Best of Luck to a Great Gal…

Two years ago Mary Hand retired.  She was the secretary, and gal Friday to Alan Holcombe, corporate manager at White’s, editor of my books, and my ‘go to gal’ at the White’s factory. Then just over a year ago Alan Holcombe also decided to hang ‘em up, and is now sipping tea, and watching Days of Our Lives.

Now, while not retiring, Cari Brewer, administrative assistant, and jack of all trades at Sweet Home, is leaving to work for the county health department, enabling her to work closer to home, and to interact with those in her community. I and I know many others will miss her greatly….

Cari, best of luck in your new job, and thank you for all your help over the years…..

ll to R, Melissa Wise and Cari Brewer

Lto R, Melissa Wise and Cari Brewer

Cari will continue to stay involved in a few projects that are now in the works…..


I can just see a few people at the factory saying, “Oh damn is he going to be bugging me now”….



If you have been following Andy Baine’s blog, you know he’s gotten into “magnet” fishing.  Well now he tells you how you too can get involved….



A lot of you had fun with my stat suggestions, and guess what? I came up with a few more. What do you think of these….

NRFH – Number relics found in an hour

NRFD – Number relics found in a day

RTFLW – Ratio of trash to four letter words

DWBG – Detectorist with biggest gut

BWTFV – Best waste of time filming video

MTSPC – Most time spent trying to identify piece of crap

BTBSC – Best tekkie bullshitter in cyberspace (excluding me)



Metal Detector Club in Libel Case



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9 responses to “Best of Luck to a Great Gal…

  1. Digging History

    Hi there Dick, enjoyed this post and good luck to your friends from Whites and Sweet Home.
    I’ve watched a few magnet fishing video’s – looks like good fun, it would be ok to pull up a money box or two eh? I’ve seen them get cannon balls and shells too but always a ton of trash – inescapable!
    Have a good week Dick, my regards James 🙂

  2. James, I used to fish a lot, but not sure I can get into the magnet thing. Sounds like a lot of work,

    Looking forward to History of the Ribble, Part II…..

  3. Andy Baines

    thanks for posting my video Dick, I was just looking through your abbreviations and I think I can safely use the BWTFV one haha!
    I also think all of us cyberspace tekkies fit into the BTBSC category at some point 🙂

    Hope your well.

  4. heavymetalnut

    Gonna miss Cari :O(

  5. Bigtony

    Dick, best of luck to your friend.

    Maybe we should start magnet fishing lake beaches then use our detectors? Could be helpful in that case.
    Your buddy who passed – Joe Cook – had a term he used, UMO’s. He pasted it on a glass jar. It was a conversation piece when folks came to his home. He coined the term – Unidentified Metal Object’s.

  6. Bigtony

    I spoke to Bruce Hazzelman at the meeting tonight and I asked him about UMO’s. He and Joe made up the term and both had glass jars on their mantels labeled UMO’s.

  7. Bigtony

    Dick, thanks for re-posting that article, it was terrific. I also agree with you about Joe and Bruce, two of the nicest guys for sure!

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