Preserving OUR History…Can You Help?

The other day I received the following email from tekkie Randy Bradford….

“Just wanted to thank you for your site. Because of it I was able to contact Paul Tainter and I’ve enjoyed a correspondence with him. Your site also put me onto the Treasure Hunters Express, which I hope to be a regular contributor for.  Last quarter Paul published an article by me on Treasure Bibliographies, and  sincerely hoping it’s the first of many articles published in Paul’s newsletter.

Wanted to touch bases with you because I’ve begun the task of assembling a treasure research library. I’ve been fortunate enough to buy a large lot of old tabloids such as the “National Prospector’s Gazette”, “Exanimo Express”, papers by Gene Ballinger, Johnny Pounds, “Treasure Hunter” and quite a few others. I’m looking to buy, sell and trade these types of treasure periodicals with interested individuals. Starting to network with individuals with similar interests is daunting, not a lot of people collect such things and most that do don’t advertise. I thought perhaps you might be interested or know someone who was.

Keep up the good work with the site, truly entertaining and informative!”

Randy Bradford


After chatting with Randy I told him to send along his needs and I would post them here.  Here’s his response:

Currently collecting, trading, buying and selling treasure-related newspapers, newsletters and lesser known magazines. I have taken up a two-fold mission to develop my own personal research library, and to preserve many of these items digitally. My purpose in advertising this endeavor is to establish contacts with like-minded individuals, not only to develop my own collection, but to assist others to develop their own as well.

Here are a few of the titles I am interested in, though my interests are not limited to these titles. Feel free to contact me at if you have items available, are interested in items I may have, or have questions, suggestions of feedback:

  • Adventure Treasure (Early 1960s Treasure Magazine, interested in any)
  • The Association (Gene Ballinger paper, seeking any with an emphasis on acquiring Volume 1 Issues)
  • Exanimo Express (Two iterations of this, the mid 1960s and again in late 1970s through the 1980s, emphasis on acquiring 1960s)
  • The Institute (Late 1990s Gene Ballinger paper, interested in all of these)
  • In the Steps of the Treasure Hunter (Gene Ballinger paper, emphasis on acquiring issues from Volume 1 and 2)
  • Johnny Pounds “The Treasure Hunter” (Emphasis on acquiring issues from Volume 1, 9, 9, 10 and 11)
  • Search International (Seeking to acquire any copies of this)
  • THA Treasure Hunters News (Gene Ballinger Publication, seeking any of these)
  • Treasure Hunters Newsletter (Put out by the 8 States Association, interested in any issues)
  • Treasure Hunting Unlimited (Gene Ballinger publication, emphasis on issues from volume 2)
  • Treasure Hunters Newsletter (Seeking any copies of this periodical)
  • World of Treasures (Paper issues pre-glossy magazine, emphasis on acquiring issues from volume 1 and 2)


Here’s hoping a few of my fellow senior tekkies can help Randy out. At one time I had a few of these older publications and newsletters, but wound up giving them away over the years.

In a later email Randy stated…

“For my part I’m deeply enamored with and influenced by that bygone era of treasure writing. With most of those writers having passed, I’m deeply interested in preserving the legacy of people like Karl von Mueller and Gene Ballinger. Those were interesting times, and it’s a shame to me so few these days recognize how much the world of treasure hunting has changed, some for the good and certainly some for the bad. The papers and newsletters really stand out because they represent this pastime in it’s infancy.”

Indeed they do, and thanks Randy for your effort in preserving them for future generations….good luck!

“The past actually happened but history is only what someone wrote down”…A. Whitney Brown



Congratulations to Dave Milsted of the South Jersey Metal Detecting Club….






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4 responses to “Preserving OUR History…Can You Help?

  1. Thanks again for the nod Dick.

    I got involved in reading and buying these papers while doing research on the LUE map. Karl von Mueller wrote quite a bit about the map in the National Prospector’s Gazette. One of the NPGs from 1969 mentions someone allegedly cracking the LUE using a computer. The first time I read that I remember thinking Karl von Mueller was ahead of his time by recognizing that computers would play a role in treasure hunting. Karl died a few years before the Internet really took off and I can’t help but wonder what he would have thought about the doors the internet opened for things like researching, map analysis and information sharing. Not bad for a man that came from an era where the party line was still something people used when making phone calls.

    • Randy, Karl was indeed ahead of his time when it came to research. I became a big fan of microfiche because of him. I have no doubt he would be big into computers if he were still around.

      Keep us posted on your efforts.

  2. Seems to me i read about him hitting the trade shows with a box of microfiche. Now you can put an entire library on a drive the size of your thumb. To say nothing of the vast power of something like Google Maps, World Cat, or powerful tools like Adobe Acrobat. Even something we take for granted like the relative ease of email compare to Von Mueller’s letters, and I know he wrote plenty. To say nothing of how computers would have contributed to greater ease in producing his newspapers while saving versions for easy reprints later on. The possibilities are endless. When I think about Karl writing his books, writing for the NPG, writing articles for other magazines and newspapers and still finding time to research and write personal correspondence I really wonder when he found time to eat and sleep…

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