Are We a Simple Lot or Just Too Busy to Care?

I recently exchanged notes with another detectorist/blogger, and we have both come to the conclusion that detectorists do not like to read, but love too look at videos and photos. How do we know this? Because we read and study the statistics that our blog program provides, and because it’s always evident from the comments we receive, or as in this case, do not receive.

The analytics can tell us how many people visit our site, and how many views (pages they click on) occur on a daily basis. We can also find out the most popular day and hour for visitors to our blog.  In my case it happens to be Wednesday at 9am. Since starting the blog in February 2012 I’ve posted 545 blog posts.

The blog post that garnered the most visitors and views here in Stout Standards was Dig Wars First Impression June 13, 2013. Why? I have no clue. Second was Why Are You Using That Detector? – October 31, 2013.

The SS post with the most comments? Who Wants a PAS Here?February 2, 2014, followed by It Is Indeed About Me  February 18, 2014.  The PAS post was most gratifying in that there were so many different individuals responding, and a lot of good back and forth took place.

Both the other blogger and I agreed that the blog posts we deemed the best, most informative or most important, usually resulted in the fewest visitors and views. Sadly, those that offered photos and/or videos almost always fared better.  Apparently thinking is out of the question, but if it’s funny, and/or doesn’t involve a lot of brain power, we’re cool.

My Facebook page is pretty much reflective of this as well, with links involving high profile stories such as the  Oak Island Treasure and the recent Nazi Gold train receiving a greater number of views.

I’m thinking all this goes along with the lack of response when it comes to the three national organizations. If they ask for help, money or support, nada. Hold an event, charge them more money than they will come home with, and it’s all good.

So goes it in the wonderful, whacky world of treasure hunting….




The Iron Harvest

Nazi Gold Hunters Prepare to Dig

Archaeologists Searched for 1877 Army Route






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25 responses to “Are We a Simple Lot or Just Too Busy to Care?

  1. I found that to be the case in FB groups as well. I stopped posting links to web pages that assist in the pastime to do everyone still wants everything handed to them, locations, good spots to detect and so on, most claim they don’t know how to research, but refuse to read to find out how. I refuse to conform to the video generation, and frankly it’s their loss for not picking up books and reading. If I waited for people to hand me sites 17 years ago I’d still be waiting.

  2. Andy Baines

    Ey up Dick, I always read your blog posts no matter what they are about and always find them either informative or funny. I am guilty of not always posting comments but I do tend to drop by once a day just to check out other people’s comments to your blog posts. Keep up the good work buddy!


  3. I was bought up reading and loved to read, Do I do it much now probably not as much as I used too. True computers took over. When I started detecting, didn’t need to do much research/ There were plenty of places to detect. Old Military bases were great for finding silver coins (until the ARPA came to being at any rate).

  4. jbkeefer

    You might be asking a lot for a comment. Some people may be shy or just not have anything to say. You could be grateful just for the site visits.

    The idea of pictures and videos to add value to content is not a direct indication of whether people read or not. People may be drawn to media rich content because there is more to it. Good writing along with pictures and video are a great combination. They have whole industries around the idea. 🙂

    So people people aren’t responding enough to your blog posts…it almost brought a tear to my eye. Now, I am playing devils advocate on purpose. Some bloggers are happy with any readers I suppose. If you are looking for a big debate, be careful for what you wish for.


    • Jamie, I made a mistake emphasizing comments. I should have been more clear, and yes I did start off using that term. Please read my response to Andy.

      I’ve turned over quite few blog posts to John Howland, and they were, in many cases, excellent topics, important topics, and extremely well written. The views, the response, the counterpoint, whatever, disappointed me, and naturally John as well.

      My whole point was……It’s hard to know what detectorists are really interested in. I really have no clue, and perhaps I shouldn’t even care….

      • Skippy

        Oh, I think we’re all interested in the same thing, when it comes to on-line blogs, forums, etc. Namely, living vicariously through someone else’s experience and/or commentary. pictures and videos. Basically, we need a “hit” for our addiction. I explain my MD addiction to others as “it’s like free gambling!” And as with any addiction, most of us need to get an occasional high.

        If I can’t be out swinging, I might as well enjoy the “thought” of being out swinging. I once went through 2000 posts on a MD forum looking for key words in the title of “gold” and “rings.” I would get excited every time I saw someone’s picture (especially near-turf pictures where they dug them). Took me darn near a week to go through the posts. I couldn’t hardly wait for the next opportunity to peruse the forum topics. It helped me totally get excited about my own finds, and getting back out there. Happy times. 🙂

        You might discover, if you had enough meta-data, for example, that reader rates go up when it’s raining, bad-weather, or if their recent location has been played out for the season. That kind of data is hard to track on-line! It doesn’t surprise me that your most commented posts are in February, for example, which is a pretty darn cold time of year, but with spring just around the corner! The top post in June baffles me though. Maybe people were hitting your post at work, dreaming about getting out after work. Ha!

        Keep up the great blogs, they definitely contribute to my MD happiness level. And yeah, post more find pictures… and I’d love to see some gold rings. 🙂

      • Thanks Skippy….you probably won’t see any finds photos here unless they’re old ones. Sorry. Never was one to take photos of my finds. I found them and that’s all that matters. Just not my cup of tea, and when I remember back to the 70’s, 80’s etc., I didn’t need a photo to get excited. The thrill of finding something good just carried over.

        Hope you will find time to share more of your thoughts here in the future.

  5. Depends on the content you put out how often it is read… on d365 we get over 50000 Unique reads per month, and one article I wrote has been read 11000 times in less than a year. The article provides a resource that people seek out daily. I think people want quality over quantity and that is proven by the stats I see when it comes to most read posts, consistently. You have to offer your reader something more than opinions, you have to provide them with some useful data, or you are right, they simply won’t bother reading your content. Give them something useful go read and your stats go nuts, from what I see when looking at stats!

    • For the record Stout Standards is a blog…MY blog, and I created it so that I can express MY opinion. When I can’t do that it’s time to give it up and move on.

      Guess I need to tune in to your website for “how to do it correctly”….

      • Oh wow, think you took what I said wrongly! I was merely trying to share what I had observed, I apologize that my comment apparently came across wrongly. DO me a favor, just delete my comment please… I regret even posting and trying to participate in the comments. Maybe you get less comments than you like for this very reason. When you take everything personally and have to be snide in your comments with your readers, they tend to stop commenting…like I will from now one… later boss, didn’t mean to get your feathers ruffledQ In otherwords, you have one less commenter to worry about, because youre an old hat bro

  6. Rob, guess you are right… I am old hat.

  7. QUOTE from OZARKS
    “…we get over 50000 Unique reads per month …”

    That’s a helluva site you have there! I can only manage a fifth your total. How do you manage that when sometimes you have only one blog post a month?

    Your daily number of visitors works out at about 1666 (over one person every minute) … that can’t be right, surely? I’d have expected more feedback with that number, and you have very few comments on your posts.

    Tell me I’m wrong and I’ll go down to the bottom of the garden and eat a few worms! 🙂

    • Andy Baines

      Hi again all, this is the problem with the Internet, people cannot tell In what context others are talking and the emotion behind it. This means that people get the wrong end of the stick and can think that others are making cocky/snide comments ect.

      Dick, I don’t think rob was aiming his comment at you but was instead giving his personal view about the posts on his own website.

      John, Rob does actually get them kind of figures you can have a check here for proof

      All three of you guys have incredibly good blogs/websites and I wish I could have a readership as big as any of yours, please don’t all fall out, chill out haha 🙂


      • My problem was with “You have to offer your reader something more than opinions, you have to provide them with some useful data, or you are right, they simply won’t bother reading your content”…..

        I don’t know how many times I have to say it….StoutStandards is a personal blog, and I state it very clearly and boldly on the Welcome page…

        “Please note too that this is a “personal blog”…not a forum. As a result I may talk about my family, my dogs, my love of food and wine, my musical background, my memories, my aches, pains, warts and whatever else might come to mind. No guarantees… ”

        If I wanted how-to material I might go to detecting365, or any other number of websites/blogs/podcasts. Bottom line? If people find my blog uninformative, boring, “old hat”, whatever, they can move on. It is what it is, and I will just keep plugging away…..

  8. Most metal detectorists are simpleton knuckle draggers. Except me of course. I read this blog religiously but after all the dignitaries have posted their replies I fear that anything I may have to say will sound…er…simple and knuckle dragging.

  9. Andy Baines

    Did my second comment not get through Dick?!


  10. Andy – according to your stats link, the Ozark site gets 11,190 reads per month and NOT 50,000. Now that is more credible. Perhaps Ozarks has made an error. Are the Winter worms safe for the time being … or do I still have to pay the penance?

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