Heat, Hypocrisy & A Reminder


Just when you didn’t think it couldn’t get any hotter or dryer in Texas, mother nature reminds you.


And even if the temperature dropped to the 80’s you would need a pick or jack hammer to dig in this black gumbo soil.  We also have the usual large cracks and fissures that can plunge new coinage to depths unimaginable.  Unless the temps drop dramatically, and we get lots of rain, I am done detecting for the summer.  I worry too about having to have our foundation repaired again (for the fourth time).



I found the following article interesting and wondered why it didn’t receive more notice…..guess you have to be a detectorist or collector to demand that kind of press. Seems ARPA can be ignored if you work for the National Park Service…

National Park Service buries report on effigy mounds scandal



Do any of you ever wonder why so many detectorists are hunting rural farms and fields? Why that school or park is no longer giving up the finds it used to, or worse yet, closed to all detecting? Or, haven’t you really noticed or given it a second thought? Perhaps you were too busy posting photos to Facebook or making videos.

What will happen two, five or ten years down the road? Where will we be taking our two thousand dollars worth of equipment then? Beaches? Lakes? Maybe someone will invent a miniature detecting course, much like the golf version. You pay a fee and then hunt for a specific amount of time. Comical? Funny? I am not so sure.

With the advent of reality TV, the internet, Facebook and YouTube, we are seeing more and more people taking up the pastime. That’s great news for the manufacturers, dealers and magazines, but not so great for you and I. The more participants we have the greater the competition, and remember, no one, and I mean no one, is doing a damn thing about over turning bans or getting parks reopened.


Now you can say don’t worry, a lot of newcomers will get frustrated and store their detectors in the closet. Well I get that and there’s no question 30% or thereabouts will indeed give up, but when you add in the constant banning here and there, when does the law of diminishing returns kick in? Call me the half empty guy but it’s very apparent to me that we are literally losing ground each and every day, and no one gives a crap.

Then along comes this article about two yahoos who don’t give a flying flick about the law and giving us a very black eye:

Men Get Jail Term For Digging Up Civil War Relics

I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone is so busy finding treasure that they haven’t had time to look over their shoulder.  Well have fun while you can because all these very small things, all these bans, all these restrictions, all these headlines, may soon be coming to a theater near you.






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8 responses to “Heat, Hypocrisy & A Reminder

  1. bigtony

    Hot? How hot is it? It’s so hot the flies went to Mexico on vacation and won’t be back until November!

    • I believe it! Right now we do whatever we need to do (shopping, etc.) in the early morning, then stay inside the rest of the day….it’s that HOT!

  2. bigtony

    To bad you weren’t into posting videos you could fry an egg on the sidewalk and let folks see it cook!

  3. Jesus H Christ Stouty…enjoy the heat. Cold beers, BBQ’s, chillin’ out…are you after Warsaw Wally’s crown as the King of the Whingers? Shove the detecting for the movement… this is serious downtime….enjoy!
    As the sun goes down hit the JD&7’s…loooong on the JD, and short on the 7! If it’s too hot to hunt in the day, go at night night…works for many!

  4. bigtony

    Yeah true night hawkers don’t drink 7, just straight JD in a dirty glass!

    • Ha! Big Tone
      I have a job finding stuff in daylight and I’m scared of the dark! But I do sip 7 from a dirty glass. Yeh gimme two-fingers, this way II, not that way = geddit?

  5. bigtony

    John, yup got it – a tall Jack in a dirty glass…..skip the sweet stuff….

    You are right – it is tough finding stuff in daylight – I can’t understand why folks would go at night at all but your bud (Warsaw Wally? or Happless Harry, whichever) states that people do.

    In this county folks look for worms at night because they are called night crawlers and you can just pick them up ion the surface – no digging required – then when the sun is up you can go fishing without paying for bait. But many just pay the $6 dollars and sleep a little longer. Cheers!

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