Officially Retired…

More than two years ago I “sort of” retired from the treasure hunting pastime. I made no promises because I knew once you are addicted to this hobby it’s hard to just give it up. Well since then I’ve ventured out into the field sporadically, finding a treasure here and there, but it’s not been easy, especially physically. Likewise those treasures I did find didn’t offer the thrill they once did, especially this year.

I found myself taking photos of nothing but clad coins with a Merc thrown in here and there, and the desire to go detecting just wasn’t there. I kept thinking that it would come back….that I would lose weight, regain the feeling in my hands and feet, and all would be back to normal. Well I’ve finally come to the conclusion it’s not going to happen, and to coin a pretty corny expression, it is what it is.

I plan on finishing up the book I am working on, and keeping this blog going. I will try my best to inform and enlighten when I can, and share whatever TH’ing knowledge I still have, and that’s mostly years of trial and error, and plain ole common sense. I have no idea how the CTX3030 or the XP Deus work, nor can I explain the pros and cons of all the various coils, shovels, pinpointers or GoPro cameras. Out of my league, and in some instances even out of my desire to know.

I have also decided to leave the various national organizations alone. My prodding them has accomplished nothing. They will succeed or die on their own.  You also may have noticed that I have not mentioned my good friend in Warsaw, or his bosom buddy (and his blog’s only responder) in the UK. That’s because their only purpose is to eliminate the metal detecting pastime, demean the collector, and bash the United States of America. They are pathetic and simply not worth my time.

I want so bad to say I am hanging up my camo, but I did that back in 1966.  Suffice to say I am going to watch the pastime from the comfort of my man cave, and get the inside scoop as best I can from my tekkie friends, especially the older ones, and pass it along here on SS.  In the meantime I hope you will continue to visit here, to see what this old man has to say, and to add your two cents when you can.  After all a blog is not worth anything without readers and responders.



Werner Roman, (UK)…. “On the way , asking the Farmer for permission. Reinforcement on my side”. I’m thinking his chances are pretty good! What do you think?


Ron Chestna 89 years of age was stopped by the police around 2 a.m. and was asked where he was going at that time of night .

Ron replied, “I’m on my way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the effects it has on the human body, as well as smoking and staying out late.”

The officer asked, “Really? Who’s giving that lecture at this time of night?”

Ron replied, “That would be my wife.”



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42 responses to “Officially Retired…

  1. Frank L

    Say it ain’t so, Joe

  2. Frank L

    Got a grip on that-getting down is easy, getting up, well that’s another story. Eyesight, don’t get me started. Keep on blogging and I’l keep on whatever

  3. Don M

    I have to admit that I feel the same as you when it comes to detecting these days, just don’t have the same desire to get out there…my get up and go has got up and went. I will still enjoy reading your blog – best of luck.

    • Don, I can’t be sure, but I think I would still be going strong if I were back East, but that’s just not going to happen. Thank you too for reading my babble.

  4. del

    Dick , you have done much for the hobby in your long illustrious years of pursuing “treasure”. I like many others are very grateful for your many contributions, pearls of wisdom, down to earth common sense and humor, even when that meant making sport of yourself in the process. I don’t expect you to be “up” on the latest detector, techno gadget or even the latest camo matching ensemble, but would rather hear about the real life lessons of humanity and friendships. Don’t give up on bitching about them so called hobby helping organizations, they hear you even if they don’t respond, and letting off a little steam can be therapeutic at times. Besides what would you with the extra time, more ridiculing and “ball busting” Dave Wise and his beanie??

    Stay well.


    • Dan, I am not going to disappear. Well maybe my wife has plans for that, I don’t know, but I plan to hang around, and offer my two cents when I feel it’s warranted. As for the three organizations, I am done criticizing them for the time being. I listened to what Allyson said in her reply, and have decided to let them do their thing, whatever that is. I also think that those who participate in this pastime have no interest at all in being part of any group. It used to be different, but today they’re more interested in finding treasures and video taping the process.

      As for the Dave Wise, I will continue to bust his cojones until he figures out what the “brim” of his hat is for….AND, if he turned it around he would make Whites very happy.

    • And right after I said the above I find this photo of Dave. I have to assume it’s a Halloween party. At least I hope so….Dave is in the box.

    • Dave Wise

      lol Dan,Yeah Dick cracks me up! Really enjoy his witty remarks.Sad to see you hang up the machine Dick.You are a true inspiration.

  5. danhughes1

    Dick, much of what you said could well have come out of my mouth. I have a “modern” detector, a Fisher F2, but I’ve used it maybe a half hour total. And my old standby, the Fisher CZ-5, has been in the garage untouched for too many seasons. I have no health problems that slow me down – I’m still playing softball 3 nights a week in season – I just don’t have the desire to hunt that I had before.

    I still write a lot and help when I can, but lately my topics have had more to do with coins than detecting. I think I’ve said just about everything I have to say about the hobby. I plan on continuing my podcast for as long as I can, but every time a new one is due I have trouble coming up with a worthy topic. I’m tempted to back off (as I have with my other two podcasts), but as a retiree with many hours to fill, I feel that my podcast is one of the few positives I’m adding to civilization now.

    Can’t wait to see your forthcoming book, and hope it’s as informal and fun as your blog posts have been.

    • Softball three nights a week? I would give anything to be able to do that. I used to love shooting baskets with my grandson after school. Now both wrists feel like they are severely sprained. Not from basketball, just arthritis, which runs in the family. I know however that all things considered my health is good compared to so many others.

      • danhughes1

        Dick, I went to my 50th high school reunion this summer. Seeing classmates – my age – in wheelchairs, sucking oxygen bottles, limping along with canes – not to mention the In Memoriam list of classmates no longer with us – made me again realize how fortunate I am to still be healthy and active. And what you and I have going for us in addition to our physical independence is that even if/when we lose our mobility, we can still WRITE. What a gift, to be able to “perform” at the keyboard! Few have it. So all things considered, we are fortunate indeed.

  6. Bigtony

    Dick, I was wondering why you didn’t post anything about W. Wally now I understand the why.
    A few weeks back I too stopped looking at show n tell web pages and am getting back into enjoying the hobby more, not having expectations of grandeur – that way detecting is more fun as it should be. I just wish folks in this hobby would share more – after all this is a hobby or sport – and it won’t make you rich – unless you own the Oddessy Marine vessels!
    I enjoy your blog and I will keep checking in –
    All the best,

    • Tony I think the “having fun” part comes with age, and the realization that today’s technology, no matter how wonderful, can take something simple and make it complicated.

  7. Bigtony

    I agree. This is a simple sport – there is definately no need to complicate it .
    Also, I am into short one hour hunts these days. Going slower and enjoying it more.

  8. You body may be saying “No” but your mind is as sharp as a tack. I really enjoy reading your blogs Dick. I may not comment all the time but I still learn quite a bit from your page. Thanks again for your books and looking forward to the next one.

  9. Angelika

    Congratulations on your retirement Dick! I am always reading your blog although I may not comment frequently. Owning a GoPro, CTX3030, AT Pro, pinpointers, etc. doesn’t make me very knowledgeable with them. I get pointers from Gary Kilmer ( especially the CTX3030) and you for the wealth of knowledge of detecting. Please keep this blog going. If it weren’t for guys like you, the hobby would be in trouble. You help us keep the dream alive inside of that kid in us. I look forward to reading your book and future blog posts. Wishing you the best health and happiness in your retirement!

    • Thanks Angelika…for the record I retired from the 9 – 5 grind. This retirement is just an admission that my aches and pains won the detecting race.

      • Angelika

        Don’t completely hang up that detector. Find the target and have Digger do the rest!

      • Hah, how I wish….

        Have to share this….Digger was totally confused yesterday because of the time change. He kept staring at me at around 2:30….he normally eats at 3:30. He finally stared me down and I fed him early.

  10. To the rest of us, You’re a Legend in our Hobby and we respect you and your efforts for our favorite past time. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to get out again here and there. 🙂 Wish you the best in all you do.

  11. Jeezus H…..Ricardo
    When the day arrives that you can’t pop the cork on a fine Merlot is the day I’ll really start to worry about not getting a certain 20 Bucks. As a Senile Delinquent, you are an example to all of us of a certain age. Keep it up (and the writing).

    • I have trouble getting up after retrieving a target, but you’ve never had that problem because you pretty much crawl everywhere big bird. As for the $20…..

  12. RoyR

    Dick, I am cheap. May I borrow $10.00. from you ?

    • Sorry Roy, I am cheap too, and broke.

    • Don’t even go there Roy.

      I remember when I was in that bar with him in AC back in ’86 when a pack of Camels fell out of his pocket and on the side was written: “Good Luck from Woodrow Wilson to the Doughboys in the Trenches.”

      Perhaps his most famous saying is:- ” A meal without wine is…breakfast.” He even thinks manual labour is a Mexican gardener. How the fragrant Fay puts up with him is one of Life’s mysteries.

      Seriously though, he’s a great guy, generous, and very knowledgeable about metal detecting…he’s told me so many times.

      John H

  13. Packrat

    Hi Dick. As I have said before you are a very important part in keeping hunters from the past alive and remembered. Those people are the ones who built this hobby to what it is today, and we lose more and more every day. Rember that the hunting is just one part of the hobby. The history is just as important on all levels. Hunting with others is the thing that keeps me hunting. When I am up to hunting by myself I just don’t do it as much.

  14. Digging History

    Hi Dick, very sorry you’ve had to hang up the gloves with the detector, I wish you could carry on for a long time. I’m glad your keeping this blog and staying at the forefront of writing precious advice for detectorists and for the cause, there’s so many people who have benefited from your words and reasoning – me included.
    Good luck my friend and I look forward to reading your posts for many years to come.
    Best wishes and my regards, James 🙂

    • Thanks James. Not sure about words and reasoning, but I will plod on, if for no other reason, than to keep beepers on the straight and narrow. You must do the same with Digging History. It’s one of my favorites.

      • Digging History

        Thank you very much, that really means a lot to me and I’m very grateful, you’ve given me some needed confidence. I have the utmost respect and admiration for you Dick and your blog – you and your writings are a shining light and we would be lost without them.
        Cheers Pal 😀

      • James:
        Yep, ditto the ‘old boy’s’ remarks. What I like about ‘Digging History’ is that it displays a certain elegance in layout and the content is always of a high standard. I reckon, it is one of the UK’s best detecting blogs.

        John H

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