Trick or Treat…


The weatherman has been very accommodating of late here in North Texas.  Eight inches of much-needed rain last weekend, and perhaps three or four more today and tomorrow. In between? Sunny and temps in the 70’s. Perfect for detecting, but alas I did not take advantage of it. I won’t offer up reasons or excuses. Just didn’t happen….

Hoping to finish up the text part of my book this weekend….



Alan Holcombe retired a year ago today as White’s corporate manager, and I am pretty certain everyone there misses him. I know I do. Alan was my friend, my confidant, my sounding board, and a voice of reason and sanity within the industry.  He turns the big 70 today.  Sorry Alan….I know how it feels.

Alan and I, circa 1986

Alan and I, circa 1986



On a forum:

“I went to a house today that I had not hunted yet but was given permission. The owner left after 20 minutes leaving me detecting the house with no one home. I hunted her mother’s house the same way, and two other permissions that I go to. The owners leave me at their house all alone. Is this common? :scratch: I don’t think that I would/could be so trusting as these home owners have been with me”.

Hmm, sounds like detecting in the 70’s when people were more trusting, and lawyers not quite yet into “sue their ass” overdrive. Also remember the “I don’t think that I would/could be so trusting” comment next time you knock on a door and get turned down.

On a FB page

“Awesome machine (CTX 30303), agree with C____ M____ if ya write the right program the thing is a beast , well as long as ur in a good spot with potential that is. Lol”

It does indeed only perform well when you are in a good spot, but hey, go spend the money first, and if you are married you better hide that invoice.



Hope you all have a spooky weekend and get to go trick or treating…. I am set to go!




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11 responses to “Trick or Treat…

  1. Paul Sampson

    With those treats you will soon not need to buy any tp for a while hahaha.

  2. Roy Rutledge

    Dick, we also had 8+ inches here in Waco last week,almost one inch today. This sure will make it easier to dig this next week. Have not been able to dig for the last 3 months due to the ground just too hard. Maybe now with cooler weather and softer ground I will be able to stick a digger into the ground. Still waiting on the Book.

  3. Joseph Sherrod

    Dick….I think that you overspent on your budget for Halloween this year. Next year just hand out the corroded zinc pennies…..I mean the Bank won’t take em…..

  4. Joe Smith

    “Jeez…what I’d give for 8″ plus…”.
    Might want to rephrase that. Just saying…

  5. Joe Smith

    My wife says that I have a dirty mind, and she’s right.

    Have to stay in practice.

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