Slow, But Busy…

StoutinitialsThought I would just say hi and pass along a few news worthy things.  Been very busy rewriting the first book, and have not been out detecting at all.  Then again I suspect you couldn’t give two hoots one way or the other.

To answer an email from someone wanting to know why I mention other brands/manufacturers when I am a “White’s Guy”….

Because this is a blog, and to discuss the pastime in any reasonable manner, you have to acknowledge that there are other metal detectors out there, and they are all pretty decent.  Hell if I was concerned about this at all, John Howland would have been censored long ago.   He’s a dyed-in-the wool Garrett guy, and yes, I am a long time, dedicated and  loyal White’s user.  What can I say?

Remember too that I want detectorists to comment here when they feel like it, and to not allow them to talk about their detectors, settings, etc., would be wrong. So there you have it!  Stout Standards is an equal opportunity, all inclusive, integrated  blog.











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8 responses to “Slow, But Busy…

  1. Stan Shoemaker

    I read your blog frequently but do not always comment but wanted to let you know I enjoy reading it. I learned tonight a fellow detectorist and good guy from the town I live in has a show premiering Sept 15 on the discovery channel called Rebel Gold, Discovery and Fisher put a team together to search for the Lost Confederate Treasury here in SC. I’m excited for my friend and can’t wait to see the show.

  2. bigtony

    Hello Mr D Stout, I haven’t been detecting either – it’s been too dry here in NJ. I was able to hit a private site that the house was removed and the ground scraped away (I lasted about 30 minutes) – I got two wheats and a silver dime – also some scrap metal but I was not able to dig below two inches. This has been one dry summer, I hope the fall is much better.

    I am a Minelab guy and love it – but hey I don’t mind at all that you are a Whites guy….some of my best friends use those machines……

    I really hope those two guys in Europe have good information on the train….I really will enjoy reading about that if it is true. I don’t have a first MD book to rewrite but wish you well. I did write a book about how I quit smoking but never asked to publish it.
    I hear that the heat will pass soon….but I am not a weaher man either…..stay cool my friend!

  3. bigtony

    Dick, there is no need on my part to write a book on How to stop drinking. I wouldn’t hear of putting more folks out of work or subject NJ to less taxes collected. I would bet it is the same thing after you uncork the wine bottle and fill your glass – we both contribute to the working class and the tax man…..Cheers!

  4. My AT Pro is the best…Now if we could just get the operator up to par!

    • Ah, Ozarks:
      You are bang on with your first assertion…the ATPro has no equal (in my view) for that which it is designed. This is no switch-and-go machine, requiring a little savvy to get the best from it and the more one uses it the more experience one gains. The analogy that I’ve drawn many times before is that any fiddle player can scratch out a ‘toon’ on violin, but only a maestro can make it sing….and so it is with the ATPro. It’s a niche machine and I reckon, like me, you are on a learning curve.
      Stick with it and swap the coils around for different conditions. But most of all, don’t be scared to turn down the SENS if condition make it ‘chatter’ – it’s a killer!

      Enjoy mate.

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