When You Have Nothing to Say?

It's nap time!

You gonna drink all that?

As I work on my rewrite,  I keep thinking I have to put up something on my blog.  It’s been five days now and I need to say something.  Then it dawns on me. I have nothing at all to say or share. Unless of course you want to hear about the nap Digger and I just took on the couch, my addiction to Twizzlers, or the ten minute piss and moan session I have every day, trying to button my shirt. How does that grab your grapes? Pretty exciting huh?

So for the record, I am alive (well that could be debated I suppose), sweating my butt off, getting fat on licorice and Cabernet Sauvignon, and other than the sweating, I see no reason at all to change this routine.

Hang in there. The law of averages says that sooner or later I will come up with something useful.  In the meantime, send money.  I am getting low on Cabernet…..


“He’s like a blister—he doesn’t showup till the work’s all done….”








My good friend from across the pond, Andy Baines, has decided to go at this treasure hunting thing in different way.  Curious if anyone else has ever given this try?  Andy, you are going to have to do better than that for this old fart to go tossing magnets.



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15 responses to “When You Have Nothing to Say?

  1. Joe Smith

    Train your dog to do this …

    (or something more age appropriate)

  2. Hi Dick,Yesterday, I had to work a fourteen hour day because I had too much to say to too many people.and it was not just my very long blog entry (2,700 words) that day, either Wanna trade? Btw, Stephen King;s writing speed is 1,400 words a day, and he can make it all up.

    Here’s a tip that works (but it takes a few tries to get it started).

    1, pick a schedule for blog writing you feel you would be most comfortable with. Once a week, twice week, whatever.

    2. pick some mindless task to always do before you start writing. it must be something you will do at no other time. something that might take about half an hour or a bit less, say twenty minutes. Do that and the start writing your blog, don’t worry about is success at first, or save up an idea to use at that point. go for a real mindless, boring sort of task. I used washing dishes because I wrote every day.

    After a short while you will be able to have no idea in your mind at all until you sit down at your computer to write and the idea will happen at that point. After a while, you don’t need the dishes or whatever, just sitting down gets it going.

    It works. I have written over 500 blog posts and more than 600,000 words since the 24th March 2013. That’s about seven mystery novels in length (and you know what I write about is bit trickier than a novel)



    • Hi John,

      Not sure I can do what you suggest.

      I do have days when I am able to sit down at the keyboard, and the words flow nicely, but I have to have a reason, or a mission if you will, to write. Something that I feel strongly about or perhaps something that just tickled my fancy.

      I am also old school, over the hill, beat down, and much of what I see within the pastime today, seems foreign or out of my league. The participants are more tech savvy, and finding a lot of neat things. Having said that I don’t think any of the discoveries that I am seeing online would have been found without dedicated research. The one constant that goes back years and years and years.

      I shouldn’t say this but I do my best writing after a glass or two of wine, thinking that later on, or in the morning, I will refine and make corrections, only to find out that what I wrote was pretty damn good.

      Anyway, I thank you for your suggestions. I am amazed at your ability to post up something on Past Times and Present Tensions on an almost daily basis. Keep up the good work and have one for me.

      PS: When I mentioned rewrite I was referring to my first book….not a blog post.

      • My mate Ernie always reckoned to ‘Write pissed, edit sober!’ Good to know you adhere to Hemingway’s principles…sheesh! More importantly, does the Andy Baines method of fishing work for rainbow trout?

  3. Andy Baines

    Hey Dick, thanks for featuring my video! How ironic, I got magnet fishing for treasure and end up catching a fish.

    I think I will be out filming a new magnet fishing video on Saturday weather permitting at a new spot, who knows what crap I will find lol.

    Hope all is well

  4. It’s not what you feel like writing but rather what you feel like moderating.

  5. bigtony

    Dick, train your dog to find coins -that way he digs them up for you and you get the treat!

    Andy, use a bigger magnet next time and you’ll catch a bigger fish. Then sell your idea on late night TV.

  6. Bigtony

    Andy, you can attach a small camera too and see what is down there. Good luck and keep fishing for the next new metal detecting device, you might be onto something

  7. Angelik

    For nothing to say, it was pretty funny!

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