOAA here in Orlando. And, of course, telephone calls, the few that I receive. My wife has one also, and has mysteriously started turning into “one of them,” as I’ve caught her staring into her smartphone aimlessly. When I ask her what she is staring at and her reply is always “Oh, nothing…” which, I think, is the truth! Take care, Dick…good to hear your “voice” here once again!

    • Thanks Jim. Feels good to be posting again.

      I know I will get a few emails about dissing the smart phone, but I just don’t get the 24/7 staring thing. I mean come on, at least put it down when you are eating…..

  7. Bigtony

    Wow, nice recoveries on your belongings. You are right about the competitive nature of this hobby, I just want to get out there and enjoy it and participate more. As for research – does drive by’s count? It is winter time and as I drove around I am taking notice of a few places that I put on my list of to do’s. Oh was that a hint out of one of your books? Maybe or maybe not….

  8. Peter Tompa

    Glad to see your indestructible detector made it through. Just like Texans. Tough people. All the best wishes on a speedy return to normal life and getting back home.

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