No how to do it, or how to get rich tips this time around……just things that are topical,  fun and  important to me.  I share them because it’s MY blog.  Read on if you so desire….


When I checked my email yesterday morning, I was shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of Dick Tichian, a fellow detectorist, and long time friend.  I’m sure most of you don’t know Dick, but I and many of the original FMDAC folks from the 80’s do, and he was without a doubt, one of the good guys. Dick lived in Southern New Jersey and was the consummate good Samaritan, ambassador for the pastime, and best friend. If you needed a favor, a few bucks, or a task done, you only had to ask once.

Dick & Jimmy Sierra, mid-80's

Dick & Jimmy Sierra, mid-80’s

Dick was also the official photographer for the FMDAC, and is responsible for many of the early photos you see here on SS, as well as the treasure magazines from that era.  He also provided many of the manufacturers with photos for commercial purposes.

Dick & Rosemary Anderson, managing editor of Western & Eastern Treasures

Dick & Rosemary Anderson, managing editor of Western & Eastern Treasures

Dick would call Fay and I every month to keep us posted on all things New Jersey, metal detecting and to talk photography with Fay.  The phone would ring and when we picked up we would hear “Dickeeeeeee“…. and of course we would repeat the same. It just became our thing.  We will miss those phone calls, and we will miss Dick more than words can say.

RIP my friend and happy hunting….



Rosemary Anderson, John Punola and Steve Anderson, FMDAC Convention 1986

Just wanted to congratulate Steve and Rosemary Anderson on Western & Eastern Treasures’ 50 year anniversary.  I remember the time when there were a lot of treasure magazines available, and a great many simply went by the wayside.  To stay the course for 50 years is quite a feat, and a testament to their effort to provide readers with quality material. Congratulations…..





For those of you asking about the book I am writing….

I am still working on it, but it has taken somewhat of a detour.  By that I mean I have decided to add  a new flavor to it.  What was an old man’s “how to book” will now become an old man’s “how to book with 40 years of wisdom thrown in” (yup, you lose).  I was originally thinking December 1st, but now it’s looking more like February of next year.



You know I am not a big fan of metal detecting videos, but Todd Hiltz has become my favorite Cecile B. Demille.  He and Dave Wise’s colonial digs are always fun to watch…’s his latest.

(for more of his videos go to YouTube and type in Thiltzy1)


Please note this is a “personal” blog…not a website,  or forum. In addition to treasure hunting and metal detecting, I may also talk about my family, my dogs, my love of food and wine, my musical background, my memories, my aches, pains, warts and whatever else enters my mind. You can also expect my opinions and views on a wide range of subjects.



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16 responses to “Scattershooting…

  1. “In addition to treasure hunting and metal detecting, I may also talk about my family, my dogs, my love of food and wine, my musical background, my memories, my aches, pains, warts and whatever else enters my mind.”

    Still waiting for that report about your warts.

  2. Dick, so glad to hear that your book is going to be more YOU and not just detecting nuts and bolts. I see a Pulitzer in your future….

  3. I’m deeply sorry to hear about Dick Tichian. God bless him.

  4. Jim Fielding

    I am very sorry to hear of the passing of Dick Tichian, Dick, whom I DO remember as I was very active in metal detecting in the 1980’s here in Florida, but followed I did follow the doings of the FMDAC through printed material called magazines…no batteries or WiFi required. I had an i-Pad then, and an i- Pen with i-Ink in it to mark on it with…occasionally I used an i-Pencil when the i-Pen was i-Out of i-Ink.

    Now I live in Orlando, quite some time away from Ft. Lauderdale where I grew up, and a few years ago was equally saddened by the passing of my dive partner, treasure-hunting buddy and all around good Irishman Kevin Reilly of Reilly’s Treasured Gold, his small treasure hunting shop in Pompano Beach, Florida. I found, several months too late, that Kevin had been having what he had perceived as back problems, when he was directed to see a doctor by his therapist. The doctor gave Kevin the bad news he had just three weeks left to live…a malignant cancer tumor had grown from his stomach and into his spine…and sure enough within the allotted time period Kevin passed. I found out several months later when I was in town and thought to stop in and see my old friend and found him gone for good.

    A lot of us old timers are following each other into the great beyond, and that is the nature of things…we all knew that when we signed up for this mission…still saddens us to part though, and here’s hoping some of our knowledge gets passed on through the books, articles and…yes…the internet…where we all will gain some measure of immortality in the flicker-free digital twilight to come. Looking forward to your forthcoming book, Dick…I have read most of your works over the last twenty or thirty years…give me one more and I’ll be satisfied. Then again…

    • Thanks Jim. Love your reference to the I-pad, I-pen, etc.. I can just hear those visitors to the museum….. “can you believe they actually had to use those things to write with?”

      I didn’t know Kevin personally, but I heard from others they too were surprised (and saddened) by the suddenness of it all. I am starting to realize that I am very lucky to have what health I do have, having lost a lot of very good friends of late. Guess I better work doubly hard on that book…..

      • Jim Fielding

        Sounds good, and take care of your i-Health too, Dick…we would love for you to hang around for many more years to come!

  5. Todd Hiltz

    Sorry to hear about your loss of a close friend Dick.
    Looking forward to the new book and btw, I love your “3 simple rules in life”
    Enjoy the Holidays

    • Thanks Todd. Just a reminder that I am hitting the twilight years. As John Winter says, there’s no future in getting old.

      I think you and Dave need to co-write a book on how to hunt Colonial Cellar holes. Seriously….

    • Hello Todd:
      I enjoyed your video immensely. Were some of those coins George III’s? Nice finds.
      John H

      • Todd Hiltz

        Most where John, some KG II’s and III’s . One was a KG Hibernia and the most inetresting was a 1774 counterfeit half pence from the “Ordinal Topless” family.

  6. Wendell

    Sorry for the loss of your friend and I know he will be missed. Good friends are hard to come by and as scarce as hen’s teeth.

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