Rebel Gold…First Take

It takes a helluva lot for me to change channels, especially when I am watching my Yankees, but I did last night in order to watch the premiere of “Rebel Gold”, the latest of the metal detecting soap operas. When all was said and done I should have stuck with my baseball game….


The crux of Rebel Gold, and what the forthcoming segments will be about, is the search for the fabled “Lost Confederate Treasure”, which disappeared just prior to the surrender of Jefferson Davis’s Confederacy. Whether or not this treasure exists no one knows, but like the Lost Dutchman, and Oak Island legends, it’s the kind of story I love.

The show started off by explaining the story to the viewer, and like all the other detecting shows that came before, they felt the need to repeat it after each commercial break.  Why, beats the hell out of me.  On the plus side, the show was an hour-long, and thankfully didn’t end at a pawn shop! On the minus side? It looked and smelled just like all the other tekkie shows that preceded it.

Before I go further let me add that I am not a relic hunter, not up to snuff on this particular treasure legend, and as such I drink plead the fifth.  I also understand that in order to get viewers and retain them, there has to be a certain amount of hype, suspense and drama. The problem I have is that the story line, or plot if you will, never, ever changes. Only the title of the show does.

The cast of Rebel Gold was somewhat familiar in that Mike Scott and Larry Cissna, from the “Dig Wars” series, were once again shouting “whoa, hold on and wait” right before the commercials.  Also all of the tekkies were using Fisher metal detectors…have a feeling Mike had a hand in that.

In the beginning the Cissna crew is visiting the Danville Museum  (formerly the Jefferson Davis home during the last days of the Confederacy), where just maybe the treasure was stashed.  Supposedly this was the first time anyone was given “unrestricted access” to the entire  museum. Really? Come on now….

Anyway they started scanning the walls with their detectors. Not behind hung paintings, table lamps or furniture mind you….just what they could reach without rearranging anything in the Museum (as in unrestricted access). Then surprise!!  They get a large signal, which of course could mean they’ve found the big one (but probably not because then there would be no need for any follow-up shows). To make a long story short they run a wire up a heat vent, perform a colonoscopy, and discover that the signal was not the treasure….

Meanwhile a little ways away, Mike Scott (equipment specialist) and his crew have called in a backhoe, because they too think they may have found the treasure thanks to a low spot in the ground (ice house). But alas, like the gang in the museum, they too come up empty-handed, but score one for the Scott gang. Their “whoa baby”, “stop” and “hold on” shouts were the best!

After not finding anything in the museum, Cissna and his camouflaged crew head to the slave quarters, because slave owners sometimes hid things there?  They putz around, dig a few holes and eventually find a coin or two, but nothing matching the cache of Mexican silver dollars. Hmm, maybe next week…ya think?

Given that I haven’t read anything about this treasure being found, I have to assume it will not be showing up on any of the forthcoming episodes of Rebel Gold. On the other hand the show is interesting in that I get to hear the various theories surrounding the treasure, and that I like.  I am also aware the cast does not have a lot of control over the final product, so don’t shoot me.

Like the other tekkies shows that came before, I will give Rebel Gold another look-see or two, but like The Last Frontier, Gold Rush and The Curse of Oak Island, the over hyped drama, along with the same old story line, will probably have me watching something more enlightening, like Call of the Wildman!

Time will tell…

I can’t make everyone happy. I’m not bacon!!



Fisher is currently having a giveaway on their FaceBook page if you are interested..

give away

Honestly, when I first saw this I thought it was an enlistment ad for the US Army, so should you not win, run on down to the local recruiting office.  They have all kinds of camo sh*t and they will even pay you to wear it.



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18 responses to “Rebel Gold…First Take

  1. Angelik

    Okay then it’s not me with the retold story after commercials?! I think they do it to fill in more time in the episode. They do the same thing with Treasure Island (Snake Island show). I gave up on watching these shows but glad you haven’t. I can just read your blog and get enough. Love your writing Dick!

  2. david glover

    You should have been watching the First place Rangers. Does everybody go detecting with a backhoe now?

    • David,believe it or not, I was switching back and forth to the
      Rangers game. Now if they should somehow wind up playing the Yanks…..all bets are off…..

      The backhoe thing was not all that bad in this particular situation,
      and it did allow for some great TV with these guys jumping in and out. I am giving Rebel Gold one more episode…..

  3. Bigtony

    Backhoe? What no Ground Penetrating Radar? Bunch of folks using metal detectors that get down maybe 10 to 12 inches on a good rainy day. Looking for a ton or more of gold and silver.

    Maybe you are right – one more show and we will see if that holds anything interesting or it is just about the drama.

    • I think it’s obvious already that each episode will have them looking for the treasure in a different location, with commercial breaks following the shouts of “whoa”, “look at that” and “wait, wait a minute”!!

  4. I didn’t watch it and have no desire to. I have to ask, Diggers wasn’t mentioned. To me it seems like they are on the right path. As for the other shows.. All I can say is hopefully they will find there way out.

  5. Steve, I shared my thoughts on “Diggers” here…

    Honestly whenever I watch any of these shows I feel like I am being dragged into the story or plot. Maybe “gullible” would be a better word.

  6. Nick

    It’s a shame shows like this don’t utilize real research and facts…….not even entertaining or close to where it is at! This makes all treasure hunters look like fools.

  7. Joe

    Dick, we’re on the EXACT same page, when it comes to this t.v. stupidity. All of these shows are basically merchandising bonanza’s for the channels, and product plugs for the manufacturers. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but let’s try not to kill the hobby, in the process. Here’s an interesting thread with varied opinions about this, on our forum (I’m the meanie who doesn’t like the show – NjNyDigger – lol):

    P.S. – Kudos for telling it like it IS, not how it appears, sir 🙂

  8. Bigtony

    Hello Dick, did you watch the entire second show? I did but flipped back and forth to a few channels. I did enjoy parts of it but not enough to keep my interest

  9. Bigtony

    And as a side note I also have to ask why camo?
    It is real easy to sneak up on a burried target or am I missing something?

  10. Bigtony

    Yeah I agree, camo does more harm then good.

  11. Charles

    Surprised Discovery Channel would stoop low enough to even put this cast on TV. Should be on the Cartoon Network!

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