That Raw Nerve…

My last blog resulted in someone commenting….

“When you attack the posters on your blog (and moderate out their responses to you) for petty reasons, rather than directly confronting those that damage the hobby, your blog becomes fake, phony and fails to do anything positive for the hobby. Of course it may be a reflection of you.”

I have been accused of a lot of things over the years, and in some cases the accusations were warranted. However being called fake, phony or someone who hasn’t done anything positive for the hobby, was the last straw.

I was going to try to give you a synopsis of my back and forth with Mr. Kemper, but decided it was not worth my time and effort, and given that my blog is “fake and phony” I knew that he would be upset to have his name associated with it.

Over the years I have given a lot to this pastime, both in time and money, as well as in blood, sweat and tears, and while my blog can be called many things, it is not one that ignores or overlooks the issues. I will however leave the final assessment up to you…



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19 responses to “That Raw Nerve…

  1. Jason Garry

    You will always be able to find, uninformed, know it alls.
    Thank you for your time and contributions.
    Thay are greatly appreciated.

  2. Some people have no sense of humor.


  3. Joe

    Dick, BEWARE, that guy is a troll, and has been kicked off MANY forums…for good reason. It is VERY hard to be booted from most online communities, so his termination should speak volumes.

    Blogger emptor!!!

  4. Your always welcome on tomstreasuresforum , Stop by often and post Your blogs they are welcome

  5. wintersen

    You are not a fake or a phoney Dick, just a miserable old git, one of a select club!

  6. danhughes1

    That’s one of the downsides of being famous, Dick. Total strangers come out of the woodwork to throw hatred your way. Happens to me, too, and I’m a lot more lovable than you are.

  7. Lisa

    Hmmmm. Fake is definitely not a word I would use to describe you!

  8. Andy Baines

    Saw his outburst Dick, very uncalled for. I personally don’t find your blog to be fake or whatever, not that I can imagine how a blog could ever be fake?!

    Keep on doing what your doing buddy :)/

  9. Thank you all for your comments…

  10. For the record WWATS responded to my last post about membership cards and insurance, unfortunately they did not mention or address either one, and in fact somehow responded to a July 2014 post?

    You can find their response in the comment section of my last post, and/or the July 15, 2014 post.

    I also requested a response from the FMDAC and TF, but so far nothing…

  11. You can’t win ’em all mate. Such is the price of fame for running a great blog – it goes with the territory. The only problem I have with your blog is there ain’t enough ‘cammo’. How about a jungle pattern background? Huh? Great idea?

  12. Arthur J Fleming

    I don’t really understand how a blog can be fake or phony, but hey we all got an opinion. I’m of an opinion that I only subscribe and read blogs/columns that interest me. Everyone has a right to their opinions, and I have a right to only read those that I like. I don’t expect to agree with all that anyone one else believes, hey the Missus and me disagree with lots, but we still love each other. Your blog still makes me smile and think, so I’m hoping it will continue. Artie

  13. I’ve learned a lot over the past couple of days. Mostly, what is important, who is important, and who your “real” friends are.

  14. Bigtony

    Dick, you are the genuine article, you have been there for this hobby as long as I can remember. I also know you were walking the talk for this hobby before I got involved in it from the magizines, books and articles very well written I might add.
    Stay the course for us – we need good folks like you helping us in this crazy sport.
    All the best to you and yours…..

  15. wintersen

    Kemper is banging on in my forum. I’ve allowed one of his posts … I reckon that could be the last! Here’s a link to my blog:

  16. Mike Smith

    Keep up the good work and let this one go in one ear and out the other!
    You have done more for the hobby than most of us and the majority of the metal detecting community thanks you for your time. Now get back to work, you old fart! 🙂

    But it would be nice to hear from the three organizations from time to time. As a “member” of the Task Force, until the recent alert, I had not heard from them in months, no updates, nothing. Gave up on the FMDAC a couple of years ago, shortly after Mark became President and nothing happened/expected more from Mark, until all current national officers are changed. This organization (because of the organization structure) would be the strongest in the hobby if it had new leadership and officers. WWATS does send out alerts to its members like the Task Force. But all of them fail in the “promotion/sale” of their organization. To some one that purchases the trade/hobby magazines, very little mention, or same old tired ad for these organizations. It comes back to lack of communication!

  17. Angelika

    I actually find you to be quite raw and to the point! As the PPs have said, you can’t make everyone happy. Keep doing what your doing Dick! 😘

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