All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go…

StoutinitialsI continue to see postings on forums about parks that have banned metal detecting, and detectorists  being chased by police and grounds keepers. They’re not abundant, but they are constant, and I wonder how long it will take before we are relegated to rural hunting……period!


Granted a lot of the tekkies doing the posting never bother to contact the Task Force, FMDAC or WWATS, but then again, will they really do anything other than ask everyone to write a letter?  Nothing much changes on their websites, except information about their events.

I have come to the conclusion that with the ever-increasing number of participants, and their “if it beeps dig it” mentality, it won’t be long before Ebay is flooded with metal detectors that no one wants.  Yes I know we need to teach everyone the correct way to retrieve a find, but you and I know that will never happen. We talk a good game, but we’re really lousy players.

So enjoy your camo, and GoPros while you can……won’t be long before you will be all dressed up with nowhere to go.



Man With Metal Detector Fails to Dig Up Support

The Lost Treasure of the Beale Ciphers

Metal Detectorists Find Skeletons

Fugitive Treasure Hunter Captured

Metal Detecting on the Emmys





Going to see my bro this weekend and get my rocky mountain high.  Phil is three years older than I, and not doing all that well. Hoping too that he even recognizes me….

Used to travel a lot, but flying anywhere today has become a royal pain in the ass. Talk about nickel and dimed…… You book a hotel room because the price is good, but they don’t tell you that Saturdays are $75 more, until later. Then you book your airfare because you like the price, and find out that your carry on is another $30 (checked luggage is $25….go figure). Next you have to pick your seat…..cheapest is $9.  Then of course because it’s a round trip ticket you pay the same coming back.

I’m thinking standing room only can’t be too far off…..



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15 responses to “All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go…

  1. Roy Rutledge

    Traveling, if it is under 10 hours driving, then that is what I do. No flying unless it is 10 hours or longer. In 10 hours I can be a long way from Waco,TX .Well, at least as far as I want to be.

    • Roy, can’t do the long distance driving anymore…. Likewise we used to go to France a lot, but when I think of a ten hour flight now, I’m not sure I could do it.

  2. Angelika

    I’ve witnessed rookies and seasoned detectorists leave behind a mess. I also clean up their targeted holes because I believe in Karma. If you do see a mess and don’t fix it, you may be blamed for it or just be banned altogether from hunting the spot. On the positive side, I sweep back over the old holes and sometimes I retrieve a nice find that was missed.

    • Understand completely. I remember many times showing up at a park or athletic field, and finding unfilled holes or dead plugs and then wondering whether I would be blamed for them if someone saw me trying to repair them. I think town and city parks are going to be things of the past if we don’t step up and do something.

      • “Ah, Dick, you have hit the nail on the head:

        There are a few hobbyists who are pure ivory from the neck up, who, lacking the basics of common sense (perhaps it’s congenital thing) who lack the simplest grasp of what is expected and who are unable through mental incapacity perhaps, who have an aversion to filling-in holes they’ve dug – they have no concept of right or wrong and have access to metal detectors.

        I don’t know the medical term is for this anti-social behaviour, but I call them, ‘pecker-heads’.

        I fully support keeping these ‘plonkers’ out of manicured parks and sports fields. Why put the hobby’s excellent reputation in the hands of psychos…just because some sections of archaeology have done so, is NO reason why we should.”

      • Love how you can take a simple statement and turn it into an epistle…..

      • I think this subject is summed up nicely by this illustration….

  3. del

    I guess in order to save the hobby we are just going to learn how to approach doors and ask for permission Dick .

  4. Knocking on doors and leaving big holes are two different things.

  5. del

    With all due respect I disagree Dick , they are one in the same and if we can’t have consistency within our hobby in regards to digging and filling in the hole standards . Then we are going to be continuously banned from parks and other public areas and be forced to hit up privately own properties. that was the point of my previous statement .

    • Ah, okay… I understand. Sorry, that did not register with me. And, yes I don’t think we will ever solve the bad digging problem. Too many “I don’t care” Detectorists anymore….

  6. ” We talk a good game, but we’re really lousy players. ” True as far as some of the problems facing the hobby is concerned.

    Unfortunately we don’t talk enough or to the right people about some of the things that are hurting the hobby. Parks are getting banned not only because of physical damage but also because of the way people look detecting them. We won’t save the hobby by learning how to ask for permission. We may save it by learning how we should look while detecting according to where we detect.

    As long as showing our finds is more important than tackling the real issues the hobby will see a decline.

  7. Bigtony

    I am betting that holes are not the entire problem, but it does help with an excuse for the folks who don’t metal detect – and don’t like the hobby, period. But this is only my opinion, and not fact – there is no way for me to really tell if either are valid.
    I try to just go detecting when I can and enjoy the time I have to do it.

  8. Jim Pratzner

    Gary, I found this hobby about 5 years ago. I can only hope you are wrong about this. My state does not allow detecting in state parks which must be 75% of the open land in my county.

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