What To Do, What To Do…

The weather yesterday was perfect for detecting, but I decided instead to spend the morning hours with my best friend, my only friend, Digger. So we hopped in the Pug Bug, drove to the park and sniffed a few things.The rest of my day was spent watching college football and my beloved Yankees.  Today?  Not sure yet….weather is looking great, but the body and the mind are not in agreement yet as to how to spend the day.

Because I blog about treasure hunting/metal detecting, I often feel guilty about not getting out more, and sharing my finds here. The honest truth? I hardly go detecting anymore, and haven’t found anything exciting to share, let alone take a photo of. My best years and my best finds were twenty, thirty and forty years ago, and I didn’t have a smart phone to record them. Still don’t!

I suspect if I had a site that offered nothing but pre-1900 finds I would not be sitting here, writing this poor me blurb, but I do not.  So while I am deciding what to do, let me share the following tidbits and brainfarts…


Metal detectorist unearths gold ring with possible Royal links

Google Newspaper Page



A friend just shared the following on Facebook, and I had to share it here.  Just more crapola for today’s detectorist,  and one more item for the camo wearing, “I can’t believe you won’t let me hunt your property” tekkie.  You couldn’t pay me enough to wear this, even if I did use a pinpointer.



  On the other hand I just ordered this portable pizza pouch. Much more practical….




It’s getting harder and harder to respond to … “Hi I live in Cleveland and just bought a detector. Suggestions please on where to hunt?” 

From a metal detecting Facebook page….

“Just for fun lets show a picture of our pouch, There’s not much to mine, Show what you have as tools etc..”  (I  am so excited I could…)





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12 responses to “What To Do, What To Do…

  1. Dan Hughes just sent this photo of his new camo hat, and wondered if it would get him into the latest tekkie clique….I am not sure. What do you all think?

  2. jbkeefer

    I saw that post of the drop leg holster. Hehe. You are such a cynic…lol. Its ok, you are entitled to your opinion.

    If its any consolation i only got detecting three times this summer and i am not old…just decided to do more travelling than digging. Not to mention my overpriced gear, both detector and pinpointer failed early in the.sumer and I had ro warrantee replace a coil and a pinpointer. It put a damper on my enthusiasm, when you go out to hunt and 2 out of three times you have equipment failure.

    On the bright side i did find silver on each outing. I find a few pieces of silver and consider myself lucky. Works for me.

  3. Joe

    Dick, you had a LOT of good years. You guys got it all when the gettin was good! While there’s still plenty out there to find, yes, most of the “easy” finds are long gone. But you and other’s of your era were mavericks…trailblazers. While I wasn’t detecting way back when, I’ve heard all of the old tales. Guys going home with 10, 15, or 20 silvers after a hunt, rings galore, relics of all stripes, etc. You were blessed indeed, to be detecting during that era. To be fair, even if you had a great spot or two that was producing great finds, today, would it even come close to comparing to the glory days? That’s why the detector manufacturers are wising up. Notice how they’re concentrating heavily on the overseas markets, like the U.K., Africa, etc.? This is by design. Geographically, a much bigger market than the U.S., and the finds are thousands of years old, not hundreds. This is the “new” action. In those places, it’s like it was here 20 or 30 years ago.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. Just wanted to say KEEP YOUR CHIN UP 🙂 You might have to work a little longer for it nowadays, and a little harder, but it’s still out there for the taking, and just as much fun finding as it was back then.

    • Joe, thanks…

      I know I had a lot of good years, and was lucky to enter the pastime when I did. It helps now when I find it hard to get enthused, or when I just hurt too damn much. There are still trailblazers out there, and I hope that they too will be able to say I remember when, but I have my doubts. Those detecting today are so much more “out there” and they need to be very careful about what they share in cyberspace. JMO.

  4. Yep when I first started detecting, silver coins were plentiful, now they are getting harder and harder to find

  5. On a hunt not long ago I found a vintage brass watch fob and went to the front yard and found three silver coins immediately around a tree. My son,in his thirties, was there so I had someone to share the experience with before going home and sharing with my wife ,who is usually just as or more excited than me when I have a good hunt.

    I too don’t get out as often as I use to and I have no excuse and don’t know the reason. I’m fortunate to have found a lot of things that I’m sure are on a lot of people’s bucket list. I always detect low key so I will not be wearing the ” drop leg holster ”

    I recently had a conversation on youtube, with a new person to the hobby, that likes to detect city parks with his wife and son and up to three friends. They might like the drop leg holsters to go along with their shovels. Probably could get a discount on a half dozen.

    I’m thinking the term ” detectorist ” might have become too broad of term to include everyone that metal detects. I think I’ll continue to be an ” asshole ” Of course that is a broad term as well. That’s why I didn’t argue with the youtube guy when he called me one.

    I’ll continue to be the asshole that detects low key and finds stuff and don’t get public property banned. I probably should curtail sharing my knowledge with ” detectorists ” Giving away my secrets isn’t always appreciated. 🙂

  6. Yo Ricardo:
    Love that holster and it’s just a pity that it’s not in cammo. Maybe there should be the AT version strapped to the other leg. There’s certain bragging rights in wearing one on the inside of the thigh minus the pointer.
    Love Dan Hughes’ cammo hat, but not too sure about that pink tinge. Could be popular in parts of Greenwich Village maybe…er, so I’m told!

    • jbkeefer

      Lolol…inner thigh…haha.

      After posting yesterday i actually got out and put thr coil to the ground for an hour and a half. Tons of targets and was digging into the sunset.

      I needed that.


  7. Bigtony

    That leg holster is a James Bond thingy….he wouldn’t leave home without packing a pistol or two – probe that is…..
    Sorry Dan, I am not into a camo hat thingy……
    Dick, thanks for putting up with our replies…..keep hitting those keyboards – we need it buddy!

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